Rams turn Cahokia

Rams turn Cahokia
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‘Rams, behind a Hawkins
driving layup, took the lead.
!They never trailed in over-
{time but had to hold off a
dalented Comanches team
¡that tied the game twice.
i Darius Austin tied the
¡seconds left on a layup sec-
'onds after Flota missed a
:short shot on the other end.
¡Austin consistently con-
(trolled the paint area and
ended the game at the top
‘scorer with 21 points.
` with 44 seconds left.
tgame at 46-46 with 2:20 ©
¿seconds to tick off the clock;
“and Cahokia fouled Flotá
while trying to force a
“turnover. The senior stepped
“to the foul line and hit both
“Jake Pike put the Rams
back on top when he mus-
cled up a shot and convert-
ed a three-point play.
‘Braden Fitzjerrells put the
- Rams up 51-46 after a pair
of free throws with 1:36 left.
Cahokia clawed away at the
Rams lead and tied the game
again at 54 after Austin con-
verted a three-point play
- The Rams allowed thé
‘shôts. Cahokia rushed the
ball up the court, and Minor
\ 2/15
tried to knockin a baseline | field with 18 points for Ca-
jumper that rimr ni ned ¢ out. Ca + hokia.
hokia managed: to stop: the » The Rams and Сани:
clock with 3.5 seconds left es were tied at halftime, but
and send Fitzjerrells to | 3 Cahokia used a huge run to
line with a Гош! Те fresh: © open the third quarter. Ca-
man sealed the game with a hokia scored the opening 11
pair of free throws. ‘À points to take a 34-23 edge.
“To win in this atmos-:: Mt. Vernon is 5-3 overall
phere with how good they this season and 2-1 in the
are, that’s nice № us,” Gani: | N South Seven Conference.
| ber said. uE i The defeat drops Cahokia to
7 Keenan Minor. finished * 8-1 overall and 3-1 in con-
the game five of 16 from the ference play. |
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