November 2008

November 2008
Napa Valley
Personal Computer
Users Group
P.O. Box 2866
Napa, California 94558
Volume 25, No. 11
Nov 2008
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NVPCUG Special Interest Groups
NVPCUG Calendar
President’s Message
Officers List
Pinnacle Studio 12 Review
Silent Auction Items for
November 2008 General Meeting
Hacking 101
Outlook & Xobni, a Good Match
10 Ubuntu & Linux Software
12 Google’s New “Chrome Browser”
12 Not Yet Ready for Prime Time
13, 14 Holiday Party Reminder
15 Hewie’s Views and Reviews
The Napa Valley Personal Computer
Users Group has served novice and
experienced computer users since 1983.
Through its monthly meetings,
newsletters, online forum, special
interest groups, mentor program and
community involvement, it has helped
educate people of all ages. The
NVPCUG provides opportunities for
people to find friends who share
common interests and experiences.
From January 2003 to October 2007
the NVPCUG provided 783 computers
and 140 printers to local schools.
Additional equipment has been given
to charitable nonprofit organizations
and to disadvantaged individuals.
The November 19th NVPCUG
General Meeting will be
Roxio Media Creator 2009
will be presented
The Napa Valley Personal Computer Users
Group will meet Wednesday,
Nov 19, 7:00-9:00 P.M.,
at the Napa Senior Activity Center,
1500 Jefferson Street, Napa, California
The meeting begins with Random Access, an open-floor question-andanswer period during which attendees can ask questions about computers
and computer-related problems and receive helpful information from
other meeting attendees. Questions may be submitted before the meeting
by e-mailing them to Random Access moderator Jerry Brown at
[email protected]
During the November Computer Tutor session, Jeff Solomon, will be
demonstrating and discussing 3 which is an open-source
office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations,
graphics, databases and more. It can be downloaded http:// from and used completely free of charge. If you
have an idea or question that the Computer Tutor can demonstrate, please
email your ideas to the Computer Tutor, Jeff Solomon at
[email protected]
The main presenter in November will be our own Susy Ball.
She will demo a newly released program, Roxio Media Creator 2009. The
presentation will attempt to show some of the mail points of the program:
Keep your precious memories safe
Edit movies and burn DVDs like a pro
Share a lifetime of memories
Could you use some practical information that would help you
make better use of your computer? Come to this meeting! Guests
are always welcome. Admission is always free.
Interested in becoming a member? See page 14 for application
NVPCUG Computer News, Nov 2008
President’s Message
In SIG meetings you can learn about
a subject in greater detail than is
feasible at NVPCUG general
meetings. SIG meetings are open to
everyone. M e e t i n g t i m e s a n d
locations occasionally change, so
for current meeting information, see
our Web site,, or
contact the SIG leaders.
Investors SIG
Meets: Monthly, second Monday
5:30 to 7:30 p.m
Jerry Brown’s home,
23 Skipping Rock Way, Napa
Leader: Jerry Brown
(707) 254-9607
[email protected]
Digital Photography SIG
Meets: Monthly, second Wednesday
7:00 to 8:30 p.m
Piner’s Nursing Home,
Conference Room
1800 Pueblo Ave., Napa
Leader: Susy Ball
(707) 337-3998
[email protected]
Napa Valley Mac User Group
Meets: Monthly, second Thursday
6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Napa Senior Activity Center
1500 Jefferson St., Napa
Leader: Ron Rogers
(707) 226-5352
By Ron Dack, president,,
[email protected]
November 2008
This month, I have the sad duty to inform you that a long
time active member of the NVPCUG and former director
has passed away. Al Edmister was a valued member of
our group and participated in most if not all aspects of the
group. Al passed away Saturday November 1, 2008 after
a battle with cancer. He will be missed.
Our group continues to move forward but we are still spending more than we
are taking in. The Senior Activity Center has advised us that they will be
increasing their rates as of January 2009 but did not say by how much. Each
meeting it becomes more obvious that we will need to purchase a new projector.
Because of our financial situation it is becoming more likely that we will
have to completely discontinue the printed version of our “Computer News”
newsletter in 2009. We have been the only computer users group that I know
of that has continued publishing a printed version. This is “the” major expense
for the group. It costs us over $20 a year to provide a monthly newsletter to each
member that currently receives one.
With the cost of everything going up we have tried not to increase the
membership dues but the choice will be, completely stopping the printing and
mailing of a monthly newsletter or substantially increasing the dues of those
that want a printed copy. Earlier we had decided to have a surcharge of $10 a
year above the regular dues to help offset the costs for those who wanted a
printed copy of the newsletter. This now appears to be too little to do the job.
It would take a surcharge of over $20 to meet our expenses and keep the group
solvent. I also see no reason that members who get their “Computer News”
online should subsidize those that demand a printed copy.
By ending the printed addition of the “Computer News” it would also
substantially reduce the workload on the Membership director and the
Circulation coordinator.
I am willing to listen to your input on this issue as well as any
other ideas about the NVPCUG. You can contact me by e-mailing
[email protected] See you at the meeting.
Take care,
NVPCUG General Meetings
Held the third Wednesday of each month, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Napa Senior Activity Center, 1500 Jefferson Street, Napa
NVPCUG Calendar
Nov 19
Dec 3
Dec 8
Dec 10
Dec 17
Jan 7
Jan 12
Jan 14
Jan 15
Jan 21
7:00-9:00 p.m.
7:00-9:00 p.m.
5:30-7:30 p.m.
7:00-8:30 p.m.
6:30-8:30 p.m.
7:00-9:00 p.m.
7:00-9:00 p.m.
5:30-7:30 p.m.
7:00-8:30 p.m.
6:30-8:30 p.m.
7:00-9:00 p.m.
