The SiriusTM Multigas Detector
One PID, Four Gases...Detects Hundreds of Chemicals
The Sirius Multigas
Detector provides the
solution you have been
looking for in one
complete package:
incredible performance,
maximum simplicity, and
durable design; all with
MSA’s commitment
to quality.
Tremendous Flexibility- Users are able to simultaneously monitor for volatile organic compounds with low vapor pressures while measuring for combustible, toxic and oxygen deficient
atmospheres within one reliable, easy-to-use, durable unit.
Reliable PID Performance- Integrating our proprietary PID sensor design (patent-pending)
into our proven reliable multigas detector designs, such as the designs used in the Orion® and
Solaris™ 4-gas multigas detectors, make this combination a dependable winner and allows
users to get their monitoring done reliably and quickly.
User-Friendly Software- Easy-to-use software allows users to focus on their tasks at hand.
Superior PID Sensor Design- Superior PID sensor design reduces maintenance time and
Flexible Configurations- This design combines two instruments into one.
Loud, Attention-Grabbing Alarm System- The Sirius Multigas Detector provides outstanding
alarms to clearly warn users of a hazardous situation.
Interchangeable Lithium-Ion and Alkaline Battery Packs- Keep instruments running
24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.
Easy Calibration and Compatibility with MSA’s Total Instrument Manager- Increase user
safety by easily ensuring proper sensor performance.
Long-Term Storage Kit- In case of emergency, users can be confident they have what it takes
to ensure their Sirius unit is working properly and will be ready to go.
ID 0816-49/January 2004
©MSA 2004 Printed in U.S.A.
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