ENGLISH Touch DIM Application hints for

ENGLISH Touch DIM Application hints for
Application hints for
OSRAM Touch DIM function
With Touch Dim, OSRAM DALI ECG can be used as convenient dimmers with a memory function by connection of a normal
push button. Touch Dim is no part of the DALI standard but an additional function offered by OSRAM DALI control gears:
Electronic Control Gear for fluorescent lamps: QTi DALI … DIM
Low voltage halogen transformer: HTi DALI 150/220-240 DIM
LED dimmer: OTi DALI DIM
Important !!!
DALI and Touch DIM must never be used at the same time! In other words, control is achieved either with DALI controller or
with the Touch DIM function.
Wiring instructions and compensation:
Up to 4 ECGs can be controlled via Push Button Usage. The number of Push Buttons is limited by the sum of the
overall cable length between switch(es) and the connected ECGs which may not exceed 25m.
Switches with glow lamp must not be used. For a cable length of more than 25 m, compensation must be provided for the line
capacitance by connecting a transformer with the following features: primary side 230 V / secondary side 12 V, required power
of transformer: 25 mW per connected ECG (e.g. 100 mW for 4 ECG, 250 mW for 10 ECG a.s.o.) .
Installation cable
Installation cable
12 V transformer
min. power: 25 mW x number of ECG
12 V transformer
min. power: 25 mW x number of ECG
Option A: Transformer located close to the ECG
(e.g. inside the luminaire)
Option B:
Transformer located close to the push
button (e.g. inside a recessed flush-device box)
Touch DIM operation
• Switching the lamp on/off: short press (< 0,5 s)
• Dimming: Long press (> 0,5 s), the dimming direction is changed with each press
• Store reference value: double-click (press twice within 0,4 s) while lamp is on  switch to mode 2 (see operating modes)
• Delete reference value: double-click while lamp status is “off”  switch to mode 1 (see operating modes)
Long press while lamp status off: the lamp is switched on at the minimum dimmer setting and faded up until the switch is
Operating modes with Touch DIM
OSRAM QTi DALI ... DIM offer two operating modes for Touch DIM. They differ in terms of their switch-on behaviour.
Mode 1*:
The switch-on value is always the last dimmer value before the lighting was switched off.
Mode 2: (default mode)
The switch-on value is the value stored by double clicking.
* Mode 1 is based on the Touch DIM function of the earlier QT DALI ... DIM series but is not 100 % compatible. After a break
in the power supply the last switching state (on/off) and the last dimmer setting are restored for QTi DALI ... DIM (old series:
100 % light or off). The dimming rate of the QTi series is also a little slower, which enables the dimmer value to be set with
greater precision. Therefore please do not mix QT DALi and QTi DALI ECG in lumniaires controlled by the same switch.
Switching between modes 1 and 2:
Mode 1 is activated by double-clicking while the the lamp is switched off. You can switch to mode 2 by double-clicking wihle
the lamp is switched on.
Synchronisation of Touch DIM
If a large number of DALI ECG with Touch DIM is operated in a system there is a chance that an ECG will operate out of
synchronism with the others (= different dimming level setting or different switching state).
Synchronism can be restored as follows:
Step: Long press of the switch (> 0,5 s)
Step: Short press of the switch (< 0,5 s)
Step: Long press of the switch (> 0,5 s)
Step: Double-click (2x within 0,4 s)
all the lamps are switched on
all the lamps are switched off
all the lamps are switched on at minimum dimmer
setting and fade up
store value (OPTIONAL)
After these three steps – long-short-long – all the ECGs will be back in synchronism.
Touch DIM is designed for manual control; it is not suitable for a connection to an automation.
Filtering out mains disturbances
Serious mains disturbances (caused for example by electrical motors) may result in incorrect operation of the ECGs. This can
be remedied by the Touch DIM filter module (available on request), which is connected between the mains and the DALI
inputs of the ECGs.
Behaviour after mains voltage interruptions
If the luminaire is disconnected from the power supply the ECG stores all the set values. If the light value was changed before
the luminaire was switched off (override dimming) this override value is restored. In other words, the last state is restored
precisely after a break in the power supply.
The reference value that has been stored by double clicking is retained in the ECG even after a break in the power supply and
can be called up again, if requiredf.
If the luminaire was off when the break in the power supply occurred it remains off when power returns.
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