September 21, 2004
Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chairperson Wesley E. Johnson.
Pledge of Allegiance – The flag salute was led by the Chairperson.
Roll Call – Present: Cmmr. Dist. 1 – Herb Baze; Cmmr. Dist. 2 – Wesley E. Johnson; Cmmr. Dist. 3 – Jayni L.
Approval of Minutes –Cmmr. Kamin/Baze moved and seconded to approve the regular meeting minutes
of August 17 and September 14, 2004 and briefing minutes of August 23, August 30 and September 13,
2004. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; K-aye; J-aye.
Board’s Calendar for week of September 21 – 28, 2004.
Correspondence and Organizational Business
6.1 Correspondence
Mason County Trails Committee Applicants: Roy E. Justice, Sr.; Brad Carey; John E.
Johnson and Dave O’Connell.
Port of Shelton Commission invited the Commissioners to attend a meeting on September
27 with WSDOT officials to discuss eligible projects for inclusion on the Peninsula
Region Transportation Planning Organization (PRTPO) “to do” list.
Edward Story submitted a proposal on addressing junk on private property.
Green Diamond Resource Company notified the County they are planning a harvest
operation on land near the County’s Mason Lake property and will be discussing this on
October 8, 2004.
The Disabled American Veteran Transportation Coordinator for Grays Harbor, Pacific
and lower Mason County is requesting Mason, Pacific & Grays Harbor counties support
the DAV Transportation by helping purchase a van estimated at $12,000 which would
transport eligible veterans to the VA Hospital at American Lake.
U.S. Senator Cantwell submitted a press release on a plan to increase the payments for
Counties who depend on much needed PILT funding.
6.2 Press Release – Veterans’ Assistance – Commissioner Johnson presented the Veterans’ Assistance
press release announcing Mason County has increased the amount to $600 per calendar year for each
eligible Veteran.
6.3 Certificates of Appreciation to Veteran’s Screening Committee. The Board presented a certificate to
each committee member in recognition for their service and dedication as the screening committee.
6.4 Press Release – Bats and Rabies. Staff: Debbie Riley, Environmental Health Manager, announced
there have been several recent calls regarding bats in people’s homes. Humans have been infected
with bat rabies after minimal or no contact with bats. Washington State has reported two such deaths,
one in 1995 and one in 1997. Ms. Riley commented that Bats are the only rabies reservoir in
Washington. She encouraged anyone that found a dead bat or had a bat in their home to contact their
local veterinarian or the Mason County Department of Health Services.
6.5 Press Release – Vouchers to replace Free Dump Day. Staff: Doug Micheau, Utilities and Waste
Management Director presented a new program for free dump day. Instead of lining up for hours on a
Saturday in October, Mason County residents will be able to pick up a voucher, which will entitle them
to dispose of a single load of residential waste at the Shelton Transfer Station at no charge. There are
various locations that the vouchers will be available beginning October 1, 2004. The vouchers will
expire on November 30, 2004. The goal is to provide greater convenience for residents as well as the
impact on solid waste personnel.
AUGUST 17, 2004 - PAGE 2
Cmmr. Baze asked Mr. Micheau why a voucher system is being implemented.
Mr. Micheau replied the new program would provide greater convenience for residents, as well as
lessen the impact on solid waste personnel. The residents will be able to use their voucher at their own
convenience and not have to wait in an extremely long line. The other impact would be for the solid
waste personnel. When the vehicles are lined up all day for hours the work load for the personnel is
Cmmr. Johnson commented that the services provided in the past would be continued but at a lesser
cost to the county. By being able to spread the additional work involved over a longer period of time.
Mr. Micheau replied that arrangements have been made with both the yard waste recycle center as well
as the metal recycle center to allow the same quantity of material that has been collected in the past at
no charge to the county during the voucher period.
6.6 Press Release – Crime Rate – Cmmr. Johnson presented a press release stating the crime rate in the
unincorporated area of Mason County is down ten percent since 1998. Criminal Justice consumes
close to 64% of the Current Expense budget and encompasses many areas. The original Mason
County 2004 adopted budget provides for the following: Sheriff’s Offices, District Court, Probation
Services, Clerk of Superior Court, Juvenile Services, Juvenile Detention, Prosecutor, Child Support
Enforcement, Superior Court and Family Court.
Open Forum for Citizen Input - None
Adoption of Agenda – Cmmr. Baze/Kamin moved and seconded to adopt the agenda as presented. Motion
carried unanimously. B-aye; K-aye; J-aye.
