Appendix B: Strategic Plan for Technology Planning Committee

Appendix B: Strategic Plan for Technology Planning Committee
== School Board of Broward County
Ww Strategic Plan for Technology 2007-2010
Appendix B:
Strategic Plan for Technology
Planning Committee
Bob Boegli
Barbara Barrs
Dr. Joel Levine
John Perez
Linda Ferrara
TAC Members
Chuck Stanley
Angela Coluzzi
ETS Department
Dr. Phyllis Schiffer-Simon
Christopher McGuire
Dr. Jeanine Gendron
BECON Department
Instructional Technology
Maria Radinson
Donnie Carter Operations
Melissa Grimm BRITE
Bette Zippin | HRD |
Mark Strauss, Virginia Shuman Young Elementary Ш Principal
James Griffin, North Fork Elementary
Assistant Principal
Gladys Allen, Atlantic Technical Center
Guldance Counselor
Scott Gurdak, Bethune Elementary
Media Specialist
Dewanda Miller, Monarch High School
Data Processing Clerk
John Frosbutter, Ft. Lauderdale High School
Micro-Computer Tech
Sharon Airaghi, North Area Director
Area Director
Diane Soloven, North Central Area Instructional
Technology Specialist
Area Instructional
Technology Specialist
Monica Tosco, Fox Trail Elementary
Steven Carruth, Westglades Middle
Jason Fernandez, Hallandale High
Nancy McElligott, Wingate Oaks
Dabra Lofton, Sunset School
Andrea Bowers
Rhonda Biazar
Technical Assistance
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