NVPCUG General Meeting + A
Board of Directors meeting + B
Investors SIG meeting + C
Digital Photography SIG meeting + B
Napa Valley Mac User Group + A
NVPCUG General Meeting + D
Board of Directors meeting + B
Investors SIG meeting + C
Digital Photography SIG meeting + B
Napa Valley Mac User Group + A
NVPCUG General Meeting + A
NVPCUG Computer News, Nov 2008, Page 2
Meeting Locations
A - Napa Senior Activity Center,
1500 Jefferson Street, Napa
B - Piner’s Nursing Home,
1800 Pueblo Ave., Napa
C - Jerry Brown’s home,
23 Skipping Rock Way, Napa
D - Peterson’s Family Christmas
Tree Farm, 1120 Darms
Lane, Napa.
Napa Valley Personal Computer
Users Group Contact Information
Officers for 2008
Board of Directors
Vice President
Other Directors:
Ron Dack
[email protected]
Dick Peterson
[email protected]
Marcia Waddell 252-2060
[email protected]
Roy Wagner
[email protected]
Susy Ball, Ron Dack, Jim Gray, Dick Peterson, Bob Simmerman,
Kathy Slavens, Dean Unruh, Marcia Waddell, and Roy Wagner.
Jim Gray
[email protected]
Appointed Officers
Computer Tutor Coordinator
Jeff Solomon
[email protected]
Facility Arrangements Coordinator
Dianne Prior
[email protected]
Greeter Coordinator
Kathy Slavens
[email protected]
Greeter Coordinator
Bob Simmerman 259-6113
[email protected]
Dean Unruh
[email protected]
Membership Director
Bob Simmerman 259-6113
[email protected]
Newsletter Circulator
Jim Hearn
[email protected]
Newsletter Editor
Susy Ball
[email protected]
Product Review CoCoordinator
Susy Ball
[email protected]
Product Review CoCoordinator
Marcia Waddell
[email protected]
Programs Director
Susy Ball
[email protected]
Publicity Director
Ron Dack
[email protected]
Random Access Moderator
Jerry Brown
[email protected]
Special Projects Director
[email protected]
Ron Dack
Sales Coordinator
[email protected]
[email protected]
• All telephone numbers are in Area Code 707.
NVPCUG Computer News, Nov 2008, Page 3
Computer News
Computer News (ISS
0897-5744) is
published monthly by
the Napa Valley
Personal Computer
Users Group, Inc.
(NVPCUG), P.O. Box
2866, Napa, CA
Subscriptions: $30 for
one year (12 issues).
Editor: Susy Ball,
[email protected]
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the NVPCUG can
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for any damages
resulting from the use
or misuse of any
The NVPCUG is an IRC
501(c)(3) tax-exempt
nonprofit educational
organization (EIN 680069663) and is a
member of the
Association of Personal
Computer User Groups
(APCUG), an
organization. Donations
to the NVPCUG are
tax-deductible as
charitable contributions
to the extent allowed by
law. Copyright © 2008
Pinnacle Studio 12 Review
By Beth Pickering, Sonoma Valley Computer Group, [email protected],
editing that particular section of the orange bar turns
There are hundreds of transitions on hand. Picking a
category brings up a screen with thumbnail “A/B” boxes.
Clicking on one activates the A to B transition so you can
see how it looks. After deciding which one to use, you
simply drag and drop it into place on the timeline. The
other features use thumbnails of the image you are editing
to show what the final look will be. All you have to do is
select the one you want. As you become more skilled you
can alter the feature itself. Some (like “Magic Bullet
Looks”) have visible boxes to adjust (see above) while
others (see Boris Graffiti below) have an advanced mode
to select. There are prompts where you can enter text and
examples to see what it will look like. Any font that is I
I would love to compare video editing programs and would love to compare video editing programs and declare
declare Pinnacle Studio 12 the easiest one to use, but to be Pinnacle Studio 12 the easiest one to use, but to be honest
honest … this was the only photo editing I have ever done. … this was the only photo editing I have ever done. To be
To be precise: I had a
precise: I had a borrowed
borrowed laptop I had never
laptop I had never used
used before, a few unrelated
before, a few unrelated video
video clips (not mine), a few
clips (not mine), a few
pictures (not mine), less than
pictures (not mine), less than
24 hours to make a demo
24 hours to make a demo
movie for my presentation,
movie for my presentation,
and a history of attracting
and a history of attracting
glitches. Because Studio 12
is supposed to be easy for a
Because Studio 12 is
beginner to use I decided to
suppose to be easy for a
go out of my comfort zone
beginner to use I decided to
and put this software to the
go out of my comfort zone
ultimate test: Like many
and put this software to the
ultimate test: Like many users, I skipped reading the users, I skipped reading the instructions. I have to admit to
instructions. I have to admit to a little help. I had seen a live a little help. I had seen a live demo at a convention and
demo at a convention and watched some very short watched some very short informational clips on
informational clips on
The hardest thing I had to do was choosing the options
I wanted to use. The closest I got to a glitch was that the
video card in my borrowed computer wouldn’t support
“Magic Bullet Looks”.
Starting with a “Montage”, I began my quest. I already
knew image editing had to be done on the main timeline
and that any type of image could be used. The numbers
showed what image went where. Moving the images
around was as easy as drag and drop. “Undo” and “delete”
were also handy. Mixing sections from different Montage
themes didn’t cause and problems. Leaving Montage
boxes empty didn’t either. The playback only showed an
appropriately numbered space. With just a click of a button
you can review your creation full screen. When you are
NVPCUG Computer News, Nov 2008, Page 4 The hardest thing I had to do
was choosing the options I wanted to use. The closest I got
to a glitch was that the video card in my borrowed computer
wouldn’t support “Magic Bullet Looks”. Starting with a
“Montage”, I began my quest. I already knew image
editing had to be done on the main timeline and that any
type of image could be used. The numbers showed what
image went where. Moving the images around was as easy
as drag and drop. “Undo” and “delete” were also handy.