Approval of Consent Agenda:
9.1 Approval of resolution increasing the Veteran’s Assistance benefit to $600 per calendar year.
Reolution No. 79-04 (Exhibit A)
9.2 Approval of a resolution to affirm Mason County’s election to receive National Forest Related SafetyNet Payments under P.L. 106-393 as approved by Resolution 84-01. Resolution No. 80-04
(Exhibit B)
9.3 Approval of a resolution setting a public hearing on October 5, 2004 at 9:30 am in the Commission
Chambers to consider a budget transfer to the 2004 Budget for the Current Expense Fund Ending Fund
Balance in the estimated amount of $(372,758) and Current Expense Departments in the total amount
of $372,758. Resolution No. 81-04 (Exhibit C)
9.4 Approval of a resolution setting a public hearing on October 5, 2004 at 9:30 a.m. in the Commission
Chambers to consider a supplemental appropriation to the 2004 budget for the Treasurer’s M&O Fund
in the estimated amount of $62,000. Resolution No. 82-04 (Exhibit D)
9.5 Approval of Veterans Assistance Fund application for: Roy K. (Mrs. Rose) Oster – utilities $100.00.
9.6 Approval of Warrants
Claims Clearing Fund
Salary Clearing Fund
9.7 Approval for the ER&R Manager to surplus certain vehicles, miscellaneous computer equipment and
machinery that is obsolete or failed.
9.8 Approval to execute the joint funding agreement No. 05W4WA03400 with the US Department of the
Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, for the period October 1, 2004 to September 30, 2005. This is for
gaging stations in the Skokomish River Basin and the County’s cost is $3,370.
AUGUST 17, 2004 - PAGE 3
9.9 Approval for the Chairperson to sign the Rural Arterial Program (RAP) Prospectus submittals for grant
moneys in the amount of $2,900,000 to reconstruct/rehabilitate sections of the following county roads:
Trails Road (mp .40 to 1.59), Highland Road (mp 0.00 to 1.50), and Cloquallum Road (mp 5.85 to
9.10 Approval to award the contract for CRP 1720, Satsop-Cloquallum Road to the second lowest bidder
Brumfield Construction, Inc. of Westport for their bid amount of $139,638 and authorize the Chair to
execute the contract and all other pertinent documentation. The lowest bidder, JX Construction,
submitted a bid in the amount of $136,649.75 but was unable to provide a bid bond.
9.11 Approval to set a public hearing on Tuesday, October 19, 2004; 9:30 a.m. to consider a petition by
Graciela Velasco for vacation of the following right-of-way: Eastlerly 10 feet of alley adjacent to Lots
18, 19, and 20 of Block 21 (Parcel #32232-50-21018); in the Plat of Hoods Canal Land & Improvement
Cos. Addition to Union City, on file in the Mason County Auditor’s office, Volume 1, Page 9 book of
plats, recorded on March 16, 1889. Resolution No. 86-04 (Exhibit I)
9.12 Approval to set public hearing time on Tuesday, October 12, 2004 at 9:30 a.m. to review proposed
revisions to development standards contained in the Mason County Development Regulations,
Resource Ordinance, and Title 16 Plats and Subdivisions.
9.13 .Approval of DSHS Agreement Number 0463-57406 (Foster Care Passport Program) between DSHS
and Mason County Department of Health Services. The maximum consideration amount for this
contract is $40,788 for the period of 08/09/2004 through 06/30/2005.
9.14 Approval of contract amendment #3 between Mason County Department of Health Services and
Amelia Cobb to add tobacco cessation visits effective July 1, 2004 and additional performance or work
methods that may be added in the future. Health shall charge a 20% fee per billable unit for work
9.15 Approval of a personal services contract with Michael Kander to develop a 2005 budget for 911
dispatch based on actual experience, where possible, in 2002, 2003 and the first half of 2004,
combined with a local assessment of revenue streams in 2005. The amount is $80 per hour, not to
exceed $2,000.
9.16 Approval to appoint Joel Pillers to the Mason County Lodging Tax Advisory Committee.
9.17 No objection to the following special occasion liquor license applications: Shelton Skookum Rotary
Club; October 2&3, 2004; Time: 9 am – 7 pm; Place: 1) Bistro Tent, 2) Small Hall; 3) Horse Arena;
4) Olympic Hall; and 5) Building 22, all at the Mason County Fairgrounds, Shelton.
9.18 Approval of the contract with the Shelton Skookum Rotary Club for the use of the Mason County
Fairgrounds for Oysterfest 2004.
Mr. Bill Tabor noted that a correction needed to be made on item 9.10. He stated JX Construction did
provide a bid bond but had to forfeit their bid because they were unable to get the contract bond.
Cmmr. Kamin discussed item 9.1 the appointment of Mr. Joe Pillers to the Mason County Lodging
Tax advisory Committee. She acknowledged several applications were received for the available
position on the committee. Mr. Pillers is the Belfair area manager for the Washington State Parks
Department. The Commissioners felt his expertise would be an asset to the Committee.
