Mason County Commission Chambers, 411 North 5th Street, Shelton, WA•
Week of May 12, 2014
Monday, May 12, 2014
Closed Session- RCW 42.30.140 (4) Labor Discussion
9:00 A.M.
Commissioners Jeffreys and Neatherlin met in Closed Session with Bill Kenny for a
labor discussion from 9:05 a.m. to 9:32 a.m. Commissioner Tim Sheldon was absent.
9:30 A.M.
Facilities, Parks & Trails John Keates
Commissioners Jeffreys and Neatherlin were in attendance. Commissioner Sheldon was
The following items were reviewed:
Capitol Land Trust Partnership request to partner with them on land acquisition for 58 acres next
to Coulter Creek Park. The Land Trust would like to apply for a WWRP grant and ALEA grant to
purchase the land and the County would not be required to contribute any funding. If successful,
the property would be owned by the County with a partnership arrangement with the Land Trust
for minor maintenance and property monitoring. Similar to Oakland Bay Park. The Board okayed
applying for the grant.
Commissioner Sheldon joined the briefing meeting at 9:45 am.
Agreement with Bob Droll for the MCRA Infield upgrades will be on the agenda.
Update on School District Swimming Pool Committee.
Status of Skatepark. Lease expired last July and the City Commission has been reluctant to take it
over. John will draft a letter to the City of Shelton Commission with options for the park.
The Rectory Building was brought up and the proposal to use it for youth services. The
Commissioners would like accurate costs for the proposal. John will do some research.
Magical Mystery Day bus tour of parks was successful.
9:45 A.M.
Executive Session-RCW 42.30.110 (1) (b) Real Estate
Commissioners Jeffreys, Neatherlin and Sheldon met in executive session from 10: 10
a.m. to 10: 15 a.m. on a real estate matter.
10:00 A.M.
Supp01i Services - Bill Kenny
Commissioners Jeffreys, Neatherlin and Sheldon were in attendance.
The following items were reviewed:
Cmmr. Jeffreys reported the first meeting was held for the Public Safety and Criminal Justice
Citizen's Task Force. They will meet bi-weekly and Kelley Mcintosh was appointed Chair.
The property at the Highway 101 and 102 that is a potential for an event center was brought up.
Skookum Rotary Foundation has submitted a request to iease the property. The Commissioners
are interested in a market analysis and timber cruse but want to know the cost to conduct the
Cmmr. Jeffreys reported the planning meeting for the PRTPO Mason County tour was held last
The Board approved appointing Tyler Music to the Housing Authority. This will be placed on the
Operating Guidelines with edits were presented. The Board okayed placing on an agenda for
approval. Diane asked about contract extensions that do not have a budget impact. The Board
would like to approve these contract extensions along with contract renewals.
Forest Festival deadline is May 21.
Diane asked about scheduling a jail study session. The Board asked that a letter be sent to the
courts and sheriff asking what topics to discuss, how can the Commissioners help, what are the
Diane explained the Current Use hearing will need to be held again because The Mason County
Journal failed to publish the hearing notice on the requested date.
Diane will schedule the annual Risk Pool visit in June.
Board of Mason County Commissioners' Briefing Meeting Minutes
May 12, 2014
10:30 A.M.
Dawn reported that Clark County will no longer be part of the Risk Pool.
10:45 A.M.
Public Works - Brian Matthews & Melissa McFadden
Utilities & Waste Management - Brian Matthews & Tom Moore
Commissioners Jeffreys, Neatherlin and Sheldon were in attendance.
The following items were reviewed:
" Request the Board approve the resolution accepting the dedication of right-of-way for Public
Works Drive, County Road Number 40100.
" Co-location of an antenna tower with PUD 3 at the Belfair Treatment Plant that multiple public
agencies can use. Discussion of the antenna use. PUD 3 would install and maintain at no charge
to Public Works.
11: 15 A.M.
Department of Community Development - Barbara Adkins
Commissioners Jeffreys, Neatherlin and Sheldon were in attendance.
The following items were reviewed:
• The Historic Preservation Commission would like to request for proposals to perform a Historic
Resource Survey and Inventory in 2014/15 for the Matlock area and the mainline of the logging
railroad between Shelton and the Grays Harbor County line. Cmmr. Jeffreys believes a priority
should be the preservation of county historic buildings. Discussion of how the funds are spent.
Cmmr. Jeffreys will attend a Historic Preservation Commission meeting to talk about using the
funds for county buildings.
" The Board approved placing the appointment of Steve VanDenover on the Planning Advisory
Commission on the agenda .
., Status of marijuana licensing .
., Status of necessary changes to allow for multi-housing in the UGA's.
11 :30 A.M.
Public Health & Human Services - Vicki Kirkpatrick
Commissioners Jeffreys, Neatherlin and Sheldon were in attendance.
The following items were reviewed:
" Amendment 14 to the Consolidated Contract.
., Cmmr. Jeffreys reported she met with Governor staff on shellfish closures.
Commissioner Discussion
there was no discussion.
2:00 P.M.
Study Session John Keates
Mason County Facilities
John Keates presented a PowerPoint on the county facilities, current requests and needs.
Cmmr. Neatherlin stated he did a recent tour with facilities staff. He is alarmed at the condition of
Building 2; facilities needs a maintenance shop; there is space available in the basement of
Building 3 and in Building 8. He has also looked at the former PUD 3 building.
Cmmr. Sheldon noted that we need space for the 3rd Superior Court Judge.
Discussion ofrelocating the Coroner to the Building 3 basement. Coroner Stockwell has looked at
Building 3 basement, there is room but he does have security concerns. There has been flooding
in the past, possibility of hooking pumps up to jail generator. Agreed to move the Coroner to
Building 3 and open up jury space in the modular.
Discussion of Juvenile court space in Building 8.
Prioritize finishing the courtroom in the courthouse basement.
Discussion ofrenovating the former juvenile detention boys dorm to a multi-use space.
Painting Building 8 exterior.
Storage and parking are issues.
Sheriff evidence facility.
Board of Mason County Commissioners' Briefing Meeting Minutes
May 12, 2014
" Funding of the projects.
,. Building 3 counter needs revisions.
Commissioner Discussion - there was no discussion.
Tuesday, May 13, 2014
11 :00 A.M.
Study Session - Frank Pinter
Commissioners Jeffreys, Neatherlin and Sheldon were in attendance.
" Frank Pinter presented a PowerPoint regarding Mason County revenues that included information
on property taxes and options for increases in the property tax levy. Also reviewed were other
regular property tax levies including Open Space & Conservation Futures, Criminal Justice Levy,
Veterans Assistance Fund, Mental Health Fund, Flood Zone District. Options to sales and use tax
increases along with options to reduce costs were also reviewed.
" Sheriff Salisbury encourages the county to move forward on some of these options.
" Cmmr. Sheldon believes citizens are at their capacity to pay taxes and Mason County is not
rebounding back as quickly as surrounding areas.
,. Crnmr. Neatherlin would support putting some of the options to a vote of the people.
,. Co-location of a juvenile facility was discussed.
'" Cmmr. Jeffreys believes encouraging retail sales tax is an opportunity to increase
Commissioner Discussion - there was no discussion.
Respectfully submitted,
Diane Zoren, Administrative Services Manager
Tim Sheldon
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