Computer requirements...
The computer requirements to run this software and to program the AFP Fire Panel are an IBM compatible PC with:
■ A processor speed of 90 MHz or better.
■ A 1.44 MB Floppy drive.
■ MS Windows 95, 98 or 2000 installed.
■ A 9-way serial port (com 1, com 2, etc). If PC has a 25-way connector, use a 25-way to 9-way adaptor (not supplied).
■ At least 2 MB of free hard disk space.
Before arriving on site...
It is our recommendation that you follow the next procedure before arriving on-site:Install the software onto the computer as follows:1) Insert disk into Floppy drive
2) Click on Start and then Run
3) Click on Browse & select Floppy drive
4) Click on Setup.exe & click on Open
5) Follow Setup prompts
6) Click on Finish to exit Setup
7) Click on Start, Click on Programs
8) Go to C-TEC AFP & Click on AFP Programmer 3 - the program should run.
9) Familiarize yourself with the program, remembering to use the Help file for guidance. To invoke the Help file
press F1 on your keyboard.
To program the AFP on-site...
It is assumed that the fire panel has been previously switched on, has been fully tested and that a successful loop learn has
been executed. It is pointless continuing if there are wiring faults or the fire panel is not functioning correctly.
The next procedure has to be conducted with the fire panel open and with the mains on, extreme care must always
be taken. This operation must only ever be conducted by suitably qualified and trained personnel. The Fire Panel
must never be left unattended whilst open. When this operation has been completed, the panel cover must always
be re-secured.
Connect the Programming Lead to the RS232 connector in the Fire Panel first. Then connect the D-type connector into an
available serial port on the computer.
RS232 connector
Plug the D-type connector
into the appropriate serial
connector (com1, com2,
etc) on the computer
Plug the 4 way connector into
the RS232 connector on the
main board in the Fire Panel.
Note: This is a polarised
Once the computer has been correctly connected, run the AFP Programmer 3 program. It may be necessary for you to set
the correct com port. Click on Settings and then click on Select Serial Port. Click on the name of the com port you have
connected to and click Accept. If the port is unavailable, an error message will appear. Once the serial port has been set,
you should never have to change the settings again.
To communicate with the AFP Fire Panel, select “CONNECT TO PC” when the Fire Panel is in Access Level 3 (if you are
unsure how to do this, refer to the AFP Installation Instructions for further details).
Click on the appropriate command to load data into or send data from the Programming Tools..
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