Mixing sections from different Montage themes didn’t
cause and problems. Leaving Montage boxes empty didn’t
either. The playback only showed an appropriately
numbered space. With just a click of a button you can
review your creation full screen. When you are editing that
particular section of the orange bar turns green. There are
hundreds of transitions on hand. Correcting red eye and
removing the black bars so your images fill the movie
frame can be done with the click of a button. It is possible
to interweave up to 18 video tracks in minutes.
Pinnacle Studio 12 has two dedicated sound tracks - one
for special sounds and the other for background music.
You can import songs to use as is, or you can add them to
“Scorefitter” – your own original background music
composer. It is as easy to use as the image editors. Several
choices have been pre-loaded in the software. You simply
pick a style, pick a song, pick a version and listen to the
result. If you don’t like it, you just start over. The length
can be changed by dragging the beginning or ending
points. The “song” can be changed at anytime by using the
“accept changes” button.
I didn’t do it, but I understand that outputting is also
easy. You select the media, then the drop down box
choices, and click the “Create” button.
My experience with Pinnacle Studio 12 was effortless
and fun. Users with no experience can easily make
professional looking movies while knowledgeable editors
can tweak their movies to an all time high.
Silent Auction Items for November 2008 General Meeting
There will be a table at the back of the room at the general meeting, November 19,
2008, displaying six items that will be available for a silent auction. The items will be
available for viewing and bidding before and during the meeting.
The six items available will include:
A mouse pad with wrist pad and storage underneath.
Adobe Premiere elements. (new)
Sim Safari - “Step Into the African Savanna”. (new)
Microsoft Casino. (new)
A 2 book set that includes “Murphy’s Law’s of DOS” and
“Murphy’s Law’s of Windows”
• A Photo Key Ring Kit by pixifun. (new)
Minimum bids of each item will be $100 and will be raised in $100 dollar increments,
unless otherwise indicated.
All proceeds will be collected by Roy Wagner at the conclusion of the meeting and
earnings will be added to the NVPCUG treasury. Correct cash is appreciated, checks
are also accepted. You must be present and take your purchase home that evening.
NVPCUG Computer News, Nov 2008, Page 5
Hacking 101
By Marjie Tucker, Editor, Macon Computer User Group, North Carolina,,
[email protected]
This article has been obtained from APCUG with the author’s
permission for publication by APCUG member groups; all other
uses require the permission of the author (see e-mail address
We are being bombarded with warnings about securing
our data and the entry to our computers. Do you ever
wonder what the big fuss is all about? How can a
hacker possibly get into your data? And, what would
he be looking for? Let’s spend some time answering
those questions.
How Does A Hacker Get In To
Your Computer?
When you give your computer access to the Internet, you
need an IP (Internet Protocol) address. The IP addresses
that we are currently using have 4 octets with periods
between them. They will be something like
When you access the Internet, that address is read by the
router, modem, whatever that links you to your Internet
Service Provider. Then it is read by the routers that route
all the data through the Internet. This address makes it
possible for you to send data, such as e-mail or requests for
web pages. And, in turn, that same address is used to direct
incoming e-mail and web pages into your computer. There
are several websites and programs available that will
translate these IP addresses into the name of the company
that purchased them. In many cases, like our residential
usages, the company name will be the ISP. For commercial
use, it will be the name of the company that rents the block
of IP addresses. Hackers use this IP address information to
find their targets much like we use a physical address to
find a house or office.
Purchasing A Camcorder
What you intend to record will influence the kind of
camcorder you buy. If you are planning an extended
visit to China, look for a hard drive-based model with
plenty of recording time. On a road trip across the
United States, you’ll appreciate a lightweight
camcorder that’s easy to tote. When you need highquality video and sound for school or work projects,
look for an HD camcorder with all of the extras.
LCD Size
When buying a new digital camera you should take
note of the size and resolution of the LCD. Although
a 2-inch LCD is perfectly usable, most digital cameras
are equipped with 2.5-inch or even 3-inch LCDs,
which generally make it easier to compose a shot, read
camera menus, and review images. On the downside,
Once a hacker finds out your IP address it’s relatively
simple to send your computer a Trojan horse program,
spyware, or a virus that will open a port that you usually
don’t use. Once that port has been opened, he can freely
enter into your operating system and browse around just
like he was there in person. He would look for programs
that store valuable data like social security numbers and
credit card account numbers. (Do you have that information
entered into your Quicken or Money program?)
He would look through your My Documents folder for
password lists and search your Internet Explorer favorites
for financial sites where you saved the username and
password. And, before he leaves he usually plants another
Trojan horse that will give him the ability to take control
of your computer in the future.
Commercial Websites
The most common way to hack into a company’s website
through the Internet is by using a Denial of Service attack.
These DoS attacks use multiple computers to overload a
website with bogus requests for information. The hacker
usually creates a Trojan horse program that he sends into
the computers of unsuspecting people (remember that
program that was left behind when your computer was
invaded above?) The message that he creates usually
contains a header saying that it comes from an IP address
that doesn’t exist. When he is ready to attack, he calls up
all the computers that he infected with his Trojan horse and
tells them to contact a specific IP address. Those computers
follow his instructions and send his preprogrammed
message to that website. Servers that control websites
always check to verify that IP addresses requesting
larger LCDs will drain batteries faster than smaller
ones. Also, check the LCD resolution in pixels; 115,000
is usable, but 235,000 will be sharper.
Buying A Laptop Computer
The key to buying a laptop is finding a balance
between power and battery life. Put simply, the faster
the notebook and the bigger the screen, the less time
you’ll be able to use it between recharging sessions. If
you want to use office applications on a plane or watch
an entire DVD on battery power, look into a “thin and
light” model or a UMPC (ultra-mobile PC). If you
want to transcode video or play the latest games, look
into a heavier “desktop replacement” or gaming laptop
(and plan to hang out near AC power outlets).
Reprinted with permission from Smart Computing. Visit to learn what Smart
Computing can do for you and your user group!
