Bluetooth Cell Phone Interface Instructions

Bluetooth Cell Phone Interface Instructions
Bluetooth Cell Phone Interface • FGD-0230
Installation Instructions v1.1
The XLink allows your Sensaphone to dial and receive calls using any cell phone with Bluetooth technology.
Wiring Instructions
1. Connect the power supply from the XLink to an outlet.
2. Connect the telephone cord into the XLink and Sensaphone.
1. Hold down a line button until it starts blinking.
2. Enable Bluetooth on your phone, or search for Bluetooth. When searching for Bluetooth devices, select ‘Handsfree’
option if available.
3. Select XLink Gateway.
4. Enter the PIN code 0000 when prompted.
5. LED on XLink will light up steady when connected.
Power Failure
Please note that while Sensaphone products have built–in provisions for operating on battery during a power failure, this
Bluetooth Cellular interface does not. This means that during a power failure the Sensaphone will not be able to communicate and make its phone calls. The recommended solution for this is to power your Bluetooth Cellular interface
with a small uninterrupted (battery backup) system. These are available from your local electronics store. Please contact
Sensaphone tech support if you have any further questions on this.
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