Accommodation Review Committee Meeting November 16, 2009 Petrolia Area of Schools

Accommodation Review Committee Meeting November 16, 2009 Petrolia Area of Schools
Accommodation Review Committee Meeting November 16, 2009
Petrolia Area of Schools
Questions and Answers Following the Meeting
The Dawn-Euphemia School under-capacity can be a part solution to the overcrowding at
Petrolia area of schools. The village of Oil Springs is merely one mile north of the present
boundary for Dawn-Euphemia at Aberfeldy. How can this option be pursued with the current
committee structure where D-E is part of the Dresden areas of schools?
When we look at the over crowding at Hillcrest two things are evident. The increase in the enrolment in
French Immersion programs has impacted the overall numbers. At the same time there have been
increases in Petrolia schools, there have been enrolment declines in the nearest school, Lambton
Centennial. Boundary changes may be considered by the committee and if we study Centennial
boundaries it will be evident that they border on the Dawn Euphemia catchment area. When
boundaries were studied back in 2001 it was felt that moving a catchment area over a concession or
two would not impact enough students to have the desired change in enrolment. The families of both
Centennial and Dawn Euphemia are spread over a large geographic area and both school
communities would like to attract more students.
Please clarify the role of the public at the ARC Meetings and the role of the ARC members.
The ARC meetings are true committee meetings and not intended to be town hall type meetings. The
board room table arrangement for ARC members is designed to encourage dialogue among the
members. The ARC members are expected to share information from the ARC meetings with the
group they represent and bring feedback to the next meeting. As per Ministry of Education direction,
the ARC members are responsible for developing a recommendation to be presented to the Board of
Trustees and Board Administration.
There is a specific time, towards the end of every meeting, where questions from the public are
accepted by the Committee. The questions and answers will be posted on the Board website. As well,
the public is welcome to submit questions or suggestions in writing to ARC members at any time. ARC
members would bring the question or suggestion to the next ARC Meeting to share.
While the microphone assisted with the sound it not entirely correct for large spaces and for
those with hearing impairment.
We have learned that the acoustics in a large auditorium make it hard for the discussion of the
committee members to be heard. We are investigating alternative sound system for use in the gyms.
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