CIty of Los Gatos Alarm Permit Application

CIty of Los Gatos Alarm Permit Application
Los Gatos / Monte Sereno Police Department
110 E Main Street Los Gatos, CA 95030
(408) 354-5257 Fax: (408)354-0578
Commercial Alarm User Permit Application
 Annual Permit Application ($50.00
fee required)
Alarmed Location Address
Apt/Suite/Bldg #
Commercial 
Fax #:
 Change of Information Only (No fee)
No Alarm at Premise
Phone number of alarmed premise
Holdup 
Panic 
Audible (Bell/Siren) 
Owner’s Name or Name of Business:
(Should be the same name the Alarm Company uses for dispatch)
List YOURSELF or current OCCUPANT, and at least 2 emergency contacts, which will respond to an alarm activation to assist the Police in
determining the cause of the alarm, secure the premises, or reset the alarm system. (If you are out of town when your alarm malfunctions, who
could be called?) Please do not duplicate telephone numbers.
Night Phone
Day Phone
Cell Phone
Night Phone
Day Phone
Cell Phone
Night Phone
Day Phone
Cell Phone
(If billing invoices need to be mailed to a different address, provide the following information)
Attention Name for billing:
Phone #
Monitoring Company (if applicable):
Zip Code
Fax #
Phone #
Installing Alarm Company:
Date installed:
Phone #
Was a set of Alarm System operating instructions & false alarm prevention guidelines provided to you?
Were you trained in the proper use of this Alarm System?
Special Premises Information (Dogs, weapons, hazardous materials present, etc.)
An alarm permit shall not be transferable in name, ownership, or location. Permit holder must inform the Police Alarm Administrator of any changes of
information listed on the alarm permit application within fifteen (15) business days. Information contained in this application shall be confidential and
restricted for use only by authorized Town representatives. I certify that all statements are true to the best of my knowledge.
Authorized Signature
Print Name/Title
Please mail or drop-off this application and $50.00 alarm permit fee (make checks payable to the TOWN OF LOS GATOS) to:
Los Gatos/Monte Sereno P o l i c e D e p a r t m e n t • A t t n – Alarm Administrator • 1 1 0 E M a i n S t . • Los Gatos , C A 9 5 0 30
If you decide to drop off the application at the main Police Department, you can pay the one-time fee with a check, cash, or card.
After you receive your permit sticker, it must be affixed on or directly adjacent to the main entrance of your alarmed premises.
F o r
Permit #
Suspended: _
Date Issued:
O f f i c i a l
U s e
Amount Paid:
Cancel Permit:
O n l y
Check #
Alarm registration is required in the TOWN OF LOS GATOS for commercial alarm systems previously installed, new installations, or if you
take over control of an existing alarm that was previously controlled by another Alarm User. This includes systems that are monitored by an
alarm company as well as those that are not.
The purpose of alarm registration with the LOS GATOS/MONTE SERENO POLICE DEPARTMENT is to ensure accurate, up-to-date
information that facilitates Police responding to your alarmed location. This is separate from the information you may have already provided to
your alarm monitoring company. It also enables the Police Department to contact responsible parties or alarm repair personnel in an emergency.
Alarm systems that use an automatic dialer- Los Gatos/Monte Sereno Police Communications does not maintain a working phone number that
accepts pre-recorded messages that report an emergency from your alarm system. Please re-program your system to contact a neighbor, family
member or monitoring company.
Every audible alarm must have a timing device, which automatically shuts off the bell or siren within 10 minutes after activation.
The one-time Alarm Permit Application fee of $50.00 per commercial alarm site is determined by Resolution of the Town Council. Your alarm permit
will remain valid unless revoked. An Alarm Permit is not transferable to another individual, business, association or similar entity. Notify the Police
Alarm Administrator of any changes to your application information within 15 days. Updates are made at no charge.
It is unlawful for any person to activate an alarm system for the purpose of summoning the police except when it is reasonably believed that an attempt is
being made to commit a robbery, burglary or other serious crime.
The following sections refer to Los Gatos Town Code 14.50:
Section 14.50.085. Investigation: One (1) of the law enforcement officers responding to each alarm shall attempt to ascertain by investigation whether
such alarm was a false alarm. If the investigation indicates to the investigating officer that the alarm was a false alarm, the officer shall forward a report
of this investigation to the Chief of Police of designee setting forth the findings.
