Extended Absence Form

Extended Absence Form
Family Travel Advance Notification Form
(Please submit this form to the Principal at least five schools days in advance of departure.)
Number of Days Absent_________ From ____________________________To___________________________
Reason for Absence: __________________________________________________________________________
Parents sometimes find it necessary to take their children out of school due to family travel that cannot be arranged during
times when school is not in progress. When a parent removes his/her child from school for the purpose of family travel, the
absence falls outside of the Texas Education Code definition of excused and, therefore, is considered unexcused under
EISD Board of Trustee policy EIA (Local).
Parents should be alerted to the Minimum Attendance for Class Credit (25.092 Texas Education Code) that states that a
student must be in attendance 90% of the days a class is offered in order to receive credit. If a combination of excused and
unexcused absences results in less than 90% attendance, the law requires that the school district convene an attendance
committee to consider under what, if any, conditions, if any, credit may be granted.
Additionally, parents should be aware that absences, except for those that fall under the state definition of “excused”, result
in a district loss of Average Daily Attendance funding at the current rate of $35.00 per student per day. When loss of funds
from unexcused absences is compounded for ten campuses over the course of a school year, the loss can be significant.
Most importantly, when a student is absent from school, that child loses the benefit of direct instructional time with his/her
teacher. This is time that is highly valued by the EISD community of learners. It is the desire of instructional professionals
to have students highly involved in the learning process on a daily basis.
When parents find it necessary to remove their child from school for the purpose of a family trip, the principal should be
given advance notice of at least five days in order to ensure that the student's classroom teachers are notified. Parents are
strongly discouraged from taking a student from class unless it is absolutely necessary.
Expectations for the Completion of Work and Make Up Responsibilities
All pending assignments should be submitted prior to departure unless alternate arrangements have been made with the
teacher. This includes major tests, reports and major written assignments.
Assignments/work missed during the absence are to be completed upon return – one day make-up time for each day missed.
Teachers may give assignments in advance when possible.
Parent's Signature
Administrator's Review
Approved with Full Make-Up Privileges ____________________________________________________(Initial)
Discouraged for the Following Reason(s)__________________________________________________________
Signature of Campus Administrator____________________________________________Date_______________
It is the student’s responsibility to make appropriate arrangements with his/her teacher(s) for completion
of pending work and make-up for missed assignments.
Family Travel
The student must take this form to each of his/her teachers for a grade check. It is the responsibility of the
student to follow the teacher's directions pertaining to work assigned or work that will be missed during the
requested absence.
Teachers must sign to indicate current grade status.
Teacher’s Signature
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