140-010 PL10 Portable Telephone Amplifier
choice of three
fastening holes
Install the
battery as
shown, before
Thank you for selecting
the PL10 Portable
Telephone Amplifier. It
enhances the clarity and
increases the incoming
speech volume (by at least 12 times) for loud
and clear conversations. It is supplied with a
carrying case and spare strap and includes an
Alkaline AAA 1.5V battery.
1. Attach the amplifier to the handset as
shown. Ensure a tight fit by using
one of the three holes to adjust the
strap if necessary. The strap is easily
removed by pulling the hole over one
of the points of the
fixing points and
replaced in a
similar way.
Operating Instructions
PL10 Portable Telephone Amplifier
2. Turn the amplifier ON and
adjust the volume to suit
your hearing.
3. The amplifier is hearing
aid compatible and can
be used with your hearing
aid switched to the ‘T’ or
‘MT’ position, enabling you to minimise
background noise and hear more clearly.
4. If you experience “feedback” (a high-pitched
squeal), you may have the volume up too high
for your telephone. Correct this by reducing the
volume and/or slightly adjust the position of the
amplifier on the handset.
5. If the voice sounds low or distorted, your battery
may be low. Check or replace the battery.
6. When finished, turn volume control “OFF”.
You may, if you wish, leave the Amplifier on
the handset, but please make sure that your
handset disconnects the line. It may be
necessary to adjust the angle of the amplifier
to ensure that the line is disconnected at the
end of a call.
Tel (voice): 01642 247789
Fax: 01642 230827
Text (minicom): 01642 251310
Sarabec Limited
15 High Force Road
United Kingdom
Sarabec will repair your PL10 Portable Telephone
Amplifier for 12 months from the date of purchase
if the unit is defective in workmanship or materials.
(Batteries are not included in this guarantee).
Proof of purchase is required.
After the 12-month guaranteed period, Sarabec
will make repairs at a minimal charge. Contact
our service department for details.
724-120 140-010
:002 1200
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