the Vaillant Twitter guide

the Vaillant Twitter guide
 Why Twitter and how can it
help your business?
There are over 288 million active users on Twitter and
500 million tweets are sent every day®*. Therefore, it's
a great way to reach current and prospective
customers and tell them about your business. In this
digital age, it is important to have a social media
presence as consumers increasingly choose to
communicate with brands through these channels
rather than traditional media.
Vaillant credits earned through Twitter can also be
redeemed against a variety of rewards to boost
your business - whether it's advertising templates, Find out more Call us on
van wraps or marketing literature. Using Vaillant 0330 123 1127
branded merchandise reassures your customers
that you are accredited by a market leader in heating в
and renewables. or visit
*Twitter internal data, 2014
Y @vaillantuk
How you will be rewarded r
vaillantuk я :
Tweets which meet the criteria mentioned are Tw Ian a e 9 | e e
applicable for credits. These can be spent on any o vaillantuk
item in the Vaillant vCORE online shop including tools,
stationery, work wear and more, Credits are earned
as follows:
Y Com pleting Twitter information handle - 10 credits
Y First tweet about signing up to Advance,
must use the #Advance - 50 credits
subsequent tweets about Vaillant must use
the #Advance - 20 credits
Re-tweet of a Vaillant tweet using the
#Advance - 20 credits
Getting to grips with Twitter
Content ideas
This guide is designed to help you embrace
Twitter, learn how to set up an account, ideas
for content and how you can engage with us
to earn extra credits on your Advance loyalty
scheme. Our aim is to help you enhance your
professional reputation, grow your business
and capitalise on the latest trends.
Getting started - how to set up
a Twitter account, how to tweet,
how to retweet.
Before you can do anything on Twitter, vou need fo set
up an account. This identifies you and your business
and allows you to interact with other users, The process
Is very straightforward:
Go to
Enter your name, email address, and a secure
Choose a username of up to 15 characters
e.g. @JoeBloggsGas
If your desired username is available, double check
your details then click Sign up for Twitter.
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Finally, Twitter will send you a verification
email and/or text message. Click the link to
complete registration.
To see other users’ posts you need to be following
them. Simply enter their username in the Search
Twitter box, go to their profile, then click the Follow
button. Try following @valllantuk to get started.
Find out more call us at 0330 123 1127 or visit
@ Tweets
Public posts on Twitter are called tweets. They are
limited to 140 characters but can include links, images
and videos. To send a tweet to all followers, click the
Tweet button in the top right navigation bar. Enter your
message then click Tweet again to publish it. If you
want to direct your tweet to a particular user, make
sure to include their @username to mention them.
You can also retweet another user's post to share it
with your own followers. Anything you find interesting,
funny or informative can be retweeted. To do this,
find the post you want to share and click the retweet
symbol. Choose whether to add your own comment to
the post (optional) and then click Retweet to publish.
LL Hashtags
Hashtags are words or phrases prefixed with the #
symbol. They are used to categorise posts based on
topic and help users find content they are interested
in. As an example, Vaillant uses # Advance for all posts
relating to the Advance installer loyalty scheme.
Best practice recommends that you avoid using more
than two hashtags per post. Make sure to keep them
relevant - think about popular terms that people might
search for around that topic.
Under the new Advance scheme you can earn credits
by exhibiting positive behaviours on Twitter. Here are
some content ideas to get you started:
Y Uploading pictures of:
- Vaillant product installations
- Best practice e.g. installing a filter
- Van wraps and other branding
Retweeting a Vaillant tweet which uses #Advance
Telling us how you've spent your credits
Sharing positive feedback from customers
y Anything else you think we might like to see!
Note: to be eligible for credits, tweets must be directed
fo @valllantuk and use #Advance. We will only award
credits once per tweet.
Fi в
Following individuals and organisations means
you can easily keep up-to-date on the latest
news as well as populate your own Twitter feed.
50 here's a list of suggestions of who to follow:
@valllantuk Ecibsejournal
@deccukgov @easymcsitd
@Greenworks UK @Leamingtonsbc
@Enerqgybilirev @Uk_greendeal
@greendealops @gassaferegister
M @vaillantuk f vaillantuk
: ~~ —
5 vaillantuk
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