BIDS MUST BE SEALED AND ADDRESSED TO: State of Wisconsin DOA-3070 (R08/2003)

BIDS MUST BE SEALED AND ADDRESSED TO: State of Wisconsin DOA-3070 (R08/2003)
State of Wisconsin
Wis. Statutes s.16.75
DOA-3070 (R08/2003)
Remove from bidder list for this commodity/service. (Return this page only.)
Bid envelope must be sealed and plainly marked in lower corner with due date and Request for Bid
#SS-1105. Late bids will be rejected. Bids MUST be date and time stamped by the soliciting
purchasing office on or before the date and time that the bid is due. Bids dated and time stamped
in another office will be rejected. Receipt of a bid by the mail system does not constitute receipt of
a bid by the purchasing office. Any bid which is inadvertently opened as a result of not being
properly and clearly marked is subject to rejection. Bids must be submitted separately, i.e., not
included with sample packages or other bids. Bid openings are public unless otherwise specified.
Records will be available for public inspection after issuance of the notice of intent to award or the
award of the contract. Bidder should contact person named below for an appointment to view the
bid record. Bids shall be firm for acceptance for sixty (60) days from date of bid opening, unless
otherwise noted. The attached terms and conditions apply to any subsequent award.
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Purchasing Office, Schofield Hall 103
105 Garfield Ave.
Eau Claire, WI 54701
Bids MUST be in this office no later than
BIDDER (Name and Address)
August 24, 2010; 2:30 PM
Name (Contact for further information)
Steve Slind
August 9, 2010
Quote Price and Delivery FOB
Fax bids are accepted
and Unit
1 Each
Fax bids are not accepted
Per Unit
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Materials Science Center
Is Requesting Bids for a New or Refurbished
Nanoindenter System
Bids will be accepted per the attached:
Special Conditions of Bid
Standard Terms and Conditions
Itemized Bid Form
Fax Bids Accepted at 715-836-2020
Technical Questions Contact: Douglas Dunham
Phone: 715-836-5312
E-mail: [email protected]
Payment Terms
Delivery Time
We claim minority bidder preference [Wis. Stats. s. 16.75(3m)]. Under Wisconsin Statutes, a 5% preference may be granted to CERTIFIED Minority Business Enterprises. Bidder must be
certified by the Wisconsin Department of Commerce. If you have questions concerning the certification process, contact the Wisconsin Department of Commerce, 5th Floor, 201 W. Washington
Ave., Madison, Wisconsin 53702, (608) 267-9550. Does Not Apply to Printing Bids.
We are a work center certified under Wis. Stats. s. 16.752 employing persons with severe disabilities. Questions concerning the certification process should be addressed to the Work Center
Program, State Bureau of Procurement, 6th Floor, 101 E. Wilson St., Madison, Wisconsin 53702, (608) 266-2605.
Wis. Stats. s. 16.754 directs the state to purchase materials which are manufactured to the greatest extent in the United States when all other factors are substantially equal. Materials covered in
our bid were manufactured in whole or in substantial part within the United States, or the majority of the component parts thereof were manufactured in whole or in substantial part in the United
In signing this bid we also certify that we have not, either directly or indirectly, entered into any agreement or participated in any collusion or otherwise taken any action in restraint of free
competition; that no attempt has been made to induce any other person or firm to submit or not to submit a bid; that this bid has been independently arrived at without collusion with any other bidder,
competitor or potential competitor; that this bid has not been knowingly disclosed prior to the opening of bids to any other bidder or competitor; that the above statement is accurate under penalty of
We will comply with all terms, conditions and specifications required by the state in this Request for Bid and all terms of our bid.
Name of Authorized Company Representative (Type or Print)
Signature of Above
Federal Employer Identification No.
This form can be made available in accessible formats upon request to qualified individuals with disabilities.
Wisconsin Department of Administration
Chs. 16, 19, 51
Social Security No. if Sole
Proprietor (Voluntary)
DOA-3054 (R10/2005)
Page 1 of 3
Standard Terms and Conditions
SPECIFICATIONS: The specifications in this request are the minimum acceptable. When specific manufacturer and model numbers are used,
they are to establish a design, type of construction, quality, functional capability and/or performance level desired. When alternates are
bid/proposed, they must be identified by manufacturer, stock number, and such other information necessary to establish equivalency. The State of
Wisconsin shall be the sole judge of equivalency. Bidders/proposers are cautioned to avoid bidding alternates to the specifications which may
result in rejection of their bid/proposal.
