CA12CD-S Audio Settings Guide

CA12CD-S Audio Settings Guide
Audio Settings Guide for the CA12CD-S
Careful setting of the audio levels, both in your communications console and
in the CA12CD-S, is essential for getting good audio quality and avoiding
echo. Excessively high audio levels can result in distortion and/or echo.
You can achieve good sound quality by adjusting your volume controls as
described below.
1. If your console has sidetone control, turn it all the way down. This will
help prevent echo from occurring.
Tech tip: If your console has AGC (Automatic Gain Control), it is especially
important to turn your sidetone off, since AGC in the sidetone path can
cause significant echo problems with wireless headsets.
2. Check that your headset’s microphone is positioned correctly per the
headset’s user guide.
Tech tip: Good microphone positioning is vital to making your voice
sound its best to your listeners, and it is especially important when using
noise-cancelling microphones.
3. Set the receiver and microphone volume controls on the console to
about mid-range. This includes any volume controls on the headset jack
and in the console software.
4. Call someone who is outside of your facility and, if necessary, press your
Talk Volume + or – buttons until the listener can hear you clearly.
If the Talk Volume buttons do not give you a wide-enough adjustment
range, select the next lowest or highest setting of the Talk Coarse-Adjust
switch on the bottom of the Base (it’s the switch with a picture of a
microphone next to it).
5. While you are speaking (and possibly adjusting your mic level), use the
Listen Fine-Adjust switch on the Remote to adjust your received-audio
level so that you can hear the distant party well.
If you run out of adjustment range before getting an acceptable volume
level, select the next highest or lowest setting of the Listen Coarse-Adjust
switch (it’s the switch with a picture of a headset next to it).
6. If you have reached the maximum volume settings while completing the
preceding steps and still need more volume, turn up the volume in the
7. Speak with the distant party for a couple of minutes to confirm that your
mic and receive levels are optimal, and fine-adjust them if needed.
PN 202438-01 (05.14)
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