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Mr. A. Cafaro
7th Grade English Language Arts
937-376-9488 (ex. 9856)
Behavior Expectations
All students are expected to follow the 5 Buccaneer Behaviors, which include…
1. Be Respectful
 Respect yourself
 Respect your classmates
 Respect all teachers, administrators, and staff
2. Be Honest
 Acknowledge your own behavior; Own up to what you do
 Do not cheat others of their hard work or belongings
3. Be Prepared
 Bring supplies to class each day
 Be ready with completed assignments when they are due
4. Be On Time
 Come to school and to class on time each day
 Complete your homework and classwork on time
5. Be Responsible
 Keep track of all of your materials and assignments
 Ask questions when needed
 Turn in all of your assignments on time
 Listen carefully and follow directions promptly
Classroom Policies
A. Be in your seat their seats during class prepared with their materials and assignments.
B. Keep your eyes on the teacher or speaker, your mouths closed, and your hands still, and use
your voice only at appropriate times and with an appropriate volume.
C. Respect others' person/body, belongings/things, and feelings.
School Policies
A. All Warner Middle School and Xenia Community Schools policies apply as stated in the
“Student Planner & Code of Conduct.”
B. All cell phones and other electronic devices should be turned off and should not be seen or
used. Students can use the devices once they leave the school at the end of the day, or if they
are being used for academic purposes in Mr. Cafaro’s classroom with a signed copy of the
“Digital Device Driver’s License” permission slip clearly placed on the students’ desks when
using the devices for learning.
C. Students who do not follow the school dress code will be sent to the office to call home for a
change of clothes.
D. Students will have three (3) hall passes per grading period. Students are encouraged to use
their lockers before and after classes and to visit the bathroom and get a drink during class
changes and at lunch.
E. Students will be using school-owned computers, books, and other learning tools. Students
must respect this property and not misuse them in any way. District policy will be followed for
a student’s misuse of any school-owned property.
F. Guest Teachers will be given the same respect as the regular classroom teacher. Disciplinary
action will be taken for students who do not cooperate with Guest Teachers.
All students are expected to follow classroom rules and procedures, as well as the school-wide
expectations of the 5 Buccaneer Behaviors. Unacceptable behavior will follow the "Three Strikes“
rule, using Stop Dots to manage misbehavior this year.
1st Behavior Violation (“Strike One”)
Any time a student demonstrates misbehaviors, or behaviors that go against the school/classroom
rules and expectations, he or she will receive a red sticker, which we will call a Stop Dot, as a
2nd Behavior Violation (“Strike Two”)
If a student receives two Stop Dots in a class period, that person must stay after class for a
Student/Teacher Talk.
3rd Behavior Violation (“Strike Three”)
If a student receives three Stop Dots in a class period, the student will receive a classroom
IMPORTANT NOTE: If a student's misbehavior is severe and needs immediate attention from the
principal, assistant principal, or counselor, or if the student's misbehavior is a continual disruption
to instruction or students' learning over a period of time, I will skip the steps listed above during
the particular incident.
Teacher/Student/Parent Compact
“I agree to be responsible for supporting the learning of the child listed below.”
Teacher Signature __________________________
Date ___________
“I have read the rules and expectations for Mr. Cafaro’s class, and I understand what is
expected of me.” Student Signature __________________________
Date ___________
“I have read the rules and expectations for Mr. Cafaro’s class, and I understand what is
expected of my child.” Parent Signature __________________________
Date ___________
Warner Middle School
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