DEVIATIONS AND EXCEPTIONS: Deviations and exceptions from original text, terms, conditions, or specifications shall be described fully, on the
bidder's/proposer's letterhead, signed, and attached to the request. In the absence of such statement, the bid/proposal shall be accepted as in strict
compliance with all terms, conditions, and specifications and the bidders/proposers shall be held liable.
QUALITY: Unless otherwise indicated in the request, all material shall be first quality. Items which are used, demonstrators, obsolete, seconds, or
which have been discontinued are unacceptable without prior written approval by the State of Wisconsin.
QUANTITIES: The quantities shown on this request are based on estimated needs. The state reserves the right to increase or decrease quantities
to meet actual needs.
DELIVERY: Deliveries shall be F.O.B. destination freight prepaid and included unless otherwise specified.
PRICING AND DISCOUNT: The State of Wisconsin qualifies for governmental discounts and its educational institutions also qualify for educational
discounts. Unit prices shall reflect these discounts.
Unit prices shown on the bid/proposal or contract shall be the price per unit of sale (e.g., gal., cs., doz., ea.) as stated on the request or
contract. For any given item, the quantity multiplied by the unit price shall establish the extended price, the unit price shall govern in the
bid/proposal evaluation and contract administration.
Prices established in continuing agreements and term contracts may be lowered due to general market conditions, but prices shall not be
subject to increase for ninety (90) calendar days from the date of award. Any increase proposed shall be submitted to the contracting
agency thirty (30) calendar days before the proposed effective date of the price increase, and shall be limited to fully documented cost
increases to the contractor which are demonstrated to be industry-wide. The conditions under which price increases may be granted shall
be expressed in bid/proposal documents and contracts or agreements.
In determination of award, discounts for early payment will only be considered when all other conditions are equal and when payment terms
allow at least fifteen (15) days, providing the discount terms are deemed favorable. All payment terms must allow the option of net thirty
UNFAIR SALES ACT: Prices quoted to the State of Wisconsin are not governed by the Unfair Sales Act.
ACCEPTANCE-REJECTION: The State of Wisconsin reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids/proposals, to waive any technicality in
any bid/proposal submitted, and to accept any part of a bid/proposal as deemed to be in the best interests of the State of Wisconsin.
Bids/proposals MUST be date and time stamped by the soliciting purchasing office on or before the date and time that the bid/proposal is due.
Bids/proposals date and time stamped in another office will be rejected. Receipt of a bid/proposal by the mail system does not constitute receipt of
a bid/proposal by the purchasing office.
METHOD OF AWARD: Award shall be made to the lowest responsible, responsive bidder unless otherwise specified.
ORDERING: Purchase orders or releases via purchasing cards shall be placed directly to the contractor by an authorized agency. No othe r
purchase orders are authorized.
PAYMENT TERMS AND INVOICING: The State of Wisconsin normally will pay properly submitted vendor invoices within thirty (30) days of
receipt providing goods and/or services have been delivered, installed (if required), and accepted as specified.
Invoices presented for payment must be submitted in accordance with instructions contained on the purchase order including reference to
purchase order number and submittal to the correct address for processing.
A good faith dispute creates an exception to prompt payment.
TAXES: The State of Wisconsin and its agencies are exempt from payment of all federal tax and Wisconsin state and local taxes on its purchases
except Wisconsin excise taxes as described below.
The State of Wisconsin, including all its agencies, is required to pay the Wisconsin excise or occupation tax on its purchase of beer, liquor, wine,
cigarettes, tobacco products, motor vehicle fuel and general aviation fuel. However, it is exempt from payment of Wisconsin sales or use tax on its
purchases. The State of Wisconsin may be subject to other states' taxes on its purchases in that state depending on the laws of that state.
Contractors performing construction activities are required to pay state use tax on the cost of materials.
GUARANTEED DELIVERY: Failure of the contractor to adhere to delivery schedules as specified or to promptly replace rejected materials shall
render the contractor liable for all costs in excess of the contract price when alternate procurement is necessary. Excess c osts shall include the
administrative costs.
