AMENDS Ordinance No. 82-96, Interim Amendments to Mason County Development Reg.

AMENDS Ordinance No. 82-96, Interim Amendments to Mason County Development Reg.
Enacting an interim measure which will establish an amendment to the Mason County Development
Regulations, Ordinance No. 82-96, under the authority of Chapters 36.70 and 36. 70A RCW, which
shall be in effect for six months from the date of approval; and
WHEREAS, the Mason County Board of County Commissioners adopted Development Regulations
for Mason County Washington, Ordinance No. 82-96, on June 17, 1996, in order to regulate land
use in the county and to implement the Mason County Comprehensive Plan; and
WHEREAS, the City of Shelton (henceforth "the City") and Mason County share a commitment
towards cooperative planning; and
WHEREAS, the City and Mason County through a joint planning process adopted County-Wide
Planning Policies and an Urban Growth Area around the City of Shelton; and
WHEREAS, the City and Mason County have implemented elements of their joint planning in project
review and other cooperative efforts, and
WHEREAS, the City and Mason County intend to continue to implement their respective
comprehensive plans through continued joint planning efforts; and
WHEREAS, not withstanding the history of cooperation between the City and Mason County, they
are involved on opposing sides of a petition before the Western Washington Growth Management
Hearings Board, Case Number 96-2.,.0023 and on opposing sides in Mason County Superior Court,
Case Number 96 2 00848 0, In re Dawes v. Mason County; and
WHEREAS, it is Mason County's intention, as expressed in the County Comprehensive Plan, that
only appropriate rural growth shall take place outside of the designated urban growth areas; and
WHEREAS, it is the City's concern that the intensity of development allowed in Rural Activity
Centers and the size of the Kamilche-Taylor Towne Rural Activity Center located so close to the
Shelton Urban Growth Area may result in urban growth in the rural area; and
WHEREAS, the City believes that location of urban growth in such a location damages and
diminishes the effectiveness of its own planning efforts; and
WHEREAS, the City and Mason County have entered an agreement to resolve the issues between
them; and
WHEREAS, Mason County will review these amendments through a public process to determine if
they are sufficient and appropriate to meet the intent of that agreement, and to ensure consistency
with the Mason County Comprehensive Plan and the Growth Management Act, as established in
RCW 36.70A.390, which requires a public hearing to be held within 60 days of the interim action;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT HEREBY ORDAINED, that the Board of County Commissioners of
Mason County hereby amends the Mason County Development Regulations, Ordinance No. 82-96;
as follows:
1. "The Development Areas Map" as adopted June 17, 1996, in Section 1.02.060, is amended to
reduce the boundaries of the Kamilche-Taylor Towne Rural Activity Center, as shown by
ATTACHJ.\1ENT A, and with the area previously within said Rural Activity Center to be designated
as Rural Area; and
2. "Figure 1.03.032 Development Densities; Dimensional Requirements" is amended so that the
Maximum Residential Density allowed for Rural Activity Center~.s~~Jl b~~ur dwelling units per acre
.. " ' ,\;"
(4 du I ac) .
J.\. f " ,
This Ordinance is in effect for six months, beginning upon approval by the Board of County
Commissioners, or until it is otherwise revised by the Board of County Commissioners.
Board of County Commissioners
Mason County, Washington
Page 2
Kamilche-Taylor Towne Rural Activity Center
The East and West Boundaries are lines parallel to and
one-quarter mile froth the State Route 101 right-of-way.
The North Boundary is an East-West line running roughly
parallel to, and through, the center-line of Insels Road.
The South Boundary is the East-West line
defined by the Southern quarter-section lines. of
the NW quarter of section 17, and the
NE quarter of section 18, in Township 19,
North, and Range 3 West, WM.
The Scale is approximately: 1 mile= 2.5 inches
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