Community Presentation

Community Presentation
Welcome and introductions
Trenton ARC feedback
Site and floor plans
Design features
What’s next?
Questions and input
Proposal for new Trenton elementary school
Accommodation Review Committee (ARC)
Breadner Elementary School
College Street Public School
North Trenton Public School
Queen Elizabeth Public School
ARC recommendation and Board approval
Updated proposal for new Trenton elementary
Ministry approval for new JK-8 school in Trenton
Input from the ARC
• new state of the art facility, accessible for all
• specialized, collaborative learning spaces and
work areas
• modern, brighter classrooms and space for all
• support for students with special needs
• larger gym and library
• increased access to instructional technology
Input from the ARC
• modern kitchen facilities to support student
and community programs
• community hub - better learning environment
for community use and partnerships, and
space for school-community support services
• safe access to the school property
Current school site plan
site plan
Conceptual front view
Conceptual side view
front entrance
facing Queen
Elizabeth Park
front entrance
First floor plans
Second floor
Design features of new school
• clear sight lines for student supervision
• good student traffic flow
• washrooms close to schools entrance
• multiple meeting areas and collaborative
learning spaces
• bright and welcoming school, with large
windows and natural light
• large foyer and open concept centre
Construction period
− Queen Elizabeth Public School will close end of
June 2015
− demolition of school building in July 2015
– new school construction begins September 2015
New school opens
− January 2017
Plans for school start-up
in September 2015
• North Trenton Public School will become a K - Grade 5
school in September 2015, then a K - Grade 6 school in
September 2016. Students going into Grade 7 will move
to the new Trenton elementary school in September 2017.
• V.P. Carswell Elementary School will become a K - 8
school during construction. Intermediate students will
move to the new Trenton elementary school in September
• College Street Public School students will remain at
College Street. Students will move to the new Trenton
elementary school in January 2017.
Plans for school start-up
in September 2015
• Queen Elizabeth Public School students will move to
Breadner Elementary School in September 2015.
• Breadner students will remain at Breadner, and welcome
students from Queen Elizabeth Public School.
• All students will then move to the new Trenton
elementary school in January 2017.
Still to come …
Integration Committee
plays a key role in new school transition
consists of parent, student, staff and community
representation from each school community
committee will be formed early next school year
Committee may support and consider:
positive transition and integration of school
shared celebrations and joint school council
what to do with school memorabilia
new school name
new school colours, logo and mascot
new school opening ceremony
playground equipment for new school
Questions, comments, input?
Visit the board web site
Scroll to the bottom.
Click on New Schools.
Information and
updates will be posted
here regularly as new
school construction
takes place.
Your questions and
input are important to
New Trenton Elementary School
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