ENTIRE AGREEMENT: These Standard Terms and Conditions shall apply to any contract or order awarded as a result of this request except
where special requirements are stated elsewhere in the request; in such cases, the special requirements shall apply. Further, the written contract
and/or order with referenced parts and attachments shall constitute the entire agreement and no other terms and conditions in any document,
acceptance, or acknowledgment shall be effective or binding unless expressly agreed to in writing by the contracting authority.
APPLICABLE LAW AND COMPLIANCE: This contract shall be governed under the laws of the State of Wisconsin. The contractor shall at all
times comply with and observe all federal and state laws, local laws, ordinances, and regulations which are in effect during the period of this
contract and which in any manner affect the work or its conduct. The State of Wisconsin reserves the right to cancel this contract if the contractor
fails to follow the requirements of s. 77.66, Wis. Stats., and related statutes regarding certification for collection of sales and use tax. The State of
Wisconsin also reserves the right to cancel this contract with any federally debarred contractor or a contractor that is presently identified on the list
of parties excluded from federal procurement and non-procurement contracts.
ANTITRUST ASSIGNMENT: The contractor and the State of Wisconsin recognize that in actual economic practice, overcharges resulting from
antitrust violations are in fact usually borne by the State of Wisconsin (purchaser). Therefore, the contractor hereby assigns to the State of
Wisconsin any and all claims for such overcharges as to goods, materials or services purchased in connection with this contract.
ASSIGNMENT: No right or duty in whole or in part of the contractor under this contract may be assigned or delegated without the prior written
consent of the State of Wisconsin.
WORK CENTER CRITERIA: A work center must be certified under s. 16.752, Wis. Stats., and must ensure that when engaged in the production
of materials, supplies or equipment or the performance of contractual services, not less than seventy-five percent (75%) of the total hours of direct
labor are performed by severely handicapped individuals.
NONDISCRIMINATION / AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: In connection with the performance of work under this contract, the contractor agrees not to
discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of age, race, religion, color, handicap, sex, physical condition,
developmental disability as defined in s. 51.01(5), Wis. Stats., sexual orientation as defined in s. 111.32(13m), Wis. Stats., or national origin. This
provision shall include, but not be limited to, the following: employment, upgrading, demotion or transfer; recruitment or recruitment advertising;
layoff or termination; rates of pay or other forms of compensation; and selection for training, including apprenticeship. Except with respect to
sexual orientation, the contractor further agrees to take affirmative action to ensure equal employment opportunities.
Contracts estimated to be over twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) require the submission of a written affirmative action plan by the
contractor. An exemption occurs from this requirement if the contractor has a workforce of less than twenty-five (25) employees. Within
fifteen (15) working days after the contract is awarded, the contractor must submit the plan to the contracting state agency for approval.
Instructions on preparing the plan and technical assistance regarding this clause are available from the contracting state agency.
The contractor agrees to post in conspicuous places, available for employees and applicants for employment, a notice to be provided by the
contracting state agency that sets forth the provisions of the State of Wisconsin's nondiscrimination law.
Failure to comply with the conditions of this clause may result in the contractor's becoming declared an "ineligible" contractor, termination of
the contract, or withholding of payment.
PATENT INFRINGEMENT: The contractor selling to the State of Wisconsin the articles described herein guarantees the articles were
manufactured or produced in accordance with applicable federal labor laws. Further, that the sale or use of the articles descr ibed herein will not
infringe any United States patent. The contractor covenants that it will at its own expense defend every suit which shall be brought against the
State of Wisconsin (provided that such contractor is promptly notified of such suit, and all papers therein are delivered to it) for any alleged
infringement of any patent by reason of the sale or use of such articles, and agrees that it will pay all costs, damages, and profits recoverable in
any such suit.
SAFETY REQUIREMENTS: All materials, equipment, and supplies provided to the State of Wisconsin must comply fully with all safety
requirements as set forth by the Wisconsin Administrative Code and all applicable OSHA Standards.
WARRANTY: Unless otherwise specifically stated by the bidder/proposer, equipment purchased as a result of this request shall be warrant ed
against defects by the bidder/proposer for one (1) year from date of receipt. The equipment manufacturer's standard warranty shall apply as a
minimum and must be honored by the contractor.
INSURANCE RESPONSIBILITY: The contractor performing services for the State of Wisconsin shall:
Maintain worker's compensation insurance as required by Wisconsin Statutes, for all employees engaged in the work.
