Upgrading CAM Software
To upgrade the CAM software:
First make sure to download all the necessary drivers and setup files from our website, www.visioncontrols.net.
Make sure that both the CAM software and the CAM Server is closed out. This can be checked by right
clicking the main Windows toolbar and clicking on “Task Manager”.
Click on the “Processes” tab and select
anything that says “CAM” in the name and
click on the “End Process” button. When
both the CAM software and CAM server is
ended close out of the Task Manager.
Go to Start and click on “Control Panel”.
Double-click on
“Add or Remove
Select CAM SS or MP
and click “Remove”. (This will
remove both the CAM software
and CAM Server programs)
When this is finished close the
Open the “My Computer” window
and double-click on “Local Disk (C:)”.
Then open the “Program Files” folder.
Click once on CAM SS or MP to
select it, then hit the delete button
to delete the folder. After this is
done close the window.
Installing the drivers:
(Drivers only need to be installed on the DVR itself, not on remote clients)
Right-click on “My Computer” and click on “Manage”.
Click on “Device Manager”.
When the list on the right
appears click on the plus sign
next to “Sound, video and game
controllers” (the second one).
Then double-click on the first
driver in the list, in this case
“Vguard7146 Serial Device”.
(Do this for each driver shown
in the list under “Sound, video
and game controllers”)
Click on the “Driver” tab followed by the
“Update Driver” button.
Select “No, not this time” and click
Select “Install from a list or specific
Location (advanced)”.
Select “Don’t search…” and click “Next”.
Click on the “Have Disk” button.
Click on the “Browse” button and seek out
the newest drivers. (The driver folder will be
where ever you saved it to and the driver will
be a “___.inf” file) When you find the correct
driver double-click the file and then hit the
“OK” button followed by the “Next” button.
After this click “Finish”. Then close out the
remaining windows.
Now run the “Setup.exe” file to install the CAM software. Just follow the directions to install the CAM
software, CAM Server and DVR Player. When finished reboot the PC.
When Windows loads back up the CAM software will automatically start and ask you to designate an
administrative username and password. When installing on the DVR itself we recommend using
username: admin and password: admin. (When upgrading the CAM software on a remote client we
recommend using the username and passwords that coincide with what that person would use on the DVR)
Click on the function panel button to open up the advanced controls section.
Click on the SET button.
When the “System setup” window opens, click on the “Host” tab.
When upgrading on the DVR make sure that
these boxes are checked:
-Automatically launch CAM SS or MP
-Automatically record
-Automatically connect to server
-Automatically reset the system (Click on the
“Setup” button to adjust the time and day that
the DVR will automatically reboot)
When upgrading on a remote client PC you
will want “Automatically connect to server” as
the only box that is checked.
When finished with these settings click “OK”.
Now click on the Power button to close the CAM software.
Setting up the CAM SERVER:
(This is only needed on the DVR, when installing CAM software on remote client PC just delete the shortcut)
Double-click on the
icon to open the CAM Server.
The CAM Server will ask you to designate a username and password. We recommend you use
admin/admin. The “Listening port:” should be set at 40000.
When you click “OK” and the CAM Server opens you can just leave it be.
(The CAM Server should be running at all times behind the CAM software)
Right-click on the CAM Server icon and click “Create shortcut” to make a duplicate icon.
Do the same with the CAM SS or CAM MP icon.
When you have two of each icon, right-click on the “Start” button and click “Explore”.
Using the list on the left, click on the Plus sign next to “Programs”
to bring up the “Startup” folder.
Click on the “Startup” folder.
Select the two extra
shortcuts and drag
them into this window.
When both the files are listed in this window you can close the window out and reboot the DVR.
For further installation information refer to the CAM Line Install Guide v5.11.
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