Click Here For The Sidekick II Receiver Instructions

Click Here For The Sidekick II Receiver Instructions
Sidekick II™
Model # SK09214-2
Sidekick II Receiver
Model # SK09214-2
(318 MHz Receiver)
Setup and Operation:
1. Plug the power supply pin jack into the power supply terminal located next to the Power ON/
OFF switch on the back of the receiver. (see page 4 for diagram) Plug power supply into a wall
electrical outlet.
2. Turn the Power ON at the ON/OFF SWITCH located at the bottom left corner on the back of
the receiver. The front panel display will show the time 11:59AM.
3. Now set the clock time by pressing and releasing the MODE button once. The Orange LED will
light up to let you know that you are in “Set Clock Time” mode.
4. Press and release the minute button to set the minutes. Press and release the hour button to set
the hour.
5. When you are finished setting the minutes and hours, press and release the MODE button three
times to exit the Setup Mode.
NOTE: Any time you unplug your Sidekick II Receiver from the wall outlet or turn the power off,
the next time your turn your Sidekick II Receiver on again, you will need to reset the clock. If you
are using the Battery Backup feature, you will not need to do this.
6. All of your Silent Call transmitters come pre-programmed from the factory to operate your
Sidekick II Receiver. If you need to set your transmitters to a different address, please refer to
the section in this manual on programming transmitters. The only reason you would need to
do this is if someone in your area is using Silent Call products and they are interfering with
your products.
Battery Back-up Installation Instructions
If you purchased the battery backup pack at the same time as your Sidekick II Receiver, it was
pre-installed for you at the factory. If you purchased the battery back-up, Model # BU-10 at a
later time, follow the installation directions.
To gain access to the battery compartment remove the screw at the top of the cover on the back
of the receiver. Discard this back and use the new one that came with the backup battery. Plug the
female connector from the battery pack onto the male connector pin in the battery compartment.
Be sure to line up the pins with the holes in the connector. It will only fit one way. Replace the New
battery compartment door and secure the screw. (See page 4 for screw and pin locations)
You will notice an On/Off switch on the right hand bottom corner of the battery compartment
door. Slide the switch to the right which is the ON position. It is important that the battery back-up
feature be turned “ON” for proper operation.
When a power outage occurs, the strobe light on the Sidekick II Receiver will turn an Amber color
indicating that you receiver is operating on battery backup in Stand By Mode. The Ni-Cad battery,
Model # BU-10, has been tested and listed by ETL to keep the Sidekick II receiver operational for
24 hours in Stand By mode and 15 minutes in full operational mode, (both the strobe and vibrator
are activated).
The battery back-up is automatically being charged when the Sidekick II power supply is plugged
into a standard electrical wall outlet.
The BATTERY ICON will display itself on the LCD screen once the battery back-up level has
reached 2/3 of its discharge. However, the BATTERY ICON will not be displayed until this
condition is reached. When the Amber LED is on but the BATTERY ICON is not displayed
on the screen, this means that the battery is at a full or close to full charge.
Setting Alarm Clock:
1. Press and release the MODE button twice.
2. The Green LED will light up indicating that you are in the “SET UP” mode. The display will
show the present Alarm Clock Time setting.
3. Press and release the MINUTES button to set minutes and press and release the HOURS button
to set the hours.
4. Once the Alarm Clock Time has been set, press the MODE button 2 times to exit the
“SET UP” mode.
5. To turn the ALARM on or off, press and release the “Alarm Clock” button. When the alarm is
turned ON the BELL ICON will appear on the screen.
6. When your alarm is activated the strobe light will flash, the bell icon will display and the bed
vibrator (optional) will shake.
LCD Display:
The LCD Display screen is back lighted. The back light brightness is automatically controlled by the
light level in the room. When the room becomes dark, the back lighting comes on. When the room
becomes light, the back lighting goes off.
Telephone Direct Interface:
Remove screw to gain
access to battery backup
The Sidekick II Receiver has the ability to plug a standard telephone directly into the receiver
and it will notify you each time the telephone rings. (see Diagram Below)
Plug the supplied dual connector into your phone wall outlet. Then plug the wire from your
telephone into one side of the dual connector. Next, take the telephone wire that came with your
Sidekick II Receiver and plug it into the other side of the dual connector. (See illustration #1)
Finally, plug the other end of that cable into the back of the Sidekick II Receiver (See illustration #2)
The receiver will notify you in the same way as if you were using a Telephone Transmitter
(See section on Notifications, pg 6).
