CVISD iPad Use Policy

CVISD iPad Use Policy
iPad – Administrator Guidelines
The decision whether or not to purchase iPads is based on the determination that they enable an efficient,
effective, economic way to deliver instruction and provide teachers and staff with the tools to manage the
educational environment. Since these devices are primarily designed for consumer use, they provide a
unique set of issues that need to be addressed. These issues specifically concern the management of
applications and the method of connectivity.
Since the purpose of these devices is for educational not consumer use, the district will only purchase
iPads without cellular services such as 3G nor will it provide payment for such services for employee
personal iPads that they choose to use at school. iPads used at school must connect through our filtered
wireless network.
Management of Applications:
All users of district purchased iPads will follow such policies and procedures that will ensure that no
applications will be installed that contain obscene or objectionable content and will not violate any existing
copyright laws.
With regards to free applications for educational purposes, a campus App Store account will be set up to
download free applications. This account does not require the use of a credit card. The district will receive
notification each time this free app account is utilized. Sharing login and password information regarding
this account with students or any other non-designated staff is prohibited. Use of this account is
restricted to district purchased iPads only, and is prohibited on personal iPads or other personal mobile
The purchase of applications by the district will be done through the technology department utilizing the
Apple multiple volume purchasing program. This program allows the district to purchase applications using
a purchase order and will allow the technology department to account for the proper licensing of
applications for audit purposes. No applications will be purchased or installed on district iPads using gift
cards or personal App Store accounts.
Limited personal use is acceptable provided it imposes no tangible cost to the district.
Jail breaking of devices
Altering the configuration of a District iPad in such a manner that voids the warranty, commonly referred
to as jail breaking is prohibited.
No iPad will be distributed without the required attendance at a one hour training provided by technology.
Users will agree to comply with all acceptable use policies regarding the use of technology as stated in
board policy.
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