Library Media

Library Media
Discipline Area
(main focus of the discipline
(5-7 overarching goals)
(include approximate
duration in weeks)
Concepts & Skills: 10-15
major content learnings.
Measurable statements of
what the students should
know & understand
(Declarative Knowledge)
and be able to do
(Procedural Knowledge)
(key resources)
Elementary School
Library Media Program
To provide structured, supervised learning experiences that includes
selection of materials for pleasure and leisure as well as information.
Students will:
• Access information efficiently and effectively
• Evaluate information critically and competently
• Use information accurately and creatively
• Pursue information related to personal interests
• Appreciate literature and other creative expression of information
• Practice ethical behavior in regard to information and information
• Participate effectively in groups to pursue and generate information
1. Introduction to New Books
2. Introduction to English Collection
3. Introduction to Spanish Collection
4. Introduction to informational books
5. Choosing “Just Right” books
6. Locating books about animals
7. Authors and Illustrators
8. Poetry Unit – Nursery Rhymes
9. Support classroom learning with holiday books
• Ask the Librarian for help
• Locate the circulation desk, story area and “everybody books”
• Choose appropriate books with support
• Express connections to information
• Choose to read
• Listen and participates in story-time
• Know what an author and illustrator do
• Care for books
• Check out and returns library materials
• Share ideas with others
• Cooperate with peers
English Collection
Spanish Collection
Princess Books
Dinosaur Books
Holiday Books
Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning
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