Cmmr. Kamin/Baze moved and seconded to approve consent agenda items 9.1 through 9.18 as
presented with the correction to item 9.10, changing bid bond to contract bond. Motion carried
unanimously. J-aye; B-aye; J-aye.
10. 9:30 a.m. Public Hearings and Items Set for a Certain Time
10.1Public hearing to consider adopting the resolution to amend the fee schedule for the Current Use
Assessment Programs and Designated Forest Land. The recommended fee is $250 per application.
Staff: Mr. Ron Henrickson, County Administrator recommended an amendment to Resolution No. 2600. He stated the Current Use Assessment Fees for the Programs have not been increased since 2000.
AUGUST 17, 2004 - PAGE 4
Presently the fee for the Current Use Programs is $90 and the Designated Forest Land fee is $30. The
Assessor’s office surveyed the surrounding counties and the average application fee is $250. After
assessing the survey the recommendation was made to increase the application fees.
Cmmr. Kamin asked how many applications are received each year.
Mr. Henrickson replied, approximately a dozen per year and it varies each year.
Public Comment – None
Cmmr. Baze/Kamin moved and seconded to approve Resolution No. 83-04 amending Resolution
No. 26-00 to increase the fee to $250 for each application for the Current Use Assessment
Program of Farm and Agricultural Land, Open Space Land and Timber Land and for each
application for Designated Forest Land. Motion carried unanimously. J-aye; B-aye; J-aye.
Resolution No. 83-04 (Exhibit E)
10.2 Public hearing to consider a supplemental appropriation to the 2004 budget for the Current Expense
Fund in the amount of $420,000 and the Reserve for Accrued Leave Fund in the amount of $400,000.
Staff: Mr. Todd Barr presented a request to use the unanticipated $400,000 in timber harvest revenue
to help fund the Current Expense Fund liability for payoffs of accrued leave. Mr. Barr said that recent
analysis indicated approximately 41 Current Expense Fund employees will be eligible for retirement
during the period 7/2004 through 2007. The estimated cost for the payoffs of accrued leave for the
retirees would exceed $891,000. The payoff is in addition to the normal annual payoffs for employees
leaving county employment. At the end of July 2004 expenditures of $150,195 were made from the
Current Expense Fund liability for payoffs of accrued leave.
Mr. Barr also requested the unanticipated beginning fund balance in the Current Expense Fund be used
for the Hearings Examiner additional estimated $20,000 to meet the costs of the hearings for the
remainder of 2004.
Cmmr. Johnson clarified there were two separate items requested. Augmenting the Hearings Examiner
Budget of funds coming from the beginning fund balance and a transfer to the Accrued Leave Fund
with proceeds from the unanticipated timber harvest revenue.
Cmmr. Baze asked if the unanticipated timber harvest revenue was a one-time deal because of high
timber prices.
Mr. Barr replied that was correct, and commented that the projections for next year have been adjusted.
Cmmr. Johnson asked if the liability is high because the accrued leave benefits have been accruing
over time, and also because they are projected until 2007.
Mr. Barr replied a large part of the accrued leave benefits were for the Sheriffs office. There are
several employees that have twenty to thirty years of service that are anticipating retirement. The goal
is to be prepared for the upcoming liabilities.
Public Comment - None
Cmmr. Kamin/Baze moved and seconded to approve supplemental appropriation to the 2004
Budget for the Current Expense Fund in the amount of $420,000 and the Reserve for Accrued
AUGUST 17, 2004 - PAGE 5
Leave Fund in the amount of $400,000. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; K-aye; J-aye.
(Exhibit F)
10.3 Public hearing to consider the proposed Property Management Ordinance amendments and additions.
Staff: Darren Nienaber, Prosecuting Attorney presented a proposed new property management
ordinance which establishes a comprehensive set of procedures for management and disposal of county
surplus real and personal property and leases. Mr. Nienaber said the processed was started about two
years ago. He said there is a number of properties that have been acquired through tax foreclosure.
Many of the properties are worth very little. Some of them are wet lands and stream buffers that the
prior owners didn’t have interest in paying the taxes on. There are a few pieces of property that are
valuable. But because there wasn’t a clear process for disposing of real and personal property as well
as property management in general numerous properties have been in County ownership and off of the
tax rolls for a long time. A committee was formed to come up with an alternative procedure for
managing the properties. The committee obtained a copy of both Lewis and Clark County Property
Management Ordinances to review and use as a tool to writing the Mason County Ordinance. The
committee found they didn’t need to reinvent the wheel and is using most of the Lewis County
Ordinance with the exception of real property management because they like certain aspects of Clark
County property management procedures. Clark County specifically authorizes a realtor to market
specific County owned real property. Mr. Nienaber said King County also has specific code authority
for a realtor to market property. It was felt by some of the committee members that a public auction
doesn’t always get the highest yield. It is possible that some of the people that purchase county
auctioned properties are investors that turn around and resale it for a higher price. So the thought is if
the property is open on the market for six months through a realtor instead of a one-day auction a true
market price could be obtained.
