ACD-23SW Swivel Clamp Meter
Data Sheet
Swivel Clamp Meter
New patented rotating head clamp design allows easy viewing
of measurements in tight or inconvenient to reach places. Simply
rotate the body of the meter to get an unobstructed view of the
LCD display. Rich set of features and CAT III 600V safety reading
for use in electrical and HVAC applications.
n TRMS Measurement
n 180 degree rotating head for the perfect display viewing
n Advanced VoltTect non-contact voltage detection
n Slim jaw design with one hand operation
n Measures AC Current up to 400 ACA, AC/DC, Voltage up to 600V, Resistance and Capacitance
n Temperature measurement
n Audible continuity
No hassle
n Auto and manual ranging respectively for quick checks and No waiting.
n Auto power off
No shipping
n Data hold
Our commitment to
high-quality products
and customer service
is demonstrated by
our industry exclusive
“No Hassle” warranty.
In the unlikely event
that an Amprobe Test
Tool requires warranty
service, any of our
local dealers are
authorized to replace
it, on the spot.
n Safety CAT III 600 V
precise measurements
n Accommodates conductors up to 1.18” (30mm) in diameter
n Test leads, battery (installed), Users Manual, Carrying Case and type-K thermocouple are included with the product
(note: $500 MSLP limit)
Amprobe® Test Tools
Data Sheet
ACD-23SW Swivel Clamp Meter
General Specifications
Display Polarity
Overrange Zero
Low battery indication
Auto power off
Measurement rate
Operating Environment
Storage Ttemperature Accuracy
Temperature Coefficient
Jaw opening capability
Isolated battery compartment.
Battery life
3¾ digit liquid crystal display (LCD) with a maximum reading of 3999.
Automatic, positive implied, negative polarity indication.
(OL) or (-OL) is displayed.
The “ “ is displayed when the battery voltage drops below the operating level.
Approx. 10 minutes.
2 times per second, nominal.
0°C to 50°C / 32°F to 122°F at <70% relative humidity.
-20°C to 60° / -4°F to 140°F, 0 to 80% R.H. with battery removed from meter.
Stated accuracy at 74°F ±8°F, <75% relative humidity.
0.1 × (specified accuracy) per °F, (32°F to 66°F, 82°F to 122°F).
6561.7 Feet (2000m).
30mm (1.18 in) conductor.
1.5 volt battery x2, R03/SIZE AAA.
150 hours typical with carbon-zinc. 300 hours typical with alkaline.
306 × 135 × 30mm (12 × 5.3 × 1.2 in).
Approx. 157g (1.26lb) including battery.
Designed to meet IEC 61010-1 (EN61010-1) and IEC 61010-2-032 (EN61010-2-032), CATIII 600V class II and pollution degree 2 indoor use comply with CE , UL
Electrical Specifications
DC Volts
400mV, 4V, 40V, 400V, 600V
Accuracy ±(0.5% rdg + 2 dgts)
Input Impedance 400mV:>100MΩ; 4V:10MΩ;40V~600V:9.1MΩ
Overload Protection
600V DC or AC rms to measure millivolts, use “RANGE “ button to manually select 400mV range.
AC Volts (50Hz - 500Hz)
Ranges 4V, 40V, 400V, 600V
±(1.2% rdg + 5 dgts)
±(2% rdg + 5 dgts) on 600V range
Input Impedance
Overload Protection
600V DC or AC rms
AC Current (50Hz - 60Hz)
Ranges 40A , 400A
Resolution 0.01A
Accuracy ±(2.0% rdg + 10 dgts) 50 ~ 60Hz
Overload Protection 400A AC
Amprobe® Test Tools
ACD-23SW Swivel Clamp Meter
Data Sheet
400Ω, 4kΩ, 40kΩ, 400kΩ, 4MΩ, 40MΩ
Resolution 0.1Ω
Accuracy ±(1.0% rdg + 5 dgts) on 400Ω to 400kΩ ranges
±(1.5% rdg + 5 dgts) on 4MΩ range
±(3.0% rdg + 5 dgts) on 40MΩ range
Open Circuit Volts
-0.45V DC typical, (-1.2Vdc on 400Ω range)
Overload Protection
600V DC or AC rms
±(3.0% rdg + 15 dgts)
Minimum Input Range >100nF
Overload Protection 4uF , 40uF , 400uF , 4mF
600V DC or AC rms when the capacitor to be tested is connected, if “dsc” symbol is indicated on LCD, it means there is voltage existing in the tested capacitor and needs to be discharged before testing.
-30°F ~ 400°F, -35°C ~ 400°C
Resolution 0.1°F, 0.1°C
Accuracy ±(1% + 2°F) 32°F ~ 400°F ±(1% + 1°C) 0°C ~ 200°C
±(2% + 6°F) -30°F ~ 32°F ±(2% +3°C) -35°C ~ 0°C
Sensor Type K-type themocouple
Overload Protection 60V DC or 30V AC rms
Range 400Ω
Resolution 1Ω
Audible Indication:
Less than 25Ω
Response Time 500ms
Overload Protection 500V DC or AC rms
Non-Contact Voltage Indicator Senses voltage 70V to 600VAC (50Hz ~ 60Hz), beeper chirps and big bright red LED comes on, works when meter dial is on any range.
Auxiliary Features
Hold Freeze the latest reading on the display.
Range Excute manual range mode.
Disable Auto Power Off
Amprobe® Test Tools
Set the DMM to off position, press (RANGE) button, and hold the (RANGE) button while turning the rotary knob to the desired range position. Release the button when LCD displays normally. Note “APO” annunciator is missing from the LCD. The Auto Power Off mode is activated with an “APO” symbol indicating on LCD.
ACD-23SW Swivel Clamp Meter
Data Sheet
Included Accessories
One pair test leads
1.5V battery x2 (installed)
Carrying case
TPK01 thermocouple
Users Manual
Amprobe® Test Tools
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