Keeping Cool party (skit)

Keeping Cool party (skit)
AVB Lesson 5
Edmunds Wild Jacket
Both genders
Party Time
Whenever you go over to your friends house after school his/her parents are never
home and he/she want to drink beer. I don’t want to say “no” because then I might
lose a friend and/or the kids will spread rumors about me. My parents have told me
that if they catch me drinking at this age I will be grounded for life. I am not really
into drinking and want to wait till I am much older.
One day you finally decide to go over there and of course beer is offered. You say
“no” but in a few minutes more kids arrive and the beer is being handed around
freely. You still say “no” but everyone is starting to call you names and really
pressure you. You want the kids to respect your wishes but everyone seems to be
having a good time.
One of the kids who you thought was your friend is really getting in your face and
you are trying to ignore them but he/she is getting really buzzed and won’t leave
you alone. You finally decide to just take a beer and hold it in your hand so everyone
will just leave you alone. Just as you take a beer and look like you are going to drink
it who should walk in but your friend’s parents! Now you are caught!
What do you do now?
What are the possible consequences of not drinking or of drinking?
What would be the responsible thing to do?
After you discuss the possible outcomes as a class or small group, you can evaluate
the outcome.
What happened? What did you learn?
Were you proud of your choice?
Would you make the same choice again?
Nadine Price-Schruefer
Wendler Middle School
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