NVPCUG Computer News, Nov 2008, Page 6
information or webpage downloads are legitimate
addresses. When a server is hit by a bombardment of
these false address requests, it tries to track down every
one of the fake addresses. Before long the server becomes
overwhelmed by the fruitless process and crashes. When
it crashes, the website will vanish and the hacker will be
given access to a prompt for the server. He can then use
Linux or DOS commands to request and view
information on that server other servers.
How About Wireless?
Let’s put this hacker into an airport where hundreds
of people are sharing a wireless network. It’s like
leaving a child alone in a candy store. In this case the
airport’s wireless system usually provides the IP
addresses through DHCP and he can easily look at
the list of addresses that have been supplied. He can
test each of the addresses for available ports and it’s
quick work to access the most vulnerable. The same
principles apply in hotels and restaurants that provide
wireless Internet access. If you have a wireless
network in your home, our hacker can drive down
your street using a laptop or PDA to search for
wireless networks. This process is called Wardriving.
If he finds one that has not been secured at all, he
doesn’t even have a challenge. If you have added a
password, he simply has to crack the password.
What Tools Do They Use?
It’s very easy for a potential hacker to find the tools
of his trade. There are many websites that offer
program tools and tutorials for using them. Here are
some of the popular:
Anonymizers and Remailers — Anonymizers are
online services that eliminate the trail of
information that is left behind. These sites use
anonymous proxies that a hacker can use to
access computers and servers without leaving
his IP address on any log. Remailers strip the
header off a message and replace it with a
meaningless header that can’t be traced. — When this command is typed
into a server it will basically give you
administrative rights. You can then see all the
folders and files. It’s also very easy for the
hacker to create a new administrative account
that he can re-use in the future.
Password Crackers — These programs try random
passwords at lightening speeds. They are usually
very successful.
Key Loggers — Hackers frequently install these on
computers, especially public PCs. The programs
actually record every stroke that you make.
Hence, when you type in a username and
password, it has been captured.
Port Knocking — This is a method of externally
opening ports on a firewall by mimicking the process
you normally use to add a port to your firewall.
Wireshark — This popular program captures and
analyzes the data on a network. It’s used by hackers
to find information they want and it’s also used by
network administrators to manage networks.
Aircrack — This program is used to crack wireless
WEP and WPA passwords.
Metasploit Framework — This is a tool that can be
used by hackers to search the Internet for sites that
have dubious code. These are the sites that are the
easiest to
hack — especially when this program does the searching
for you.
Networks identifying the types of data and the internal
addresses of this data. It’s a valuable tool for administrators,
but can save a great deal of time for a hacker.
NMAP — This is a port scanner. Since a hacker knows
that he needs to use a port to access your computer
or network, he can use this program to see which
ports you have open.
NetStumbler — This program finds any wireless
networks that are in range. Wardrivers drive through
residential neighborhoods using NetStumbler to
search for available wireless networks.
Kismet — This program takes NetStumbler one step
farther. It searches for wireless networks that are not
broadcasting their SSID.
NSLookup — If you type a domain name into this
program, it will give you the company’s IP address
Traceroute — This is a very valuable troubleshooting
tool for technicians. It will trace a packet on its route
through the Internet. It shows every IP address it
visits along the way.
Snort — This is an open-source intrusion detection
system. It shows traffic analysis and packet logging
on networks.
TCPdump — This is the most widely used network
sniffer/analyzer for UNIX networks.
Net Cat — This has been called the Swiss army program
for hackers. It performs many sniffing and cracking
This was really just some of the basics. But, if we know why
security is so important, we may remember to take the right
precautions. Hope your web surfing stays secure.
NVPCUG Computer News, Nov 2008, Page 7
Outlook & Xobni, a Good Match
By Vinny La Bash, Member of the Sarasota Personal Computer Users Group, Inc., Florida, [email protected]
This article has been obtained from APCUG with the author’s
permission for publication by APCUG member groups; all other
uses require the permission of the author (see e-mail address
a blank email which is nice. For you organizational types,
the second option lets you send meeting requests. A real
time saver is the simultaneous display of open time slots
that Xobni drags from your Outlook calendar.
Your contact profiles display at the top of the Xobni
panel with pictures if one is in the profile. That’s followed
by the phone number and a thread of any conversations
you’ve had along with files
you’ve exchanged. Specifics
topics are quickly found with
Xobni’s search tool, and there
is a handy slider that exposes
or hides lines of email text.
While it appears you could
be getting bogged down in
details, the material is
organized so that navigating
through the information is
an easy, pleasant journey
filled with discovery.
Skype’s VoIP service
integrates with PC, Xobni
quite well. A mouse click on
a phone number within a
Xobni profile generates a SkypeOut call.
You can use Xobni for simple searches within Outlook, and
Xobni searching is lightning fast in comparison. That’s
probably because it’s integrated within Outlook rather than
running on top of it like most third party applications. Xobni
gives you more than express searching. It organizes social
information logically with additional functions that Outlook
simply can’t match. How often have you given up searching
with Outlook because the program lacks even the simplest
logic for intelligent searching?
Instead of treating mail conversations, contacts and calendars
as separate entities, Xobni weaves them together in a
responsive, intuitive interface. It’s hard to go wrong with this
tool. Go to and get started.
Xobni is Inbox spelled backwards, but there is nothing
backward about this free plug-in module from The more email you receive, the
more you will like and appreciate Xobni. The program
works as a data mining
machine for your stored
emails. Without Xobni, the
best you can do with Outlook
is to organize your email by
folders, messages, and dates.
With Xobni, you can organize
your email by people, email
histories, and personal, social
or business relationships.
You need Outlook 2003 or
2007 to use Xobni. Either XP
or Vista will work fine with
the program. The folks at
Xobni are also working on
versions for other email
programs such as Gmail and
Yahoo Mail. How long this will take is unknown.
Downloading and installation is quick, easy, and seamless.
The program requires some time to synchronize itself with
outlook. The amount of time will be determined by the size
of the email data base you have accumulated. I had slightly
over two thousand emails in eighteen different folders, and
that took about ten minutes.
