NO:AP1101-2 V.1
Release Note for Vigor2960
Firmware Version:
Release Date: July 17, 2015
Applied Models:
Vigor2960, Vigor2960F
Vigor2960, a firewall broadband router with dual-WAN interface, can connect to
xDSL/cable/VDSL2/Ethernet FTTx. The dual-WAN and 4-port gigabit LAN switch facilitates
unified communication applications in business CO/remote site to handle large data from
subscribed fatter pipe. The state-of-art routing feature, VPN security, and Dual-WAN provide
integrated benefits for professional users and small offices.
Due to the firmware size limitation, for devices using firmware version 1.0.5 or earlier, it is
suggested to upgrade to firmware version first before upgrading to version 1.0.9 or
New Features
Corrected: Fixed the problem of PPTP remote dial in throughput drop.
Corrected: Port Redirection might not work after upgraded the firmware from 1.0.9.
Corrected: PPTP dial-in user failed to access WAN IP alias (NAT loopback).
Corrected: IPv6 could not get public IP via DHCP IA PD.
Corrected: LAN to LAN for SSL VPN would not re-connect automatically after VPN
Corrected: Incorrect remote IP address displayed for SSL VPN in connection history.
Corrected: SNMP deamon did not work.
Corrected: Policy route might not work if not through NAT.
Corrected: TR-069 might not work for some configuration.
Improved: Change profile number for Policy Route to 120, and for Static Route to 200.
Known Issue
You need to disable "Force IPsec with L2TP" options for pure L2TP tunnel in VPN and
Remote Access >> PPP General Setup.
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