Maintain commercial liability, bodily injury and property damage insurance against any claim(s) which might occur in carrying out this
agreement/contract. Minimum coverage shall be one million dollars ($1,000,000) liability for bodily injury and property dama ge including
products liability and completed operations. Provide motor vehicle insurance for all owned, non-owned and hired vehicles that are used in
carrying out this contract. Minimum coverage shall be one million dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence combined single limit for automobile
liability and property damage.
The state reserves the right to require higher or lower limits where warranted.
CANCELLATION: The State of Wisconsin reserves the right to cancel any contract in whole or in part without penalty due to non-appropriation of
funds or for failure of the contractor to comply with terms, conditions, and specifications of this contract.
VENDOR TAX DELINQUENCY: Vendors who have a delinquent Wisconsin tax liability may have their payments offset by the State of Wisconsin.
PUBLIC RECORDS ACCESS: It is the intention of the state to maintain an open and public process in the solicitation, submission, review, and
approval of procurement activities.
Bid/proposal openings are public unless otherwise specified. Records may not be available for public inspection prior to issuance of the notice of
intent to award or the award of the contract.
PROPRIETARY INFORMATION: Any restrictions on the use of data contained within a request, must be clearly stated in the bid/proposal itself.
Proprietary information submitted in response to a request will be handled in accordance with applicable State of Wisconsin procurement
regulations and the Wisconsin public records law. Proprietary restrictions normally are not accepted. However, when accepted, it is the vendor's
responsibility to defend the determination in the event of an appeal or litigation.
Data contained in a bid/proposal, all documentation provided therein, and innovations developed as a result of the contracted commodities
or services cannot be copyrighted or patented. All data, documentation, and innovations become the property of the State of Wisconsin.
Any material submitted by the vendor in response to this request that the vendor considers confidential and proprietary information and
which qualifies as a trade secret, as provided in s. 19.36(5), Wis. Stats., or material which can be kept confidential under the Wisconsin
public records law, must be identified on a Designation of Confidential and Proprietary Information form (DOA-3027). Bidders/proposers
may request the form if it is not part of the Request for Bid/Request for Proposal package. Bid/proposal prices cannot be held confidential.
DISCLOSURE: If a state public official (s. 19.42, Wis. Stats.), a member of a state public official's immediate family, or any organization in which a
state public official or a member of the official's immediate family owns or controls a ten percent (10%) interest, is a party to this agreement, and if
this agreement involves payment of more than three thousand dollars ($3,000) within a twelve (12) month period, this contract is voidable by the
state unless appropriate disclosure is made according to s. 19.45(6), Wis. Stats., before signing the contract. Disclosure must be made to the
State of Wisconsin Ethics Board, 44 East Mifflin Street, Suite 601, Madison, Wisconsin 53703 (Telephone 608-266-8123).
State classified and former employees and certain University of Wisconsin faculty/staff are subject to separate disclosure requirements, s. 16.417,
Wis. Stats.
RECYCLED MATERIALS: The State of Wisconsin is required to purchase products incorporating recycled materials whenever technically and
economically feasible. Bidders are encouraged to bid products with recycled content which meet specifications.
MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET: If any item(s) on an order(s) resulting from this award(s) is a hazardous chemical, as defined under 29CFR
1910.1200, provide one (1) copy of a Material Safety Data Sheet for each item with the shipped container(s) and one (1) copy with the invoice(s).
PROMOTIONAL ADVERTISING / NEWS RELEASES: Reference to or use of the State of Wisconsin, any of its departments, agencies or other
subunits, or any state official or employee for commercial promotion is prohibited. News releases pertaining to this procurement shall not be made
without prior approval of the State of Wisconsin. Release of broadcast e-mails pertaining to this procurement shall not be made without prior
written authorization of the contracting agency.
HOLD HARMLESS: The contractor will indemnify and save harmless the State of Wisconsin and all of its officers, agents and employees from all
suits, actions, or claims of any character brought for or on account of any injuries or damages received by any persons or pr operty resulting from
the operations of the contractor, or of any of its contractors, in prosecuting work under this agreement.