If you keep a lot of information on your contacts, it’s
difficult to extract that information in a way that can be
useful with Outlook. All that changes once Xobni is
installed. Changes begin with an attractive panel that sits
on the right side of your Outlook screen and doesn’t
infringe or interfere with any of Outlook’s standard
functions. The panel interface slides open when you need
it, and discretely closes when you don’t.
You get two options within this panel. The first brings up
The more RAM you have, the less often your CPU will have to tap the slower hard
Notebook Memory
drive or SSD (solid-state drive) for data. Granted, there's little advantage in
having too much memory, but you'll have a vastly slower notebook if you don't
buy enough.
Consider 2GB the bare minimum you should buy. And if you're getting Vista, go
with 3GB or 4GB. Choose the fastest RAM available for your notebook, such as
800MHz for DDR2 memory or 1,600MHz for DDR3.
Reprinted with permission from Smart Computing. Visit
Groups to learn what Smart Computing can do for you and your user group!
NVPCUG Computer News, Nov 2008, Page 8
By Ron Broadhurst, a member of the Space Coast PC Users Group, Inc., Florida,, [email protected]
This article has been obtained from APCUG with the author’s
permission for publication by APCUG member groups; all other uses
require the permission of the author (see e-mail address above).
These ideas are compiled from years of accumulations
from various magazines, books, on-line sites, and my own
personal experience. I claim neither originality nor
ownership to any of its contents. My only intent is to share
the various “tips, “tricks”, & “hints” in hopes of helping &
maybe enhancing your computing experiences. They are
all intended for anyone who uses a PC. It is for beginners
as well as advanced users. Enjoy and use as you will.
Ron Broadhurst
How To Get Rid of “SEND ERROR
Right click My Computer on the desktop or in the
Start menu.
• Click Properties.
• Click the Advanced tab.
• Click the Error Reporting button at the bottom.
• Click Disable error reporting. You can select the
checkbox under it if you still want to be notified
when errors occur.
• Click OK.
Note that you can disable error reporting for the operating
system only, or for programs only, by unchecking the
appropriate box under the Enable error reporting option.
You can also configure error reporting only for specific
programs by clicking the Choose Programs button.
Alphabetize Start Menu Lists
When you install a new program on your system, it will
often appear at the end of your Start menu. Reorganizing
files alphabetically in the All Programs menu does not
affect how they appear in your start menu. In order to
alphabetize your start menu, you’ll want to click Start and
select All Programs. On any file or folder right-click and
then select Sort By Name. Now all of your Start menu
programs are in alphabetical order. You can also sort
subfolders in your Start menu the same way.
Make Your Quick Launch Icons Bigger
Unlock the Toolbar
Right click the QL toolbar
Select the View tab
Select large icons
Pin an Application to Start Menu
The Windows XP Start menu includes an area where two
or more Microsoft applications, usually Internet Explorer
and Outlook Express, are permanently positioned for easy
access. You can add your favorite application to this same
convenient location. Open Windows Explorer and locate
the executable file for the application. Right-click the file
and select Pin To Start Menu. The application will now
appear in the Start menu. To remove an application, locate
it, right-click it, and select Unpin From Start Menu.
Alternatively, you can right-click the app in the Start
menu and click Unpin From Start Menu.
Change System Sound
Through the Control Panel you can change your system’s
program event sounds. Click Start and Control Panel. If
you’re using Category View, click Sounds, Speech, and
Audio Devices; and Sounds and Audio Devices. If you are
using the Classic View, click Sounds and Audio Devices.
This loads the Sounds and Audio Devices Properties
dialog box. Choose the Sounds tab. Select the sound you’d
like to change in the Program events box, and then select
a new sound from the Sounds drop-down menu. Or select
a sound you’ve saved to the hard drive by using the
Browse button to navigate to the sound file. Change as
many sounds as you like. Save your changes as a sort of
theme from the Sound Scheme drop-down menu above the
Program events box. (Select the blank line and click Save
As.) You can also choose to disable program event sounds.
When you’re finished click OK.
Saving E-mail Messages
To save e-mail messages highlight the message you want
to save, then click on File -Save As. Select where you want
to save the message and then save it as a txt file.
If you’re using a compact camera, you’ll likely be limited to its onboard capabilities regarding
magnification and focusing at close distances. However, many of them also have macro presets that
let you get as close as an inch away from your subject. Just be sure to frame your shot using the display screen rather
than the optical viewfinder, if the camera has one. On a compact model, the viewfinder sees things from a slightly
different perspective than the lens. When you’re extremely close to your subject, a shot that looks properly framed
in the view-finder will end up shifted over and down, perhaps cutting off part of the subject.
Reprinted with permission from Smart Computing. Visit to learn what Smart Computing
can do for you and your user group!
NVPCUG Computer News, Nov 2008, Page 9
Ubuntu & Linux Software
By Brian K. Lewis, Ph.D., Member of the Sarasota Personal Computer Users Group, Inc., Florida,, [email protected]
This article has been obtained from APCUG with the author’s applications was much easier than installing drivers for
permission for publication by APCUG member groups; all other
the accessory hardware.
uses require the permission of the author (see
The first step in installing any application is to go to the
e-mail address above).
— Add/Remove menu. When this application
I suppose some of you might be
you with a list of all the software available
wondering why I have been writing about
and its third-party providers. On the left
the Ubuntu Linux operating system and
are listed various categories that you
Linux software. As I noted in last month’s
appropriate applications are then
article my laptop is now my sole
computer. Although it has a Pentium 4 listed on the right side. When you highlight a specific
processor it only has 512 MB of RAM. application, a description appears in the lower portion of
Naturally, that means it is incapable of the window. There is also a search box that you can use to
running Windows Vista. But it does easily run Ubuntu find a specific program or a group of programs.
