Project Specification

Project Specification
ECE 4901- Senior Design Project
High Frequency Piezo-Driven Droplet Maker
Fall 2014
In collaboration with
Project Specifications
Team Members:
Jacob Wolf (EE)
Colin Mack Nair (EE)
Joseph Eaton (EE)
Rajeev Bansal
Amastan LLC. Contacts:
Mak Redjdal
Kamal Hadidi
Project Overview and Description:
The High Frequency Piezo-Driven Droplet Maker constitutes three major parts: The
Solution Dispenser, The Droplet Maker, and the High Frequency Electronics Driver. The
electronics module needs to be redesigned so that it can operate at a higher frequency. We may
have to reevaluate the power requirements and either purchase or design a new power supply,
op-amp, or piezo for the desired application. After making these initial observations, we can start
more in depth analysis to determine the specific parts, signal frequency and power range for
operation. Then, we will integrate all of these components into a High Frequency Electronics
Driver box to function as one unit.
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