Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet
Revision 1/21/2011
Fig. 980 - Universal Swivel Sway Brace Attachment
Size Range — One size fits bracing pipe 1" thru 2", TOLCO 12 gauge channel, and all
structural steel up to 1/4" thick.
Component of State of
Material — Carbon Steel
California OSHPD Approved
Function — Multi-functional attachment to structure or
Seismic Restraints System
braced pipe fitting.
Features — This product’s design incorporates a concentric attachment opening which is critical to the performance
of structural seismic connections. NFPA 13 (2010)
indicates clearly that fastener table load values are based
only on concentric loading. Mounts to any surface angle.
Break off bolt head assures verification of proper
Installation — The Fig.980 is the structural or transitional
attachment component of a longitudinal or lateral sway
brace assembly. It is intended to be combined with the
"bracing pipe" and TOLCO "braced pipe" attachment, Fig.
1000, 1001, 2002, 4L, 4A or 4B to form a complete bracing
assembly. NFPA 13 and/or OSHPD guidelines should be
To Install — Place the Fig. 980 onto the "bracing pipe". Tighten the set bolt until set bolt head breaks off.
Attachment can pivot for adjustment to proper brace angle.
Approvals — Underwriters Laboratories Listed in the USA (UL) and Canada (cUL). Approved by Factory Mutual
Engineering (FM). Included in our Seismic Restraints Catalog approved by the State of California Office
of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD). For additional load, spacing and placement information
relating to OSHPD projects, please refer to the TOLCO Seismic Restraint Systems Guidelines.
Note — The Fig. 980 Swivel Attachment and the Fig. 1001, Fig. 1000, Fig. 2002, Fig. 4A, Fig. 4B or Fig. 4L Pipe
Clamp make up a sway brace system of UL Listed attachments and bracing materials which satisfies the requirements of Underwriters’ Laboratories and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
Finish — Plain
Note — Available in Electro-Galvanized finish.
Order By — Figure number and finish.
Pat. #6,273,372, Pat. #6,517,030, Pat. #6,953,174,
Pat. #6,708,930, Pat. #7,191,987, Pat. #7,441,730,
Pat. #7,669,806
Lateral Brace
Dimensions • Weights
Max. Design
Load Lbs.
Max. Design
Load Lbs.**
* Available with hole sizes to accommodate up to 3/4" fastener. Consult factory.
**The loads listed are axial loads on the brace. The horizontal load capacity, H, of the
brace is: H = F x sin θ, where θ is the installation angle measured from the vertical.
TOLCO® brand bracing components are desgined to be compatible ONLY with other TOLCO® brand bracing components, resulting in a Listed
seismic bracing assembly. DISCLAIMER — NIBCO does NOT warrant against the failure of TOLCO® brand bracing components, in the instance
that such TOLCO® brand bracing components are used in combination with products, parts or systems which are not manufactured or sold under
the TOLCO® brand. NIBCO shall NOT be liable under any circumstance for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any
kind, including but not limited to loss of business or profit, where non-TOLCO brand bracing components have been, or are used.
OFFICE/MANUFACTURING FACILITY • 1375 SAMPSON AVE. • CORONA, CA 92879 • PH: 951.737.5599 • FAX: 951.737.0330
CUSTOMER SERVICE • 800.786.5266
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