The new PM 12 ironers: best ergonomics, simple operation, perfect laundry finish

The new PM 12 ironers: best ergonomics, simple operation, perfect laundry finish
PM 12 series rotary ironers
The new PM 12 ironers:
best ergonomics, simple operation,
perfect laundry finish
The feel-good laundry factor
'Great significance is attached to perfectly
finished laundry in our business. This is a core
competence which we guarantee with Miele
machines in our own on-premise laundry.'
Thoroughly cleaned and perfectly ironed table and bed linen are key
'feel-good' factors in hotels and restaurants and are a credit to any
nursing home. Miele washer-extractors, tumble dryers and the new
ironers meet the most exacting demands both fast and efficiently.
A perfect laundry finish, high laundry
throughput and absolute dependability –
only flatwork ironers with these attributes
deserve a place in an on-premise laundry.
Miele confirms the great trust placed in
it by users with a typical combination
of high-quality materials, perfect
workmanship, mature and sophisticated
technology and practical innovations.
With working widths of 100, 140 and 166
cm, the new Miele ironers meet the most
exacting requirements for a perfect laundry
finish in hotels, restaurants and nursing
homes. Excellent user convenience and
enhanced ergonomics hold stress at bay.
Economy and ecology are closely related in
modern laundry operations. An on-premise
laundry is only complete with a compact
flatwork ironer. Without the distances and
inconvenience of contracting work out to
bigger laundries, laundry workflow can be
defined in-house to meet individual quality
requirements. The entire range of flatwork
is available for use again fast, costeffectively and with a perfect finish.
With Miele Professional, you are committing to mature technology,
smart innovations and many decades of experience in the
development of laundry systems for professionals. According to
a market survey*, 97% of Miele customers would buy again from
Miele Professional next time.
'Immer besser' or 'Forever better' has been Miele's promise
of top-class products, safe processes and a sense of
responsibility towards the environment for the past 110 years.
• A family-run company now managed by the fourth generations of
the founding families
• A product policy with a clear focus on quality, innovation and
• Heavy-duty commercial machines 'Made in Germany'
• Design prizes for innovative, functional and durable products
• Entire systems from a single supplier
• Lower operating costs over entire product life cycle
(Total Cost of Ownership)
• Service excellence through service network providing blanket
*Survey conducted by independent 'Mercuri International' institute
Miele PM 12 flatwork ironers –
Setting new standards with exclusive features
Equipped with innovative product details and high-quality
componentry, the new Miele flatwork ironers from the PM 12 series
set new standards in the compact category.
Best ergonomics
• Work in a standing or seated position
• Individual working height through
adjustable machine feet and optional
Simple operation
• Large touch display for extremely simple
programme selection and good overview
of all important functions
• Freely positionable footswitch for fast and
convenient ironer operation
Flexible laundry feed on top-of-range
model PM 1217
• Simple conversion from return-feed to
throughfeed model operated by two
Perfect laundry finish
• Perfectly finished aluminium trough
• Optimum temperature distribution from
infeed side to outfeed edge
• Leaf-spring padding optional on PM 1217
• Uniform contact pressure across entire
roller length thanks to hydraulic trough
• Outfeed table with automatic laundry
Excellent performance data
• 3 machine sizes to suit individual
• Precise temperature control for perfect
energy efficiency
• Clear improvement in performance
compared with previous models
Flatwork ironers
PM 1210
PM 1214
PM 1217
Roller diameter [mm]
Roller width [mm]
Heating type
Laundry throughput residual moisture 15% [kg/h]:
Laundry throughput residual moisture 25% [kg/h]:
Working height [mm]
920 + 60
920 + 60
1020 + 60
External dimensions [mm]
PM 1210
PM 1214
PM 1217
Height adjustable feet, max. 60 mm
Plinth, 100 mm
Steel wool padding
Leaf-spring padding
FlexControl footswitch
Flexible feed system
Vapour extraction
Airing bar
Feed tray
Connection for payment systems
EL = electric; • = standard; - = not applicable
• Throughput according to DIN 11902
For detailed technical specifications:
Miele flatwork ironers:
100% quality and functionality
for perfect results
With its new flatwork ironers, Miele Professional is once again
demonstrating its expertise in the field of laundry machines: firstclass product quality, high-capacity throughput, convincing hygiene,
top-class user convenience and compelling cost-efficiency.
