Timer Instructions

Timer Instructions
FORM: D5603
Heavy Duty Timer Instructions
1. To set the present time, turn the
round dial clockwise until the Present
Time Arrow in the center of the timer
points to the present time.
2. To set the timer, make sure the Present
Time Arrow is pointing to the correct time.
Push the black segments downward to turn
the timer ON during that time period. Each
segment represents 15 minutes. (Ex. – To
turn the timer on for 1 hour, you would
push down 4 black segments next to each
3. When you have pushed down all of the black
segments for the period of time you want the
timer to be ON, slide the red Manual On Switch
down to the T (timer) position. Plug the timer into
an outlet, and then plug the device you want to
control into the outlet on the front of the timer.
You can automate more than one appliance if a
multi-outlet device is plugged into the timer. All
appliances should have a total rating of less than
1725 watts. Push the Manual On Switch up to
activate the manual ON position. The Power
Indicator Light lights up when power is being
supplied to appliance(s) plugged into the timer.
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