Incomplete Grade Policy

Incomplete Grade Policy
According to the Social Work Program Handbook, the instructor may give a grade of
“Incomplete” when a student, for good cause, is unable to finish all of the assignments in a
course by the date on which the final examination is scheduled. Grades of “Incomplete” are not
automatically given and should be requested in person or in writing with the reason for the
request. Only a final or end-of-term assignment can be subject to an “Incomplete” grade; a
grade of “Incomplete” cannot be used to make up missed classes or interim assignments.
The incomplete agreement should be carefully crafted to take into account several
factors, including the following. University policy governs a grade of “Incomplete.” According to
university policy, a grade of “Incomplete” automatically converts to a grade of “F” by the end of
two weeks into the next semester of enrollment or by two years from the end of the term in
which the grade of “I” was given, whichever comes first. Moreover, faculty require time to grade
the incomplete material and to submit the replacement grade, which means that students must
turn in the assignment well prior to the second week of the next enrollment to ensure that the
grade can be submitted in time. The agreement that is generated by the student and the faculty
member would carefully take into account all of these factors, plus any scheduling factors that
are applicable to the faculty member. The instructor may, for various reasons, determine a due
date that is earlier than the guidelines mentioned above. Taking into account all of the
applicable factors, a date is selected and entered below, and this is the date for the work to be
submitted to the instructor for consideration.
If a student is on an officially recognized leave from the University, the guideline is that
the student has until the end of the second week of the semester in which he or she is again
enrolled to complete and hand in the required work; however, this option is not open ended;
university policy states that after two years, the grade automatically converts to an “F.”
Due to the sequential nature of social work education, the instructor or the student’s
advisor may use this form to establish an agreed-upon plan for the student to complete the work
before taking on subsequent field and course commitments.
Course: ______________________________ Semester: ______________________________
Student: _______________________________ Instructor: _____________________________
A grade of “Incomplete” is given to the student in this course with the understanding that
the instructor will allow the student additional time (date as stated below) to complete the course
work for evaluation and grading toward the goal of receiving credit for the course.
Work to be completed:
The date by which the above work must be received by the instructor in order for the work to be
evaluated and graded as applicable for credit for the course: ____________________________
The student agrees not to undertake the following commitments until the work for the course in
which the “Incomplete” was received is completed:
Signed X ____________________________________________ Date _________________
Signed X ___________________________________________ Date ___________________
Signed X ___________________________________________ Date ___________________
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