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Sharing externally
Another sharing option, “Secret URL”, makes your Page available on the web but gives it a complicated
URL which makes it harder to guess, and stops search engines (such as Google) from indexing the page.
This is useful if you don’t want the entire world to be able to access your personal information, but
need someone without a Mahara login (e.g. a prospective employer or a family member) to see it.
To create a “Secret URL”:
Click on the "Portfolio" tab in the blue navigation bar at the top of the Mahara screen.
Select the "Shared by me" tab where all created Pages and/or Collections are listed.
Click the “Secret URL” icon next to the Page and/or Collection for sharing.
Clicking the "Add" button on the subsequent screen will generate a unique URL for the Page.
You can then determine how long the URL should be available for by clicking the “Edit” icon
and entering date information. Other features can also enable you to allow and moderate
comments before clicking the “Save” button and copying and emailing the URL to potential
employers, family and friends in order to share the Page and/or Collection without the
intended audience needing to log in to Mahara.
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Allow feedback
When planning to share Pages and/or Collections with others, you need to decide how viewers will be
allowed to use the material. For example, you can permit viewers to add comments or copy the
content. To do this, you should click on the “Share Page” tab on the required page, and select the
“Advanced options”. Here you are presented with four options:
Allow comments – Enables the viewer to leave
feedback on the Page and/or Collection as a whole,
and any individual element for which the student has
allowed comments (e.g. a Journal entry). This is
checked by default.
Moderate comments – If ‘Allow comments’ is
selected, you can approve any comments you receive
before making them visible to other viewers.
Allow copying – This will enable other Mahara users
to copy the Page into their own portfolio.
Override start / stop dates – Students can define the
dates and times of access to the Page by entering start and stop dates into the boxes provided.
Note: If you are sharing work on which you expect to receive feedback, you should tick the “Allow
comments” box, so that teachers can comment on a particular journal entry or the journal as a whole.
If you are sharing with a wider audience than the teacher, you can moderate comments before
making them visible to other viewers.
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