Accessory Battery Backup
12V NI-CAD 300mA
Compartment & Connector
Battery Backup
On/Off Switch
Power Supply
Interface Input
Vibrator Jack
Illustration #1
Illustration #2
When the Sidekick II Receiver detects an incoming signal from any of the Silent Call 318 MHz
transmitters it will notify you by:
Transmitter Type
Alarm Clock
Bell Icon, Strobe flashes (Vibrator Optional)
Sound Monitor Transmitter
Sound Icon, Orange LED, Strobe flashes (Vibrator Optional)
Telephone Transmitter
Phone Icon, Green LED, Strobe flashes (Vibrator Optional)
Doorbell Transmitter
Door Icon, Yellow LED, Strobe flashes (Vibrator Optional)
Door/Window Access Transmitter
Door Icon, Yellow LED, Strobe flashes (Vibrator Optional)
TransMATTer Transmitter
Door Icon, Yellow LED, Strobe flashes (Vibrator Optional)
Weather Alert Transmitter
Weather Icon, 2nd Red LED, Strobe flashes (Vibrator
Carbon Monoxide Transmitter
Smoke or Fire Transmitter
CO Icon, 2nd Red LED, Strobe flashes (Vibrator Optional)
Fire Icon, 4th, 5th, or 6th Red LED, Strobe flashes (Vibrator
*If you are using the optional Bed Vibrator and your Sidekick II Receiver detects an incoming signal
from any of the Silent Call 318 MHz transmitters, along with the above Notifications, the bed
vibrator will also pulse in a specific way for each transmitter.
Transmitter Type
Alarm Clock
Sound Monitor Transmitter
Telephone Transmitter
Doorbell Transmitter
Door/Window Access Transmitter
TransMATTer Transmitter
Weather Alert Transmitter
Carbon Monoxide Transmitter
Smoke or Fire Transmitter
Transmission Range:
Transmission range refers to the distance a Silent Call Transmitter can communicate with the
Sidekick II Receiver. Range is measured in an outdoor environment without obstructions from
metal objects or buildings. The range for the Sidekick II Receiver is up to 500 feet. The actual
range inside a building will vary depending on many factors outside of one’s control.
Cancelling An Incoming Alert
To cancel an alert, press and release the mode button once.
Programming the transmitters:
All Silent Call 318 MHz Transmitters come pre-programmed at the factory. You do NOT need
this step unless you need to change the address due to someone in your area that has Silent Call
products and they are interfering with your equipment.
1. Make sure that all Silent Call transmitters in the area are turned off.
2. Perform the ALL ERASE function (see pg 8)
3. Select the transmitter you wish to program with the Sidekick II Receiver.
4. Locate the switch on the transmitter circuit board that has 5 small dip switches. Set the switches
to any combination that you want. For Example: 1,2 On 3,4,5 OFF. (Do not set the switches to
all ON or all OFF as this can cause interference). This gives your transmitter an “address”.
Pulse Pattern
Short Pulse •
Long Pulse —
5. When programming the transmitter, make sure that the transmitter is near the Sidekick II
Two Short Pulses and One Long Pulse
Three Short Pulses
One long pulse
Two Short Pulses
Two Short Pulses
Two Short Pulses
One Short Pulse and One Long Pulse
Three Short Pulses and One Long Pulse
Continuous Short Pulses
6. On the Sidekick II Receiver, press and release the MODE button until the Yellow LED lights up
and “PPP” is displayed on the screen. This means you are now in program mode.
7. On the transmitter, press the test button so that it sends a signal to the Sidekick II Receiver. The
unit will flash its strobe, turn on the appropriate LED and display Icon for the transmitter that
you used. Your transmitter is now programmed to work with your receiver. With all of your
transmitters set to the same address it is not necessary to program every
transmitter to the receiver.
All Erase:
Provisions are made to erase all programmed transmitter addresses. The ALL ERASE function is
performed as follows:
1. Turn off the Sidekick II Receiver by turning the AC power switch to the off position. Turn
back-up battery to off position (if you have the backup battery installed). An indication of
power being off would be that the amber light on the strobe lens is off.
2. Press and hold the MINUTES button. DO NOT RELEASE THE BUTTON
3. Turn the power back on while holding the MINUTES button in.
4. Once power has been on for 5 seconds, release the MINUTES.
The all erase function is complete and the unit will now need to be re-programmed with
its transmitters.
Technical Support
For technical support on this or any other Silent Call product, please feel free to contact us. You
can reach us by phone at 800-572-5227 (voice or TTY) or by Email at [email protected]
Limited Warranty
Your Silent Call product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for five
years from the date of initial purchase. During that time, the unit will be repaired or replaced free
of charge when shipped prepaid to Silent Call Communications. This warranty is void if the defect
is caused by customer abuse or neglect. We honor the smoke detector manufacturer’s warranty for
their smoke detector. Only Silent Call products are warranted for 5 years.
5095 Williams Lake Road
Waterford, MI 48329
Phone 800-572-5227 v/tty
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