Since I maintain my financial records on my computer
with more than enough memory to do multi-tasking with
no reduction in speed. I also know that there are a number I wanted a financial program that ran under Ubuntu. Not
of the members of the SPCUG that use computers that are knowing the specific name, I just searched on the term
running Windows 98 or Windows XP. The point is, that it “finances”. This brought up a list of financial software.
is not necessary to try to upgrade these computers to run One of the interesting aspects of the Add/Remove
Vista or to buy a new computer. Instead you have the free application is that programs are rated based on feedback
alternative of installing Ubuntu or another version of from users using 1 to 5 stars. There was a 5 star application
Linux. This article will discuss some of the range of free listed, GNUcash, which can import files in the Quicken
format. So I put a check mark in the box by the application
Linux software and how easy it is to install it.
name and then clicked on the
The original installation CD of
“Apply Changes” button. This
Ubuntu included the OpenOffice
brought up another window for
software. OpenOffice includes a
of the changes to be
word processor, spreadsheet and
on “OK”, the
presentation applications. These
and installed
are fully compatible with the components of Microsoft
Office. I frequently receive documents prepared in MS on the hard drive without any further action on my part. A
Word and they open directly into OpenOffice Writer. I can shortcut icon was also added to the Office portion of the
edit, comment and save a copy in the OpenOffice format. applications menu. There was no reboot required to
Then I can return the modified document to the originator complete this process. After the installation, the “Add/
in MS Word format with all the edits and comments intact. Remove” application reported the successful installation
The same is true for spreadsheets. The OpenOffice and remained open in case I wanted to use it further.
My Windows financial software was Microsoft Money.
presentation application (Impress) reads, writes and
modifies PowerPoint files as easily as Writer works with Supposedly it will export its data files in the Quicken
documents. OpenOffice also includes a Drawing format. I did that and then copied the files from the
application. Drawing is an application that I haven’t used. Windows partition to the Ubuntu partition. However, the
Other included software with Ubuntu are Ekiga (internet import into GNUcash was not really successful. I’m not
phone software), Pidgeon (internet messenger), Evolution sure why but I suspect there was information missing
(e-mail), and a remote desktop viewer. Graphics software which resulted in misidentification of some of the accounts.
includes the F-Spot photo manager, GIMP Image Editor Anyway, I selected an arbitrary date and entered opening
and Xsane scanner software. Also, there is a CD burner, balances for that date. So now, it is working perfectly and
is in agreement with my bank balances. Using it is even
movie player for DVDs and two music players.
I grant you that the included software doesn’t always somewhat easier than working with either Money or
meet all the needs for many users. So Ubuntu has several Quicken. Plus, the price is right.
Another application that I needed for Ubuntu was a
ways of installing additional software. I mentioned last
program. Here again I was able to find a five star
month about installing the drivers for my printer, scanner
(Very appropriate name I thought.) It
and the wireless modem. This month I will continue with
the “Add/Remove” application
other applications that are the equivalent of those that I
quickly. GRAMPS imports
used under Windows. The installation of these
NVPCUG Computer News, Nov 2008, Page 10
GED files as do many genealogy programs. So I exported
my files from my Windows software in the GED format
then copied the GED file to the Ubuntu partition. The import
into GRAMPS was essentially a two-click operation.
Everything, including notes and references, were now
available in an Ubuntu application. GRAMPS also has
more report formats than my Windows software included.
So I consider it a very successful replacement.
For quite some time I have used a PDA, specifically a
Sony Clie which runs Palm Pilot software. The Sony CD
loaded the Windows version to the hard drive and also
included software to synchronize with the PDA. Since I
have considerable contact information in the Clie along
with many memoranda, I
really wanted to be able to
run this under Ubuntu. In
the System-Preferences
menu there is a selection for
PalmOS devices. Now that
sounded like it would be quite simple to install the
applications necessary to run the Clie. Clicking on the
selection runs the Gnome-Pilot application which helps
the user to determine the settings for synchronizing with
the Clie. Unfortunately, it could not find the Clie PDA. So
I had to go back online to the Ubuntu forums to see if I
could find the secret. It turns out that getting a PDA
recognized and synced with Ubuntu is not always simple.
After spending considerable time reading various solutions
I came across a command line entry that showed the
entries where my Clie was being recognized by Ubuntu.
The PDA was properly identified by vendor and product
ID’s. Now all the information I had gathered indicated that
the PDA should be listed as using a USB connection and
usually ttyUSB0 and ttyUSB1. Much to my surprise my
printout showed the Clie as using ttyUSB9 and ttyUSB10.
The Gnome-Pilot software refused to accept either of
these as valid locations. However, another application, JPilot, accepted ttyUSB10 and synced with the Clie when
the sync button was clicked. The synchronization
transferred all of my information directly into the J-Pilot
software. This software works on the desktop in a very
similar manner to the Clie and Pilot software I had used
under Windows. Successive synchronizations have also
been successful. So that was one less application that
would need to run under Windows.
There has been one big disappointment in the hardware
setup. I have a multi-function media card reader built into
the laptop. It reads SD cards as well as xD, MMC, and
memory sticks. This reader works great under Windows as
a way to transfer photos from my camera to the computer.
However, there is apparently no driver available for this to
work under Ubuntu. The card reader is manufactured by
02 Micro and they apparently don’t believe Linux is here
to stay so they have no plans to create Linux drivers for any
of their products. At least that’s the quotation from a
response to a query from a Ubuntu user. So when I have
photos to transfer to my computer I can either reboot into
Windows, or I can connect the camera with a USB cable.
The USB cable works fine as Ubuntu recognizes the
camera right away. It also opens the F-Spot Photo Manager
which allows me to choose the pictures and the location
where I want them saved.
One of the applications included with Ubuntu is Brasero,
a CD/DVD burner. When I first tried to use it, it refused to
recognize my DVD+R discs. It would read and write
DVD-R/RW with no difficulty. Since I had a supply of the
+R discs I decided to look for other DVD burning software.
