Flyer – Oplossingen voor de automobielindustrie

Flyer – Oplossingen voor de automobielindustrie
Tier 1
Press Shop
Body Shop
Identification of Seats
Pressure Monitoring of Hydraulic Presses
Presence Test of Weld Nuts
■■ The RFID system BL ident® allows transparent and efficient seat assembly
■■ A data carrier on the tray enables clear identification of type and status
■■ A smart label in the vehicle seat allows the just-in-sequence production and a
■■ Rugged PS pressure sensors on hydraulic presses ensure consist-
■■ Weld-proof inductive Factor 1 sensors of the uprox® series guarantee
ently high quality compression of the body parts
■■ The pressure sensors are easily adjustable and guarantee high
clear traceability
safe and precise welding and assembly operations
■■ The Weld nut sensor prevents expensive rework by missing weld nuts.
The stainless steel centering sleeve protects the sensor and ensures
the correct positioning of the weld nut
Your Global Automation Partner
Identification of Bumpers in Production
■■ UHF smart labels glued directly to the bumper of the RFID system BL ident® are
Flow Sensors in Robot Media Panels
Presence Inspection of Sheet Metal/Tool
the basis for a highly efficient bumper production and subsequent JIS delivery
to the carmaker.
■■ The data carriers allow a clear type and variant identification of each bumper at
any time
■■ Intelligent processing of RFID data in MES and ERP systems
■■ Temperature, pressure and flow sensors monitor all cooling water and
compressed air parameters on welding robots and ensure a consistently high quality of welding
■■ The media panel serves as interface of all supply media – such as cooling water for welding guns and compressed air for vacuum gripper
■■ The RFID system BL ident® clearly identifies the proper press tools
■■ Inductive sensors check the presence and correct position of the
inserted metal sheets
■■ Crash risk and downtime are thus significantly reduced
Contactless Control of Pallets
■■ The inductive coupler NIC allows the contactless and wear-free transmission of
power and data to the sensors/actuators on the transport pallet
■■ The relevant pallet is clearly identifiable without further measures thanks to the
I/O hub
Paint Shop
Final Assembly
Recognition of different body types
Robot Assembly of Windscreens and Accessories
■■ The measuring light grids EZ array with downstream BL67 IO-sys-
■■ Rugged block-I/O modules in IP67 for installation directly on the
tem recognize reliably different body types
■■ Prevention of downtime or crash, for example, when passing on the
bodies from skid to hanger system
Identification of Gears
■■ The screwable data carriers of the RFID system BL ident® allow for the automat-
robot or gripper allow space-saving construction and quick installation
■■ TURCK multiprotocol allows the use of a module in PROFINET,
EtherNetIP™ and Modbus TCP
■■ Integrated Fast-Startup/Quick-Connect function for removable tool
ed assembly and disassembly of the motor or gear housing
■■ All relevant information of the product exist in the screwed data carrier, which
is important especially in repair places or during removal from the pallet
28 subsidiaries and over
60 representations worldwide!
D900523 | 2016/04
Identification of Skids
Worker Guide on Manual Assembly Areas
■■ The high-temperature RFID data carriers remain firmly mounted on
■■ Pick-to-Light sensors show the respective picking bin of the compo-
the skid during the complete production process
■■ The tags withstand temperatures up to +230 °C and traverse the
entire painting process, so that delivery errors are excluded
nent to be deployed and acknowledge the recent pick movement
■■ Poka Yoke in pre-commission/supermarket areas
■■ JIS pre-commissioning of material boxes directly associated with the
Solutions for the
Automotive Industry
Collect Precisely
Connect Reliably
Communicate Effectively
Automate Efficiently
Safety Technology
Inductive Sensors
■■ Largest switching distances and
Linear position and angle sensors
■■ Extended temperature range, highest
■■ Measuring lengths up to 3000 mm and
■■ Protection and increased EMC strength
■■ Wide variety of designs
■■ Magnetic field immune for body construc-
■■ Analog measurement of filling levels with
factor 1 for all metals
tightness with IP68 protection class
Cables and Connectors
Ex approval
■■ High protection class (Nema 6P, IP67),
■■ Interference immune signal detection
shock and vibration proof
■■ Thermostable, oil and chemical-resistant
■■ Welding splatter resistant
■■ Many different connector types, readymade and injection-moulded
