4-year career development plan.

4-year career development plan.
Career Development: A Four Year Plan
Center for Internships and Career Development
Examine interests, abilities, values and
personality preferences. Use this insight
to choose a major and career path.
Schedule an appointment with a career counselor to
assess your interests, abilities, values and personality
type, and use TypeFocus through your First Year section
Create your account on Experience.
Attend campus events put on by campus organizations,
departments and join a campus club or organization.
Select a campus job or work study assignment that
supports your goals.
Investigate potential career paths
by engaging with campus clubs,
leadership training, community
service, or on-campus employment.
Select and declare your academic major, minor, and/or
Write your professional resume using Optimal Resume.
Explore internship and co-op programs that interest
you and support your career goals.
Talk to your faculty and discover what inspired their
career paths.
Work with the Center for Cummunity Engagement to
choose a community service project aligned with your
Acquire real world experience through
one or more of the experiential learning
programs at Eastern.
Secure and successfully complete an internship, Co-op or
meaningful summer work experience.
Assume leadership roles in the community service
projects, campus clubs and professional associations.
Consider studying abroad.
Research Graduate Schools related to career interests.
Work with the Center for Internships
and Career Development to design
your post- graduate plan.
Finalize your professional resume and cover letter
Learn job search strategies and interviewing at the
Center for Internships and Career Development workshops.
Network with faculty, staff, family and friends to
increase success of job search.
Attend career fairs and employer information sessions
put on by the campus clubs.
Schedule a mock interview.
Complete graduate school requirements.
Wood Support Services 2nd floor
[email protected]
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