FOREIGN CORPORATION: A foreign corporation (any corporation other than a Wisconsin corporation) which becomes a party to this Agreement
is required to conform to all the requirements of Chapter 180, Wis. Stats., relating to a foreign corporation and must possess a certificate of
authority from the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions, unless the corporation is transacting business in interstate commerce or is
otherwise exempt from the requirement of obtaining a certificate of authority. Any foreign corporation which desires to appl y for a certificate of
authority should contact the Department of Financial Institutions, Division of Corporation, P. O. Box 7846, Madison, WI 53707-7846; telephone
(608) 261-7577.
WORK CENTER PROGRAM: The successful bidder/proposer shall agree to implement processes that allow the State agencies, including the
University of Wisconsin System, to satisfy the State's obligation to purchase goods and services produced by work centers certified under the
State Use Law, s.16.752, Wis. Stat. This shall result in requiring the successful bidder/proposer to include products provid ed by work centers in its
catalog for State agencies and campuses or to block the sale of comparable items to State agencies and campuses.
FORCE MAJEURE: Neither party shall be in default by reason of any failure in performance of this Agreement in accordance with reasonable
control and without fault or negligence on their part. Such causes may include, but are not restricted to, acts of nature or the public enemy, acts of
the government in either its sovereign or contractual capacity, fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, strikes, freight embargoes and
unusually severe weather, but in every case the failure to perform such must be beyond the reasonable control and without the fault or negligence
of the party.
DOA-3027 N(R01/98)
The attached material submitted in response to Bid/Proposal # SS-1105 includes proprietary and confidential information which
qualifies as a trade secret, as provided in s. 19.36(5), Wis. Stats., or is otherwise material that can be kept confidential under the
Wisconsin Open Records Law. As such, we ask that certain pages, as indicated below, of this bid/proposal response be treated as
confidential material and not be released without our written approval.
Prices always become public information when bids/proposals are opened, and therefore cannot be kept
Other information cannot be kept confidential unless it is a trade secret. Trade secret is defined in s. 134.90(1)(c), Wis. Stats. as
follows: "Trade secret" means information, including a formula, pattern, compilation, program, device, method, technique or
process to which all of the following apply:
1. The information derives independent economic value, actual or potential, from not being generally known to, and
not being
readily ascertainable by proper means by, other persons who can obtain economic value from its
disclosure or use.
2. The information is the subject of efforts to maintain its secrecy that are reasonable under the circumstances.
We request that the following pages not be released
Page #
Failure to include this form in the bid/proposal response may mean that all information provided as part of the bid/proposal response will be open
to examination and copying. The state considers other markings of confidential in the bid/proposal document to be insufficient. The
undersigned agrees to hold the state harmless for any damages arising out of the release of any materials unless they are specifically identified
Company Name
Authorized Representative
Authorized Representative
Type or Print
This document can be made available in accessible formats to qualified individuals with disabilities
Division of State Agency Services
State Bureau of Procurement
State of Wisconsin
Department of Administration
DOA-3333 (R03/2004)
Vendor Agreement
Wisconsin’s Cooperative Purchasing Service
Wisconsin statutes (s. 16.73, Wis. Stats.) establish authority to allow Wisconsin municipalities to purchase from state contracts.
Participating in the service gives vendors opportunities for additional sales without additional bidding. Municipalities use the
service to expedite purchases. A "municipality" is defined as any county, city, village, town, school district, board of school
directors, sewer district, drainage district, vocational, technical and adult education district, or any other public body having the
authority to award public contracts (s. 16.70(8), Wis. Stats.). Federally recognized Indian tribes and bands in this state may
participate in cooperative purchasing with the state or any municipality under ss. 66.0301(1) and (2), Wis.Stats.
Interested municipalities:
will contact the contractor directly to place orders referencing the state agency contract number; and
are responsible for receipt, acceptance, inspection of commodities directly from the contractor, and making payment
directly to the contractor.
The State of Wisconsin is not a party to these purchases or any dispute arising from these purchases and is not liable for
delivery or payment of any of these purchases.
The State of Wisconsin will determine the contractor’s participation by checking a box below.
MANDATORY: Bidders/Proposers must agree to furnish the commodities or services of this bid/proposal to Wisconsin
municipalities. Vendors should note any special conditions below.
OPTIONAL: Bidders/Proposers may or may not agree to furnish the commodities or services of this bid/proposal to
Wisconsin municipalities. A vendor’s decision on participating in this service has no effect on awarding this contract.
