Technical Bulletins/Genesis TechnicalBulletin 052699

Technical Bulletins/Genesis TechnicalBulletin 052699
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May 26, 1999
Dealer Announcement
Genesis is requesting the assistance of its network of distributors and dealers in helping us with
an inspection of Valor 2" Stage Regulators. It has come to our attention that a small percentage
of our Valor 2™ Stage Regulators/Octopus’s may have a loose Color Ring and/or Retaining
Ring. While the color ring is only cosmetic, the Retaining Ring holds the diaphragm and purge
cover securely to the regulator box bottom. In order to insure that we continue to sell a quality
product we are requesting that you inspect and rework if necessary your existing stock of Valor
regulators. This includes Valor regulators and octopuses, your rentals, and your class regulators.
We further advise you to check units that have been sold to customers in the last 5 months.
We are providing an Inspection/Rework Instruction and diagram to aid you. We are sorry for any
inconvenience that this may cause you, but feel that is in the best interests of your customers that
the regulators be checked.
If you have any questions about the inspection/rework, or need help with the inspections/rework,
please call our Scuba Technical Service Department at 1 800 256-6294.
Valor 107930 / 107970
Rework Instructions
1.0 Remove Protective Color Ring,
2.0 Procedure to check tightness of Retaining Ring
Insert Tool into the detents of the Retaining Ring.
Verify tightness of retaining ring by lightly applying a little
torque counterclockwise. It should require approx. 12 inch-
pounds to rotate the cap. This is very little, snug but not tight.
If Retaining Ring is loose then skip to step 2.5.1 otherwise
proceed with next step.
If the Retaining Ring seems to be fairly snug move Retaining
Ring back to its original position. Remember snug, not too tight.
If the purge cover moves or has the wrong orientation
2.5.1 Unscrew Retaining Ring with Tool,
2.5.2 Remove Retaining Ring, Purge Cover and Diaphragm.
2.5.3 Place Diaphragm into Box Bottom.
2.5.4 Place Purge Cover over Diaphragm.
2.5.5 Dip Retaining Ring into water and place over Purge Cover.
2.5.6 Screw Retaining Ring on until snug (approx. 12 inch-
pounds) using Tool, Note! Overtightening could cause
Diaphragm to unseat.
3.0 Re-installation of the Color Ring
3.1 Screw the Color Ring onto the Box Bottom,
Note: Do not tighten too much. If the ring is too tight dealer
will not be able to remove the ring with the palm of
their hand.
4.0 Repackage, insuring that all literature is placed back in box.
1. Color Ring
2. Retaining Ring
3. Purge Cover
4. Diaphragm
23. Box Bottom
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