In the ADD/Remove application there were several CD/
DVD burners listed. One
of them was five star
application called K3B. It
was written primarily to
work with the KDE destop
that is an alternative to the
GNOME desktop. The KDE desktop comes with Kubuntu
and has an interface that is closer to the one found in
Windows. Anyway, K3B will work with GNOME, so let
ADD/Remove install it. Any software that you add through
Add/Remove can be removed simply by locating it in the
list and removing the checkmark that indicates it has been
installed. So now I have both Brasero and K3B installed.
I also found, the next time I wanted to burn a DVD, that
Brasero would now work with my external burner and the
+R discs. I do like the interface for K3B better than
Brasero, but they both work.
As you can see one of the nice attributes of using open
license software is the ability to install it and use it at no
cost. If you don’t like it, you simply remove it. It’s
certainly not that simple in Windows. So, if you want to try
a Linux OS on your computer download a “Live CD” and
try it out. Also check out the online help forums. I think
you’ll find them easier to understand than much of the
material Microsoft makes available. Whatever you decide,
enjoy your computing!
Dr. Lewis is a former university and medical school professor of
physiology. He has been working with personal computers for over
thirty years, developing software and assembling systems.
Wireless Speakers
If you’re an audiophile, listen to wireless speakers
before adding them to your entertainment setup to
make sure you’re comfortable with the sound quality.
Some listeners prefer wired audio because it
consistently delivers audio to the speakers. Keep in
mind that although you can buy wireless speakers at
any point, you can’t easily wire your home for wholehouse audio after construction completes.
Reprinted with permission from Smart Computing. Visit to learn what Smart
Computing can do for you and your user group!
NVPCUG Computer News, Nov 2008, Page 11
Google’s New “Chrome Browser” (Beta)
Not Yet Ready for Prime Time
By Ira Wilsker, APCUG Director; Columnist, The Examiner, Beaumont, TX:
Radio & TV Show Host, [email protected]
This article has been obtained from APCUG with the author’s browsers, especially its obvious
permission for publication by APCUG member groups; all other
target, Chrome’s nemesis,
uses require the permission of the author (see e-mail address above).
Internet Explorer.
Chrome (beta) was fast
As I type this, the national media is playing up the fact that and easy to download from
today is Google’s tenth anniversary. In that time it has, and effortlessly installed
become the predominate player in the search industry, on my XP machine. During the install I was given the
with a market share of about two-thirds. By more than option to import bookmarks (favorites), cookies, and
coincidence, Google also recently announced the public passwords from Internet Explorer, which I chose to do.
release of a beta version (pre-release) of its free new While unstated by Google, it appears obvious that later
browser with the moniker “Chrome”. It is no secret that versions of Chrome will be able to import data from
Google is in a competitive war with some parts of the Firefox. Chrome will also run on Vista, and versions for
Microsoft dynasty, and Chrome is intended to be a Mac and Linux are in the works.
competitor of Internet Explorer (IE). By design, Chrome
After reading about Chrome and its features, I was
may be a superior browser to IE, but in the few days that excited about its potential. It is written in open source code
I have used it, I have to conclude that the current beta
using some of the best features of other open source
version is “… not yet ready for prime time.” Several of the
products such as Firefox and Apple’s WebKit. The code is
websites that I routinely visit, including two different tight and compact, and when it works, appears to load and
webmail accounts, My Yahoo, my weather page, and some display websites much faster than IE. Some of the technical
other sites would partly load and display, and then disappear websites have actually tested the load times of popular
with a black window with a white font and graphic websites, and Chrome may be the fastest browser available.
displayed. The graphic is of a frowning web page, and the
One feature about Chrome, which I was especially
expression “Aw Snap! Something went wrong while
interested in, was its default display of thumbnails of the
displaying this webpage. To continue press Reload or go
websites most frequently visited by the user. Clicking on
to another page.” Reloading would not fix the problem on the thumbnail would instantly open the website either in
any page where the error appeared. This is why I
believe that this
beta version, while
fast, attractive and
feature rich, is not
quite ready to
take i t s p l a c e
as a primary or
secondary browser.
For the record,
every page that
failed to load in
Chrome, loaded
flawlessly in IE and
Firefox. Despite
this nagging bug,
Chrome is still a
worthwhile free
download, because
it has several
interesting features
lacking on the
c o m p e t i n g
NVPCUG Computer News, Nov 2008, Page 12
that window, or in another tab (window) at the user’s
discretion. The appearance of the Chrome browser is clean
and uncluttered. Each Chrome tab or window is loaded in
a virtual “sandbox” such that if one web page crashes, it
will not take down the entire browser, but instead only
close the affected tab.
More and more applications are being integrated, many
of which can be run directly from Chrome. Clicking on the
control icon on the toolbar of Chrome gives several
options, one of which is to create instant application
shortcuts which can load applications into Chrome. An
icon is created and placed on the desktop by Chrome, and
clicking on that icon directly opens the application in a
Chrome tab, even if Chrome is not loaded or is offline.
This can give near instant access to such services as Gmail,
Google Calendar, or most other applications.
Utilizing a concept “one box for everything” enables the
traditional address bar of the browser to perform several
simultaneous functions. As information is typed in the
address bar, Google (by default) will identify previous
websites visited as well as suggested search topics which
become more detailed as more is typed. While Google is
the factory default search setting, it can be easily changed
to other major search engines, such as Yahoo. Multiple
sites, such as EBay, Amazon, and others can also be
selectively searched as determined by the user.
Chrome uses tabbed browsing long a staple of Firefox,
but fairly new in IE. The tabs are dynamic, in that they
can be dragged changing their order on the top of the
screen, or into a window creating a new window. This
gives the user total control over the appearance of the
pages displayed for comparison or other purposes, and is
an attractive feature. Another useful feature in Chrome
that also previously appeared as a default in Firefox is a
safe browsing function. Chrome dynamically checks
websites entered in the address bar against a continuously
updated database of malware and phishing (identity
theft) websites, and displays the following in a red
warning window in a large font, “WARNING: Visiting
this site may harm your computer!”.
