Assembly guide

Assembly guide
Assembly Guide for 8 Push Button Panel
The push button panel lets users interact with a microcontroller by accepting digital inputs. All
component locations are clearly marked with white decals.
Start by installing 8 buttons onto markings S1 through S8. The buttons have little feet that serve as a
structural connection to the PCB, as well as electrical connections. The buttons can be installed in any
orientation, since they will not fit on the PCB in a way that will not work. The buttons should cover up
the button decals. Solder the buttons in place. Also, break the male pin headers into an 8x1 piece and a
5x1 piece and solder them into place. The pins can be installed on the top or bottom. If you install them
on the bottom you can bend the pins 90 degrees so they can be accessed without having to turn the
board over.
To complete the kit, install 8 diodes onto markings D1 through D8. Diodes are a polar component,
meaning there is a correct and incorrect way to install them. The diodes are installed correctly if the
black band on the diode (which represents the negative terminal on the diode) is lined up with the white
band on the diode decal (which again represents the negative terminal).
Pull the diodes tight to the board before soldering. This should complete the board.
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