Opportunity for Innovative Wastewater System Design

Opportunity for Innovative Wastewater System Design
Opportunity for Innovative Wastewater System Design
Belfair Urban Growth Area – Mason County, WA
Mason County is seeking proposals from wastewater system engineering organizations to
prepare plans, specifications and estimates for a wastewater treatment and collection
system to serve the Belfair Urban Growth Area (UGA) in northeast Mason County.
Since there is no sewer system in the Belfair UGA, this is an opportunity to design and
offer assistance during construction of an integrated, highly efficient system. The initial
sewer service area will serve a population of about 600. Growth and system expansion
may triple the served population by 2015.
A Facilities Plan has been prepared and approved by the Washington Department of
Ecology and a Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement has been issued.
The collection system will include grinder pump and gravity sewers with a pump station
in its initial phase. Treatment will use membrane bioreactor technology and ultraviolet
disinfection to produce Class A reclaimed water that will initially be used for upland
forest irrigation and for other reclaimed water uses as they develop.
Based on estimates developed in the Facilities Plan, sufficient funds are available,
primarily through various State of Washington grant and loan programs, to pay for design
and construction. Mason County Commissioners consider it urgent to use the available
funding promptly and effectively to significantly reduce or eliminate the impacts of
Belfair’s septic systems on Hood Canal and allow regional growth pressures to be
managed in the designated UGA. This is a vanguard project for Mason County and will
be closely watched by state, federal and tribal governments.
Mason County will receive proposals until 4:00 p.m. Thursday, July 12th. The proposals
will first be rank ordered by a technically-oriented screening committee based on
qualifications and approach. The 2 to 4 highest ranked organizations will be interviewed
on or about July 26th and ranked again. Negotiations will be conducted, beginning with
the highest ranked firm, until a contract is approved by the Mason County Board of
Commissioners. A “notice to proceed” is expected before the end of August.
Mason County is very interested in innovative approaches to the design work that would
enable construction of elements of the system as soon as possible. The County is also
interested in facilities designed for sustainability and rock solid operational reliability that
can be easily and economically upgraded and modernized. Mason County expects
proposing organizations to demonstrate both organizational and personnel experience
designing membrane bioreactor facilities and modern collection systems. The designer
will also be responsible for site-specific environmental documentation, permitting and
assistance with land acquisition.
Proposals will be very limited in size and must be prepared according to directions. A
complete “proposal direction package” is available by contacting Ms. Kerry Worf, 360-
427-9670 ext. 207, [email protected] weekdays between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. or
by writing to Kerry Worf, Mason County Utilities, 410 North 4th Street, Shelton, WA
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