A vendor in the service may specify minimum order sizes by volume or dollar amount, additional charges beyond normal
delivery areas, or other minimal changes for municipalities.
Vendor: please check one of the following boxes in response.
I Agree to furnish the commodities or services of this bid/proposal to Wisconsin municipalities with any special
conditions noted below.
I Do Not Agree to furnish the commodities or services to Wisconsin municipalities.
Special Conditions (if applicable):
Date (mm/dd/ccyy)
Name (Type or Print)
Address (Street)
ZIP + 4
Request for Bid/Proposal Number
This form can be made available in accessible formats upon request to qualified individuals with disabilities
UW-Eau Claire
August 5, 2010
Atomic Force Microscopes
Special Conditions of Bid
Request for Bid SS-1003
The Material Sciences Program at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is requesting bids for one Nanoindenter
This bid request is for a new or refurbished complete nanoindentation system. This system will be used for
nanomechanical characterizations of a wide range of materials: metals, thin films, ceramics, composites, polymers and
biological materials. The system should consist of the indentation system, x-y scanning system, optical system, scanning
probe microscopy imaging system, isolation system, electronic control systems, sample probe and at least two standards.
The bid should include all necessary computer hardware and software necessary to control the system, including data
acquisition and data analysis.
The nanoindentation system should be able to perform: quasistatic nanoidentation to investigate the modulus and
hardness of materials, quantitative ramped load or constant load nanoscratch testing, quasistatic load-unload with
variable dynamic load testing , quasistatic load-unload with constant dynamic load testing, modulus mapping and
nanowear testing.
The instrument needs to easily transition between imaging and indentation. Prospective indentation sites should be able
to be identified using the optics and SPM. Through imaging the indenter should be able to be accurately positioned over
the site. The optics and SPM should then be able to verify the location of the indent after the indentation. The transition
between these modes needs to be seamless.
The instrument will be used frequently by undergraduates, so the instrument needs to be robust and easy to operate.
Equipment delivery, installation and staff training are requested prior to December 15, 2010. Please indicate on the
itemized bid form when the earliest ship date would be.
See SPECIFICATIONS and/or ITEMIZED BID LIST for the minimum acceptable specifications for products desired.
If you are bidding an alternative product, please provide complete specifications (performance features, and descriptive
brochure or detail for units you propose to furnish), clearly identified by manufacturer’s name and catalog number. See
“Standard Terms and Conditions,” items 1.0, 2 .0 and 3.0.
Conditions of bid, which include the word “must” or “shall” describe a mandatory minimum requirement. All
specifications are defined as mandatory minimum requirements unless otherwise stated. If no bidder is able to comply
with a given specification or condition of bid, purchasing reserves the right to delete that specification, condition of bid
or item.
Failure to meet a mandatory requirement could disqualify your bid.
Revisions to this bid may be made only by an official written amendment issued by Purchasing.
Retain a copy of your bid response for your files. If a contract is developed from this request for bid, these documents
will become terms and conditions of the contract.
The UW-Eau Claire is committed to the promotion of minority business in the State’s purchasing program and a goal of
placing 5 percent of its total purchasing dollars with certified minority businesses. Authority for this program is found in
Wisconsin Statutes 15.107(2), 16.75(4), and 16.755 and 560.036(2).
A listing of certified minority businesses, as well as services and commodities they provide is available from Department
of Commerce, Office of Minority Business Development, 608-267-8379. Questions regarding certification of minority
businesses should be directed to DOA Minority Business Program at 608-267-7806.
1. Request for Bid form (Two Copies)
2. Itemized Bid form (Two Copies)
3. Manufacturer’s product brochure that includes detailed product information (One Copy)
4. Vendor Agreement Wisconsin’s Cooperative Purchasing Service (One Copy)
5. Designation of Confidential and Proprietary Information ( One Copy)
To be eligible for an award, you must be qualified and be able to provide the following as required. Failure to meet the
qualifications or to provide this information may be cause for disqualification of your bid.
1. Bidder must designate a person in their company to provide on-going communication, coordinate service, answer
questions and expedite delivery.
2. Bidder must be an original manufacturer, distributor or a dealer authorized by the manufacturer to sell the product
bid. All of the manufacturer’s product liability shall apply through bidders contractual relationship with the
manufacturer of the equipment proposed. Bidder shall be able to provide service and support for the equipment and
be an authorized equipment service center.