PM 12 series - Benchmark in the compact class
• Best ergonomics
• Simple operation
• Perfect laundry finish
• Exclusive product features
• Convincing performance
Clear, concise display
• Simple operation at the touch of a fingertip
• All functionalities and symbols in field of vision
• Large display and fast selection of temperature and roller speed
• Direct selection of favourite programmes - user-selectable
combination of speed and temperature
• Input monitoring for efficient ironing and high-quality finish
• Energy-efficient pause function
Individual working heights for relaxed working conditions
• Height adjustable feet, max. 60 mm
• Optional plinth for work in standing position, 100 mm
Features allowing ergonomic machine operation when
seated or while standing
• Airing bar allows laundry to hang without creasing
• Feed tray for sorting items
Comprehensive process security
• Fast roller stop and start using freely locatable FlexControl
• Service indicator for cleaning and waxing trough
• Professional safety standards in accordance with EU Machinery
Convenient handling of large items
• Infeed board for safe introduction of textiles
• Trough stopped and started via the footswitch for individual
processing of fabrics
• Simple conversion between through- and return feed – Flexible
Laundry Throughfeed
• Very high throughput, 2-person operation
High energy efficiency
• Properties of aluminium trough for short heat-up times and
excellent heat distribution
• Optimum temperature distribution from infeed side to outfeed
• Precise temperature control and monitoring using new controls
Perfect laundry finish
• Special surface treatment
• Hydraulically cushioned trough for uniform contact pressure
across entire roller length
• High-quality roller padding with ARAMID needle felt cloth
• Optional leaf-spring padding of trough on PM 1217 for longlasting resilience
• Perforated outfeed table for automatic air circulation and laundry
Technical features vary according to the model
For detailed technical specifications:
Washing, Drying, Ironing:
Full-line solution with new PM12 flatwork ironer
Full-line solution with PM 1210 flatwork
In combination with washing machines and
tumble dryers from the Little Giants range,
the new PM 1210 represents the ideal
solution for smaller businesses.
*Throughput according to DIN 11902
Benefits of a full-line solution in
combination with Miele commercial
washing machines and tumble dryers
with a load capacity of 6.5 kg
• Wash and dry 6.5 kg of laundry in only
85 minutes
• Choice of vented, condenser or heatpump dryers
• A complete on-premise laundry on the
smallest of footprints by backing the
ironer against a wall and installing the
washing machine and tumble dryer as a
• Flatwork ironer with 1000 mm roller
length and 210 mm roller diameter
• Ironing throughput up to 30 kg/h
at a recommended initial moisture
level of 15%*
Full-line solution with PM 1214 flatwork
The PM 1214 flatwork ironer perfectly
complements Miele washing machines and
tumble dryers from the Octoplus series. The
capacity of this ironer ensures the efficient
processing of flatwork in small hotels and
nursing homes.
