Amano Introduces Central Management Access Control

Amano Introduces Central Management Access Control
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Amano Introduces
Central Management Access
Control Software for Nexus Lite
ROSELAND, NEW JERSEY – July 19, 2011 – Amano Time Business Unit, a division of Amano
Cincinnati, Inc. today announced the release of its access control software. The Nexus Lite Management
(NLM) software was designed to provide advanced access control features. This management software
facilitates the setup of one or multiple Amano Nexus Lite Controllers through a central location. The
NLM accommodates the Touch-screen for graphical user interface (GUI) and Web Interface (Ethernet)
NLM manages up to 100 employees with the ability to upgrade to unlimited capacity. Assign employees
to selected terminals, generate activity reports, import access groups directly from Nexus Lite to the
management software and distributes to other Nexus Lite Controllers. Additional users and employees
are available for purchase. Pricing and part numbers are the same as Time Guardian Suite.
The NLM enables integration with Amano’s Time Guardian Series. Time Guardian®, Time Guardian®
Plus and Time Guardian® Pro now has the capability of bi-directional sharing of employee data and other
configuration setup. The Time Guardian Series supports the control of one Nexus Lite Controller as part
of the package. For support of additional controllers, the access control module is available (TGNACCESS). Using a shared database, the integrated software facilitates the data exchanged between time
& attendance and Nexus Lite. Therefore, delivering integrated workforce management, increase
operational efficiency and reduction on administrative expenses for managing individual systems.
Key Benefits include:
Central Access Control Management for multiple Nexus Lite Controllers
Unlimited number of Nexus Lite Controls
100 employee capacity (upgradeable)
Custom setup for 3 tags per employee
Create up to 8 schedules per Access Group
Restricted access for doors/times using Access Groups
Two access options: Tag or PIN number using Nexus Lite terminal
Set PIN number and access level for employees
Broadcasts transactions (door access) via User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
Sends and receives employee data directly to/from Nexus Lite (employees, access groups and tags)
Amano Cincinnati, Inc., a subsidiary of Amano USA Holdings, Inc. and a world-class manufacturer with
more than 100 years of experience in Time & Attendance Solutions manufactures and distributes an array
of time recorders, biometrics and time & attendance tracking systems.
For more information about our innovative Time products, please contact us at
800-526-2559 or visit us a .
Amano USA Holdings, Inc. (AUH) is a subsidiary of Amano Corporation of Japan, a world leader in
Time Recording, Access Control, Automated Parking and Cleaning Systems with annual revenues in
excess of $700 million.
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