3. Bidder must be prepared to honor the manufacturer’s standard warranty at a minimum. Indicate the warranty term on
the appropriate line of the itemized bid form.
4. Bidder must be able to provide upon request, by the University, at least three higher education institutions or firms
that the vendor has supplied with an Atomic Force Microscope similar to the one being bid. If contacted
information received from these clients or customers will be used to determine if the bidder meets qualifications.
Equipment shipment from the contractor is request to be the earliest possible date after the contractor receives a purchase
order. Please indicate on the itemized bid sheet the delivery schedule.
F.O.B. Destination Freight Prepaid Included and Installed:
Products are to be delivered to our Central Receiving dock at 651 University Drive, Eau Claire WI 54701. Bid prices are
to include all packing, transportation, set-up, insurance charges and instructional, service and operators manual
charges. Installation schedule shall be coordinated with Douglas Dunham 715-836-5312.
If bidding other than F.O.B. Destination, as stated above, F.O.B. point and shipping charges must be identified on the
Itemized Bid Form. This cost will be added to the bid total for determining the award.
Duty charges (FOB=DDP Destination Duty Paid), if applicable (includes but not limited to documentation fees, freight,
customs clearance, tax, etc.), must be included in the proposed price and referenced as separate costs on the Itemized Bid
List. A copy of the duty free paperwork, with the vendor portion filled out must be submitted to Purchasing at time of
In carrying out the scope of this RFB, the contractor may be required to perform services on University property.
Bidders cost must include all business transportation and insurance charges.
The insurance requirements listed in section 23.0 of the Standard Terms and Conditions are the minimum required by the
State of Wisconsin. The contractor and any subcontractor receiving an award, from this bid must send a certificate of
insurance to the purchasing office at UW-Eau Claire, which indicates compliance, prior to providing services.
Bidder shall submit net unit prices and extended totals for items listed on the Itemized Bid Form. If you are bidding
refurbished equipment, please indicate the age; history; serial number and the warranty.
Where it is required, a total lot price must be indicated.
Award shall be made on the basis of the lowest net total price which is judged to be in the best interest of the University.
Timeliness of delivery may be used in the evaluation of bid submittals when appropriate. The University may select a
new or refurbished system based on what is judged to be in our best interest.
Invoices shall be sent to the Accounts Payable address indicated on the purchase order. All invoices shall reference the
purchase order number. The University must meet a statutory mandate to pay or reject an invoice within 30 days of
receipt of a properly submitted invoice.
In addition to the UW-Eau Claire, all UW-System campuses, State of Wisconsin agencies and municipalities, shall be
eligible to purchase from this bid or contract if one is developed. Any contract resulting from this bid shall not be
construed as mandatory upon any campus or state agency.
1. Indemnification: Contractor shall hold the State Harmless and shall indemnify the State and its agencies and
employees against any and all claims, suits, action, liabilities and costs of any kind, including attorney’s fees, for
personal injury or to property arising from the acts or omissions of the Contractor, its agents, officer, employees or
subcontractors. Contractor shall not be liable for any injury or damage as a result of any negligent act or omission
committed by the State.
2. Property Damage: Should university equipment or buildings be damaged as a result of sole negligence of the
contractor during the installation and training the contractor will be responsible for repairing to the original condition
or replacement. The university will have the final say on whether repair or replacement is acceptable.
3. Technical questions regarding this commodity should be directed to Douglas Dunham 715-836-5312. Contact Steve
Slind, 715-836-4643 if you have questions regarding this bid.
Insurance Requirements: The contractor shall maintain insurance levels as required in Standard Terms and
Conditions, Section 23.0. A certificate of insurance must be provided prior to beginning work covered by any
contract that results from this solicitation.
If a certificate is required, the contractor shall have added “The Board of Regents of the University of
Wisconsin System, its officers, employees and agents” as additional insured’s under the commercial general,
automobile and contractor’s liability policies on any insurance certificate provided.
The State has implemented a registration service on an internet system called “VendorNet” to enable vendors to receive
notice of all official sealed bids/proposals (over $25,000.00) as solicited by all state agencies.
To obtain information on the state’s bidder registration, please visit the VendorNet web site at or call the VendorNet Information Center (1-800-482-7813). In the Madison area, please call
Any equipment bid must come complete with all safety shield, decals and warning labels at time of delivery. Equipment
must meet all safety regulations in place for this type of research equipment.