Cmmr. Baze clarified that the only option for disposing of property under the current Ordinance is
through a one-day auction.
Mr. Nienaber stated that was true with the exception of County Road Projects and a few other minor
Cmmr. Baze asked if the policy was designed to give other avenues to dispose of and sell properties
for the best benefit of the county.
Mr. Nienaber said it was his understanding the county has to auction property that would be
realistically considered junk. Under the current ordinance there would have to be a public auction for
even items considered to be junk. With the new proposed ordinance it would allow the department
director to dispose of the property.
Cmmr. Johnson asked if there was a limitation on value where the director could dispose of those
Mr. Nienaber replied if it was deemed worthless.
Cmmr. Baze questioned it the department director would have the authority to deem the item
Mr. Nienaber said that was correct and as an example it would be like a broken calculator. The
department head could deem it worthless and dispose of it.
Cmmr. Baze asked if under the current ordinance would it need to be brought before a Commissioner
meeting to be deemed worthless before it could be disposed of.
AUGUST 17, 2004 - PAGE 6
Mr. Dave Loser, ER&R Manager replied that the worthless items were put up for auction and if they
didn’t sell they were then deemed worthless and thrown in the dumpster.
Mr. Nienaber said the other benefit to the proposed ordinance was it clearly creates a position for a
property manager, and establishes a property management committee to be comprised of various
county employees. The property manager will continuously work on the properties.
Cmmr. Johnson questioned Mr. Nienaber who the property manager would be.
Mr. Nienaber stated the ordinance authorizes the functions to be divided by the job responsibilities so
the duties wouldn’t be on any particular person it would be divided between Budget and Finance, Ione
Siegler and Facilities and Park manager, Mike Rutter. Mr. Rutter has physical hands in all of the parts
of the county, so the committee thought it would be good for him to manage the physical aspects of the
property and Ms. Siegler would manage the inventory management aspect.
Cmmr. Johnson questioned if it identified a position that would manage the property.
Mr. Nienaber stated that there is not an action required on who would do the job at this time.
Cmmr. Johnson commented it appears that the proposed ordinance streamlines and gives more options
that would produce more revenue for the county in the case of properties that are of some value.
Mr. Nienaber replied that was the hope and goals of the committee. He also pointed out the new
ordinance was lengthy, new and hadn’t been tested in certain respects and may need minor
amendments in the future for flexibility where needed.
Cmmr. Johnson asked if it has been working well in the other counties.
Mr. Nienaber replied that is has been working well for the both Lewis and Clark County.
Public Comment – None
Cmmr. Baze/Kamin moved and seconded to approve Ordinance 84-04 to establish a
comprehensive set of procedures for management and disposal of county surplus real and
personal property and leases. Motion carried unanimously. K-aye; B-aye; J-aye. Ordinance No.
84-04 (Exhibit G)
10.4 Public hearing to consider setting the speed limit at 30 miles per hour on that portion of Haven Way
from milepost 0.00 to milepost 0.80. Staff: Bill Tabor presented a correction to the resolution 69-04
approved August 17, 2004 established the speed limit to 40 mph. It was the intent to increase the
speed limit to 40 miles per hour only on the portion of Haven Way, which was newly constructed. Mr.
Tabor requested a correction for the portion outside of the construction area from milepost 0.00 to
milepost 0.80 to be set back to the original 30 mph speed limit.
Cmmr. Johnson thanked Mr. Tabor for providing the map that showed the milepost locations.
Mr. Tabor stated milepost 0.00 started at Mt. View Drive and runs south to milepost 0.80, which is at
the intersection of Rhododendron Boulevard and Haven Way.
Cmmr. Johnson asked it the new construction began at the milepost 0.80 intersection and went south
from there.
AUGUST 17, 2004 - PAGE 7
Mr. Tabor replied that was correct.
Public Comment – None
Cmmr. Kamin/Baze moved and seconded to approve Resolution 85-04 setting the speed limit at
30 miles per hour on that portion of Haven Way from milepost 0.00 to milepost 0.80. Motion
carried unanimously. B-aye; K-aye; J-aye. Resolution No. 85-04 (Exhibit H)
11. Other Business (Department Heads and Elected Officials) - None
12. Administration – None
13. Adjournment - The meeting adjourned at 10:04 am.
Wesley E. Johnson, Chairperson
Jayni L. Kamin, Commissioner
Rebecca S. Rogers, Clerk of the Board
Herb Baze, Commissioner
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