Vision and Values

Vision and Values
We will:
 Deliver outstanding support and opportunities to our students;
 Be passionate in promoting student engagement, satisfaction and success;
 Champion the student experience in our University;
 Work together as a staff group to provide a fulfilling and rewarding working
 Be an exemplar of best practice for the sector.
We are passionate about supporting our students to fulfill their potential and
committed to providing students with the tools and experiences they will need to
be successful beyond their time at our university. We take an holistic approach to
our work, working collaboratively to develop knowledge, share best practice and
support each other. We are proactive and strive for excellence, being committed
to innovation and evolution, taking approaches which are most suited to the needs
of our students from wherever we can find ideas and inspiration and which fit the
resources we can access. We take pride in our contribution to the student
experience and in playing our part to ensure the success of our Corporate Plan.
We will:
 Continue to evolve and develop our services in response to student needs,
feedback and outcomes;
 Develop our capacity to ‘deliver the student experience’ in the areas that we
are responsible for;
 Further develop our understanding of, and delivery to, different types of
student groups and/or cohorts;
 Become faster and more adept at identifying and implementing changes or
innovations needed to respond to the changing external and internal
 Improve our ability to prioritise allocation of time, staffing and other
resources to fit changing operational and strategic needs;
 Continue to develop a working culture of distributed leadership and
ownership across Student Services staff;
 Continue to prize staff satisfaction as much as student satisfaction.
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