Cisco (Tandberg) 2000 MXP Installation Sheet

Cisco (Tandberg) 2000 MXP Installation Sheet
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Connecting Cables
1. Power cable
2. Monitor cables
3. Microphone cable
4. Camera cable
5 ISDN cables
6. LAN cable
7. VGA cable
System Configuration
1. Open the Administrator Settings menu
Choose ‘Control Panel’ from the main menu. In ‘Control
If the menu is not already present, press
the OK/Menu key on the remote control
to open the menu. Navigate the menu
with arrow keys and OK.
Panel’, select ‘Administrator Settings’ and press OK.
2. Language
Open ‘General’. Select language.
3. ISDN Configuration
Open ‘Network - ISDN-BRI Settings’. Make ISDN
configuration and press ‘Save’.
4. LAN Configuration
Open ‘Network -LAN Settings’. Make IP/H.323
settings and press ‘Save’.
Please read the user manual for further details.
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