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Xochitl, Esparza, TANF Program Manager
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Information Memorandum
Number: SS-IM-09-066
Issue Date: 12/15/2009
Subject: 2010 Tax Credit Summary
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All DHS employees
Area Agencies on Aging
Children, Adults and Families
County DD Program Managers
County Mental Health Directors
Health Services
Seniors and People with Disabilities
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Contact(s): Phil Laymon
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Here is a link to the updated 2010 tax credit summary showing tax credits potentially available to
employed TANF clients and employers who hire TANF clients. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit was
passed by Congress to provide incentives to employers to hire individuals from certain target groups,
such as TANF recipients. The federal and Oregon Earned Income Credit and Child Care credits
provide tax breaks for low-income working families.
DHS 0080 (02/04)
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