Section 14.50.225. Service Charge: There is hereby imposed a service charge upon every owner who reports, causes to be, or permits to be reported two
(2) or more false alarms within a six-month period within a calendar year. Such service charge shall be set by the Town Council by resolution. A separate
charge shall be imposed for each false alarm beyond two (2) within a six-month period within a calendar year.
Section 14.050.240 Alarm Permit Process:
(a) Permits. No commercial building owner or operator shall operate or cause to be operated any alarm system within the Town of Los Gatos
without a permit. Alarm system permits are not transferable.
(b) Exemptions. The provisions of this chapter are not applicable to residential alarms, motor vehicles or facilities of the Town of Los Gatos.
(c) Obtaining alarm system permits and renewal. Application for an alarm system permit and renewal required under this chapter shall be made
by the Chief of Police on forms provided by the Police Department, along with the payment of an alarm system permit fee. Permit fees are
collected at the time of application and will not be pro-rated. The alarm system permit must be renewed annually by the last business day in
December for the next calendar year. Such permit and renewal fees shall be established by Council Resolution.
(d) Contents of the form. The completed form for an alarm system permit or renewal form shall state the name, address and telephone number
of the applicant, the address and telephone number of the applicant’s property serviced by any alarm system, as well as the name and address
of at least three responsible parties who can render service to the alarm system at any hour of the day or night and such other information as
the Chief of Police may deem appropriate.
(e) Permit display at alarm site. Alarm system permits issued pursuant to this chapter shall be kept at the alarm site. No person shall use an
alarm system in the Town of Los Gatos without posting the alarm system permit in a visible location or be able to be produced to any Town
official upon request.
(f) Penalty. If the Police Department responds to an alarm at any business operating in the Town of Los Gatos without a permit pursuant to
Section 14.050.240 (a) such business shall be charged double the annual permit fee. This fee is payable within 30 days to the Town of Los
Gatos. If the alarm additionally was determined to be false, the business shall also incur one false alarm violation pursuant to Section
(g) Any alarm business registered with the Police Department shall immediately report in writing to the Police Chief any change in address or
ownership of the business, name of the business, address of the manager of operations or responsible party list.
POLICE ALARM SYSTEM – Any mechanical or electrical device which is designated or used for the detection or warning of unauthorized entry into
a building, structure, or facility, or both, and which emits a sound or transmits a signal or message when activated. Police alarm systems include but are
not limited to direct-dial telephone devices, audible alarms, and proprietor alarms. Devices which are not designated or used to register alarms
perceptible from outside of the protected building, structure, or facility are excluded from this definition, as are auxiliary devices installed to protect the
telephone system from damage or disruption by the use of an alarm system.
FALSE ALARM – Activation of a police alarm system, to which personnel of the Police Department respond, in circumstances where no Police
emergency exists; provided, that such activation shall not be deemed a false alarm in the owner thereof establishes, by a preponderance of evidence, that
the alarm was activated by matters entirely beyond the owner’s control, including but not limited to acts of God or utility failures.
Alarm Users will be allowed to incur one false alarm at no charge. Each subsequent false alarm dispatch request will be assessed at
the following rate during a 6-month period:
2nd False Alarm: $59.00
3rd False Alarm: $128.00
4th False Alarm: $259.00
5th False Alarm: $388.00
6th False Alarm: $688.00
7th False Alarm: $988.00
Any subsequent alarms will be billed at $300 increments from the 7th false alarm rate.
NO RESPONSE S T A T U S – After the Police Department has recorded more than five (5) false alarms within the calendar year, and after the responsible
party of the location has been notified by first class mail that false alarms have occurred, the Chief of Police may authorize that the site be placed on a “no
response status.” The effective date of any no response status shall be twenty (20) days from the date of the notification, subject to an appeal filed pursuant to
section 14.50.100. Once established, a no response status shall remain in effect until the Chief of Police is satisfied that adequate measures have been taken to
eliminate the occurrence of false alarms, in which event the no response status shall be provisionally stayed for a maximum period of twelve (12) months. The
occurrence of any additional false alarms during that provisional stay shall result in an immediate and non-appealable reinstatement of the no response status.
When completed, without additional false alarms, the provisional stay shall terminate. A responsible party whose alarm system has been placed on no
response status may appeal that decision as prescribed in section 14.50.100.
CONFIDENTIALITY – Confidential information contained in alarm permit application shall be held in confidence by all employees or representatives
of the Town with access to such information, unless subject to disclosure pursuant to California Government Code § 6250, et seq.
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