The Manufacturer’s standard warranty period shall be offered. Refurbished equipment must be covered by a new
system warranty. Indicate the warranty period on the Itemized Bid Form.
The State encourages the use of equipment which meets the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star
requirements. The Energy Star Program is a voluntary contract between an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
and the EPA. It is not mandatory that every device offered meet Energy Star requirements but the bulk of the product
line should be energy efficient.
Contractors are encouraged to identify products that are made of recycled products, that are manufactured using
environmentally friendly production methods, or that can be recycled at the end of their service life. The University will
make every effort to purchase “Green” products where ever feasible or possible based on individual project needs and
funding available.
UW-Eau Claire
October 5, 2009
Nanoindenter System
Specifications of Bid
Request for Bid SS-1105
Required Specifications:
Operational Modes
Measure Young’s modulus, hardness, fracture toughness
Quantitative scratch and wear testing
Measure time dependent properties using dynamic testing
Map the modulus over a sample area
Creep and stress relaxation testing
 Top down optics for viewing indention sites
 In-situ scanning probe microscopy imaging
Normal loading
Maximum Load
Load Noise Floor
Load Resolution
10 mN
<100 nN
<1.0 nm
Normal Displacement
Displacement Resolution
Displacement Noise Floor
Maximum displacement
<0.0005 nm
<0.2 nm
>5.0 m
Lateral load
Maximum lateral force
Load noise floor
2 mN
<0.5 N
Lateral Displacement
Displacement noise floor
Maximum lateral displacement
Minimum lateral displacement
<5 nm
15 m
500 nm
X and Y Stage
Microstepping resolution
> 10.0 cm in X and Y
< 50 nm
Z Stage
> 50mm
In-situ SPM Imaging
Scan resolution
Tip positioning accuracy
Maximum scan area
256 lines per image
+/- 10 nm
> 50m x 50 m
Top down optics
Optical Resolution
1 m
Minimum field of view
Maximum field of view
Color CCD camera
Variable Intensity fiber optic illuminator
Acoustical Isolation and Vibration Isolation
Active vibration isolation
Passive vibration isolation
Environmental isolation enclosure
Acoustic isolation
Thermal isolation
Air current isolation
< 50m x 50 m
> 500 m x 500 m
1.0 Hz to 200 Hz
>200 Hz
Automated tip calibration and verification
Unattended operation after initial setup
Data acquisition
Open loop acquisition rate
≥ 25,000 points/sec
Closed loop acquisition rate
≥ 2,500 points/sec
Maximum data points/curve
≥ 100,000
Data analysis
Feedback control
Closed loop control of load or displacement
Modulus mapping
Resolution of mechanical property maps
Maximum mapping area
≤ 5 nm
> 50 m x 50 m
Wear test specifications
Wear track size
Normal load range
5 – 50 m
100 nm – 1 mN
On-site installation and training
System installation, requested prior to December 15, 2010
Verification of performance at specifications
Hardware and software training for Materials Science Center staff, minimum of eight (8) hours on site.
UW-Eau Claire
August 5, 2010
Nanoindenter System
Itemized Bid Form
Request for Bid SS-1105
1 Each
New Nanoindenter System Delivered and Installed
Manufacturer: ___________________________
Model: _________________________________
1 Each
Training, On Site (if not included above)
Number of Training Hours Offered: ____________
Warranty Period: _________________
Or Alternate Refurbished:
1 Each
Refurbished Nanoindenter System Deliverd and Installed _________
Manufacturer: ___________________________
Model: ________________ Serial Number: ______________
Year Manufactured: ____________________
1 Each
Training, On Site (if not included above)
Number of Training Hours Offered: ____________
Warranty Period: __________________
If there is a Limited Period of Time That Telephone and Internet Support is offered at No Charge, Indicate the Limit for
This Service: ___________Years
Delivery and installation is requested prior to December 15, 2010.
Earliest Delivery Date: _____________________________
UW-Eau Claire
August 5, 2010
Bidder Information:
Company Name: ________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________
Phone: __________________________ Fax: ______________________
Authorized Signature: _____________________________________
Print Name
Title: __________________________________________________
Date: __________________________________________________
Customer Service Contact: _________________________________
Phone: _____________________ Fax: _____________________
E-mail Address: _______________________________________
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