■■ For sensors, actuators and fieldbus systems
through contactless and wear-free operation
■■ PTFE coated versions
■■ Special versions for capturing welding
360° angle detection
Ultrasonic Sensors
■■ V4A metal-encased sensors for extremely
Encoders and draw-wire sensors
■■ Good resistance to shock and vibration
■■ High protection class IP69K and immune
to interferences at highspeed rotation
■■ Optionally available as stainless steel
■■ Interference immune signal detection
through contactless and wear-free operation
harsh application conditions
■■ Compact sensors with teach function
■■ Measuring range up to 6 m
Vision Sensor iVu
■■ Compact image processing solution for
HMI panel with CODESYS PLC
■■ Gateways for many different fieldbuses and
■■ Programming of control and
Ethernet, can also be programmed with
■■ Multiprotocol technology for PROFINET, EtherNet/IP™ and Modbus TCP
■■ I/O modules available as: digital, analog,
temperature, counter, RS232/485/422, SSI,
CANopen, RFID, valve manifolds and IO-Link
■■ Connectivity: M8, M12, M23 and 7/8"
Compact I/O Modules in IP67 and
■■ Multiprotocol technology for PROFINET,
EtherNet/IP™ and Modbus TCP
■■ Stainless steel flange for harsh
■■ Fully encapsulated (IP67), vibration and
shock tested
■■ Different designs with 4 to 16 I/O
■■ Hybrid module for safety and standard
■■ Space-saving PROFINET/PROFIsafe hybrid
module for safety and standard I/Os with
■■ Safety light screens, laser scanners, twohand buttons
■■ Safety controller
visualization functions with CODESYS 3
■■ Flexible use as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP
and Modbus TCP/RTU Master
■■ Brilliant TFT displays with screen sizes
of 7, 10 or 13 inches
RFID System BL ident®
■■ Flexibly integrated in systems, thanks to the
Peripheral Control
■■ CODESYS V3-programmable gateways for
inspection tasks and code reading
■■ Integrated or external display
■■ Taught and operated without PC
the I/O systems BL67 and BL20
■■ Modularly expendable with all available BL
modular concept of the I/O systems BL67,
BL20 and BL compact
■■ Many application possibilities thanks to mixed
HF and UHF operation
■■ Application-optimized data carriers, such as
for direct installation in metal
I/O modules
■■ Can be used as PROFINET, Ethernet/IP™,
Modbus TCP slave and Modbus TCP master
Passive Junctions and T pieces
Magnetic field sensors
■■ Signal transfer and voltage distribution
■■ Different wirings and designs available
■■ Robust design (potted), protection class
■■ Detects reliably the piston position on pneumatic cylinders
■■ Magnetic field immune versions
Image Processing
■■ Easy system configuration, parametrization
■■ Intelligent camera systems for numerous
■■ DTMs can be integrated in any FDT frame
■■ Integrated or external processing units,
and diagnostics via GUI
fields of application
■■ Comprehensive recording
Pressure, Temperature, Flow Sensors
IP68 rated versions
■■ Standard and special lighting in all variances
■■ Different designs, measuring principles, and
Photoelectric Sensors
process connections
■■ Improved tightness and resistance to
■■ Detect filling levels with glass tip
■■ Safety light screen
■■ Easy assembly and installation (e. g. M12
Modular IP67 I/O system BL67
■■ Versions with and without acoustic alarm
(adjustable, max. 95 dB)
■■ Green, yellow, red, blue or white LEDs
■■ Excellent luminosity, good visible even
at greater distances
■■ Easy handling and mounting
■■ Highest accuracy and safety
Modular IP20 I/O system BL20
■■ Gateways for many different fieldbuses and
Inductive coupler
■■ Contactless transmission of data and power
■■ Large transmission distance up to 7 mm
■■ High power transmission (up to 12 W)
■■ Wear-free transmission of PNP and IO-Link
Ethernet, can also be programmed with
■■ Multiprotocol technology for PROFINET,
EtherNet/IP™ and Modbus TCP
■■ I/O modules available as: digital, analog, temperature, counter, RS232/485/422, SSI, PWM
and RFID
■■ Economy gateways and I/O modules
■■ Fieldbus-neutral communication standard
■■ Optical user guidance for manual assembly and
■■ Largest integrated IO-Link portfolio - from
■■ Contactless pick-up alert
■■ Easily integrated in existing systems via the
■■ Simple device configuration via control
commissioning processes
modular BL20 and BL67 I/O systems
for sensors and actuators
the sensor to the master
system or FDT/DTM
Wireless system DX
■■ Flexible network modules for ra-
dio transmission of sensor signals
■■ Point-to-point connection, star
topology, Multi-Hop-Repeater
■■ Configuration software
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