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Utility Hatch
Utility Hatch
The sliding roof can be fully closed or opened in tilted, partly slide open or fully slide open position.
Rotating the release bar unlocks the tilting and sliding mechanism of the roof (I), see Fig. 1.
By pulling the release bar, the roof can be moved (II).
After moving the roof into the desired position, rotate the release bar as far as possible, to lock the roof in the new position
• Take care not to hold any body parts, animals etc. through the roof opening when closing the roof!
• Always keep the release bar in locked position, unless you want to open or close the roof.
With the release bar unlocked, the roof can be opened from outside (burglary!) and can open or close
unintentionally. This can cause injuries or leakage!
• Do not stand or walk on the roof!
• Do not use the sliding roof as escape hatch!
Make sure that another hatch is accessible for emergencies.
Fig. 1
It is necessary to clean the sliding roof regularly.
It is advisable to wash the roof with lukewarm water with a professional marine or automotive cleaning product.
Then rinse with clean water.
Apply a thin layer of grease (Isoflex® Topas L32) to the inside of the rear rails (A) and tracks (B) to ensure smooth sliding.
See Fig. 1 and Fig. 2.
Note: rear rails only at side of sliding mechanism.
Never use:
• Alkaline products containing sodium solutions;
• Acid products like muriatic or those containing phosphor;
• Steel wool, abrasives or sandpaper;
• Cleaning products for glass containing alkaline, which can corrode aluminium.
You are advised not to open the sliding roof if there is moisture on the panel.
Utility Hatch
Fig. 2
• Poor opening/tilting of the roof:
Clean the seal with a mild detergent and open/close the roof again.
• Poor sliding of the roof:
Clean the inside of the rear rails (A) and tracks (B)
and apply grease to the inside of the rear rails (A) and tracks (B).
See Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 and paragraph "MAINTENANCE".
If the roof still does not move smoothly, please contact the supplier of the boat or vehicle for maintenance/repair.
Webasto guarantees the quality and correct operation of this sliding roof. The limited warranty covers both parts and labour
and is valid for 3 years after date of first delivery of the boat or vehicle.
The warranty applies only when the sliding roof has been installed by a Webasto authorized shipyard or installer and in
accordance with Webasto installation instructions.
Defects and malfunction caused by incorrect handling, misuse, lack of reasonable and necessary maintenance, accident and
broken panel are not covered by this warranty.
The warranty is only valid when proof of purchase can be submitted.
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