Benefits of a systematic approach
including washing machines and tumble
dryers with an 8 kg load capacity
• Wash and dry 8 kg of laundry in only
90 minutes
• Tumble dryers with either electric or gas
• A complete on-premise laundry on the
smallest of footprints by backing the
ironer against a wall and installing the
washing machine and tumble dryer as a
• Flatwork ironer with 1400 mm roller
length and 210 mm roller width
• Ironing throughput of up to 33 kg/h
at a recommended initial moisture
level of 25%*
*Throughput according to DIN 11902
Full-line solution with PM 1217 flatwork
The PM 1217 ironer is the product of
choice for ironing flatwork in hotels,
restaurants and nursing homes. Its
compact dimensions, its flexibility in
use and its high-capacity throughput
makes the PM 1217 the ideal product
to complement the range in coping with
large quantities of laundry on a day-to-day
Benefits of a full-line approach using
Miele commercial washer-extractors
and tumble dryers with a capacity of
10 - 20 kg
• Washing machines and tumble dryers
with freely programmable controls
• Energy-saving tumble dryers with heatpump technology or heat exchanger fed
with hot water from a cogeneration plant
• Space-saving SlimLine tumble dryers
• Flexible ironer operation thanks to simple
conversion from through-feed to returnfeed operation
• Flatwork ironer with 1660 mm roller
length and 250 mm roller diameter
• Ironing throughput up to 60 kg/h
at a recommended initial moisture
level of 25%*
'Bed linen is the best indicator of good
hospitality, so much so that the German
Hotel and Guesthouse Association (Dehoga)
has added sleeping comfort to its hotel
classification criteria - including a perfect
laundry finish!'
Tailored full-line solutions for on-premise laundries
A systematic approach to producing well-laundered linen
For the efficient cleaning and care of the entire laundry produced
by hotels, restaurants and nursing homes, Miele Professional
offers customised and versatile machine configurations with load
capacities which are perfectly geared to the challenges of the job
in hand.
Laundry machines from the innovation leader
After a thorough but gentle wash, finishing takes place using
energy-efficient tumble dryers and rotary ironers. No matter how
large or small the mountain of laundry, including flatwork – Miele
Professional has the ideal system combining maximum efficiency
with the lowest of operating costs over the life cycle of machinery.
Washing machines and tumble dryers
• Compact class: 5.5 - 8 kg
• The all-rounders: 10 - 20 kg
• High-performance category: 24 – 32 kg
(tumble dryers with load capacity of up to 40 kg)
Flatwork ironers
• Entry-line range:
roller diameter up to 160 mm
roller width up to 830 mm
throughput of up to 15 kg/h*
• Compact class:
roller diameter up to 250 mm
roller width up to 1660 mm
throughput of up to 60 kg/h*
• The all-rounders:
roller diameter up to 365 mm
roller width up to 2040 mm
throughput of up to 96 kg/h*
• High-performance category:
roller diameter up to 790 mm
roller width up to 3500 mm
throughput of up to 235 kg/h*
Barrier washer-extractors for maximum hygiene
• The all-rounders: 16 kg
• High-performance category: 24 - 32 kg
Space-saving solutions are also available in the form of washerdryer stacks or slimline dryers (with a width of only 711 mm) for
installation on a small footprint together with energy-efficient
dryers featuring heat-pump technology or a hot-water connection
(for example for connection to a cogeneration plant as a source of
hot water).
*Ironing throughput according to DIN 11902
Miele Company Limited
Marcham Road
OX14 1TW
Tel: 0845 365 6608
Forever Better
Since 1899, Miele - a family run company
- has subscribed to a corporate philosophy
condensed into the two words 'Forever
better'. Two words which form the bedrock
for the highest of quality and production
standards and have given rise to the
innovating prowess of a brand 'Made in
Germany'. A brand promise which gives
commercial users the certainty of having
chosen the right product.
An unerring focus by Miele Professional on
top quality and dependability is the reason
why Miele has been repeatedly voted best
and most reliable brand by users. In major
consumer surveys, Miele's product brand
also comes out top in the 'Fair production
conditions' category.
An active contribution towards protecting the environment:
This brochure is printed on paper bleached without the use of chlorine
Single-source supply
Miele Professional offers commercial users
durable and long-lasting laundry machines,
dishwashers, washer-disinfectors and
sterilisers together with accessories and
standards of service and pre-sales advice
which are of a similar quality. And, if things
should go wrong, Miele's after-sales
service operation has been acclaimed
for many years in succession for its
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