Float and Thermostatic 125-A2/125-A3/125

Float and Thermostatic 125-A2/125-A3/125
Float and Thermostatic 125-A2/125-A3/125-A4 Steam Trap
Category: Steam Trap
Type: Float and Thermostatic
Model: 125-A2/125-A3/125-A4
The trap shall be of the mechanical ball float type, fabricated from cast iron to ASTM A48 Cl. 30,
with threaded pipe connections. The float, lever and valve assemblies shall be of stainless
steel. The trap shall incorporate a balanced pressure thermostatic air vent with a phosphor
bronze bellows caged in stainless steel. The trap body shall be furnished with a plugged bottom
drain connection and a tapped top port for the addition of an integral vacuum breaker. The trap
shall be completely serviceable without disturbing the piping. The trap shall be an Armstrong
Series “A”.
Armstrong International, Inc., 816 Maple Street, Three Rivers, MI 49093 – USA Phone: (269) 273-1415 Fax: (269) 278-6555
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