Task Force Tips VUM, model # AKE132483D electrically controlled monitor valve shall be
provided under the monitor. The valve shall be controlled by a remote panel-mounted pushbutton switch with LED lights to indicate valve position and shall be included. The valve can
also be controlled with an NFPA compliant slow-close knob which can be configured for left or
right hand operation on the valve. A position indicator shall be provided on the valve to allow for
quick visualization of the status of the valve in the open, closed or partial positions. The unit
shall have a flow capability of up to 2000 GPM with friction loss no more than 6 psi. For
maximum corrosion protection the aluminum casting shall be hardcoat anodized, with a silver
powder coat internal and external finish. The valve ball shall be stainless steel and have an
automatic drain for draining waterway when valve is closed and unpressurized. The unit shall
have a unique serial number and be covered by a five-year warranty.
The valve shall be configured with a 4" ANSI 150 flange inlet and 4” ANSI 150 flange outlet.
Port C1 shall have left hand quarter turn elbow ball valve with 2-1/2” NH male outlet installed.
Port C2 shall have a straight quarter turn ball valve with 2-1/2” NH male outlet installed. Port C3
shall have an automatic drain valve installed. Port C4 shall have a right hand elbow ball valve
with 2-1/2” NH male outlet installed. All 2-1/2” outlets shall have a 2-1/2” NH female by 1-1/2”
NH male reducing adapter and a 1-1/2” NH female cap with lanyard.
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