Many users like to create lists of bookmarks and favorites,
and Chrome makes book marking sites very fast and easy.
There is a small star on the address bar, and clicking on the
star creates the bookmark, with the option to modify the
bookmark. Another common task that Chrome handles
very well is downloading files. Rather than using a
download manager, Chrome displays download progress
in the bottom of the window. When completed, the
downloaded file can be dragged to the desktop or elsewhere,
or opened directly by clicking on the filename in Chrome.
Chrome has been a lot of fun to play with, despite my
frustrations trying to open some web sites. Google will be
releasing frequent updates, and hopefully the page loading
bug will be quickly remedied. If you want to try the latest in
browser technology, being fully cognizant that it is currently
a beta version, then Chrome may be a worthy browser to
download and install. Chrome coexists just fine with IE and
Firefox, and does not interfere with them.
Members of the NVPCUG
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Party for Members
When: Wednesday,
December 17th
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R.S.V.P. to Dianne:
[email protected]
Put “NVPCUG Party” in the subject
area. Let me know your name, how many
people are attending with you, what you
are bringing for the potluck, and if you
can bring extra folding chairs or help
with cleanup.
The Computer Users Group will provide
nonalcoholic beverages, paper plates,
cups, plastic ware, & napkins.
At this event we will introduce the new
officers and present the member of the year
award. This is a time to visit with old
friends and make new ones. We hope to see
you all there. The party is always a lot of
fun and the food is great and plentiful.
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sou r ce for all your printed needs .
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Revised 4-23-07
NVPCUG Computer News, Nov 2008, Page 14
Hewie’s Views and Reviews
By Hewie Poplock, Windows SIG Chair, Vice Pres, Past President, The Central Florida Computer
Society (CFCS),, [email protected]
This article has been obtained from APCUG with the author’s each for shipping. One of the mice worked great and the
permission for publication by APCUG member groups; all other
other was DOA (dead on arrival). When I e-mailed the
uses require the permission of the author (see e-mail address above).
seller, they offered to credit my account if I returned the
Welcome to this issue of Hewie’s Views & Reviews. Be
bad one. That’s nice of them, except the shipping would
sure to visit Hewie’s Favorites at http://
equal the refund, so I kept the useless unit.
At a tech meeting that I attended (The Tech SIG of CFCS),
• My iPhone choice
I talked about the situation and mentioned that the good mouse
• When a Special isn’t and really is or My Homer
didn’t have a battery and wondered how it worked. Everyone
Simpson Moment
said that it must have a battery. I searched Google for the model
• New additions to Hewie’s Favorites
to see if I could find a manual. The mice were shipped in plastic
zip-locked bags with no documentation or product information.
September, 2008
I not only couldn’t find any info, but found that the model was
My iPhone choice
a Canadian unit, and not available in the US. When the good
Recently the new iPhone 3G was released. mouse died, I decided to open one of them. I pushed and pulled
Since I have one of the original units, I all of the buttons and cracks and a cover came off. Inside, there
watched with anticipation for news about was a battery. I replaced the battery and the mouse again was
the new units and services. With the release, working.
the faster web speeds was enticing, but
I then retrieved the other mouse from the throw-away box
spending more for the same service just and opened it up. There was no battery inside and inserted the
didn’t pass the justification test.
one AA needed. When I connected it to my laptop, the DOA
I have decided to keep using my iPhone mouse worked! “Duh” was my reaction.
2G. (I don’t know if that is an accurate
I want to publicly apologize to (http://
description.) There are several reasons for They were generous in offering
my decision. With the new phones, came me a refund and I was being a Homer Simpson by not realizing
an updated operating system, which is a there should be a battery inside and to check it. I guess that’s
free upgrade for my unit. Even though why tech support always asks if the computer is plugged in
there were some Apple system-wide down times, I was able to before trying to solve a problem.
upgrade my unit from version 1.1.4 to 2.0.0 on the release day.
New additions to Hewie’s Favorites
I did get some errors and had to try a second time, but it
are more new sites this issue, because we skipped a
upgraded successfully.
With the upgrade, I have much of the same functionality of
the new 3G phones. I can download and install any of the third
party programs that are now available. The new 3G is not
U.S. Government’s Official Web Portal for all government
needed to use them. I will discuss some of those programs in
services, and information. It provides direct
a future column.
I don’t have the increased connection speed of the 3G online access to federal, state, local, and tribal governments.
network, but much of Florida is not covered anyway. The I-4 HP Smart Web Printing
corridor from Daytona to Tampa has 3G coverage, but if I get
a few miles off of the Interstate, I will not be able to take 482779-0-0-225-121.html
advantage of the new speed.
Software to print usable web pages without cut off edges
The older unit cannot do GPS, but does access Google maps and blank pages
and I have a separate GPS unit, anyway. Other than it being by-expression
newer, the iPhone 3G holds no advantages for me to pay an
extra $10 for the same service. If I want to keep the 200 per resources.aspx
month text messages there is an additional $5, plus the $199 or
Expression Web forum and tutorials.
$299 for the phone. I will keep using my original iPhone.
Spam Return
When a Special isn’t and really is or My Homer
Simpson Moment
Protect your privacy and avoid spam. Use Spam Return
Last month I talked about the 2 Logitech USB optical mice
where no registration is required No Sign-up
that I bought from 1saleaday for about $5 each plus $5
NVPCUG Computer News, Nov 2008, Page 15
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audiko is a simple service which helps you to make a
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Password Chart
JOLT - Journal of Online Learning and
JOLT is a peer reviewed online journal that addresses the
scholarly use of multimedia resources in education.
Free to browse, share, archive and customize unlimited
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Florida Computer Crime Center
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View listen or share files photos music & video
Florida Department of Law Enforcement Computer
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Starting in Second Life
Convert files. Zamzar supports conversion between a
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bobble yourself
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Napa Valley Personal Computer Users Group
P.O. Box 2866
Napa, California 94558-0286
Address Services Requested
What you need to know to get started in Second Life. Lots
of good help.
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