Resource Guide for Administrative Assistants

Resource Guide for Administrative Assistants
Resource Guide
Academic and
Administrative Assistants
Did You Know? ............................................................................................................................ 1
Common Responsibilities of an Academic Administrative Assistant ................................... 10
Common Responsibilities of an Administrative Assistant ..................................................... 13
Catering Services ....................................................................................................................... 15
College Bookstore....................................................................................................................... 17
Department of Public Safety ..................................................................................................... 19
Event and Facility Scheduling .................................................................................................. 19
Facilities Services ....................................................................................................................... 20
Financial Services....................................................................................................................... 21
General Ledger, Reporting & Financial Systems ............................................................. 21
Procurement ......................................................................................................................... 25
Cashier and Notary Service ................................................................................................ 27
Accounts Payable ................................................................................................................. 28
Payroll ................................................................................................................................... 30
Human Resources ...................................................................................................................... 31
IKON Management Services .................................................................................................... 34
Central Duplicating Services .............................................................................................. 34
Post Office ............................................................................................................................. 35
Information Technology: IT Help Desk................................................................................... 37
Instructional Technology & Training ...................................................................................... 38
Musselman Library: General Information ............................................................................. 39
Music and Media .................................................................................................................. 40
Reserves ................................................................................................................................ 41
Interlibrary Loan ................................................................................................................. 42
Circulation ............................................................................................................................ 43
Reference and Instruction ................................................................................................... 44
Provost Office ............................................................................................................................. 44
Registrar ..................................................................................................................................... 44
Telecommunications .................................................................................................................. 49
Transportation Services ............................................................................................................ 51
(Revised December 2010)
Did You Know?
CARE Group
(Concern, Assessment, Response, Evaluation)
The purpose of the CARE Group is two-fold: to work with the campus community to identify
specific students who may be showing signs of distress or other issues and ensure that they are
getting the support and resources they need in order to succeed academically and socially at
Gettysburg College, and to coordinate education and develop communication protocols so that all
members of our community understand when and how to refer students to the CARE Group. CARE
will work with the community to refer all students of concern to the Dean of Students office (CUB
220) at (717) 337-6921. Community members may also email Dean Julie Ramsey
([email protected]) or Jeff Foster ([email protected]).
In cases where someone may suffer imminent harm, the Department of Public Safety should be
contacted immediately at (717) 337-6911.
For more information about CARE go to
College Digest
Various announcements may be posted on the College Digests, e.g., lectures, events, items for sale.
Log into CNAV. Go to My Place/My Digest Tools/My Digest Submit. Check the box beside the
Digests to which you want to post (there is a separate For Sale Digest). Complete the form and
submit. There are certain characters used by Word that are not recognized by the Digest software;
therefore, you should either type directly into the space allowed or save your Word document as
plain text before transferring the information over.
Campus ID
All employees are required to have a College ID card. The ID Office is located in the Dining Hall.
Contact x6326 to make an appointment. Please send an email to Ginny Rinehart
([email protected]) before arriving at the ID Office and inform her of the names of any
dependents who will need a card (their names must be entered into the system before a card can be
issued to them).
Your ID card is used in the Gettysburg College Bookstore to charge items to departments or to
receive a 10% employee discount on purchases; to check out materials from Musselman Library; to
print posters in the Library‘s Digital Center; and to use the Weight/Fitness Rooms. Declining
dollars can be placed on it for use at the College Dining facilities.
Fitness On Campus
Gettysburg College offers its employees a host of wellness activities in which to participate -physical fitness, nutrition counseling, wellness programs, and much more. You may need to show
your College ID and/or you may need to register for some of the programs.
The Center for Athletics, Fitness, & Recreation
Inside this 55,000 square-foot facility you will discover a climbing and
bouldering wall, state of the art fitness area, multipurpose room, pool with
eight competition lanes, warm up pool, and a Smoothie/Juice bar serving a
variety of delicious and nutritious food choices. At The Center‘s main
desk, participants have the opportunity to borrow recreation equipment
such as basketballs, soccer balls, badminton rackets, etc. The Center offers
the latest cardio and strength training equipment on the market. Participants will enjoy working out
while watching their favorite programs on one of the four flat screened TVs. The fitness area is
equipped with an array of treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, exercise bikes, rowing machines, stair
climbers, free weights, weight benches, and weight machines in an effort to help our community
achieve their fitness goals.
For more information and hours of operation, please see
Fitness Off Campus
The Gettysburg community has several fitness facilities in town. Additionally, the battlefield is a
great place to run/walk/bike.
YWCA. 909 Fairfield Road, Gettysburg.
Gettysburg Health & Fitness. 1080 Chambersburg Road, Gettysburg.
Curves for Women. 1707 Old Harrisburg Rd., Gettysburg.
Club 50 Fitness of Gettysburg. 1400 Proline Place (off Rt. 30 E. behind Harley Davidson)
Go Sport. 3101 Biglerville Rd., Biglerville. 717-677-0300; and 16 Deatrick Dr., Gettysburg
(behind Tom‘s Convenience Store on Rt. 116), 717-337-3300. You do not have to be a former
client in order to use the facilities and the monthly fee is comparable to other fitness centers.
Computing/phone/visual tech problems
The Helpdesk is the central location for solving computer and facilities problems at Gettysburg
College. For computing/phone/visual tech problems, call x7000 or send an email to
[email protected] You can also log into CNAV, choose My Place, then Helpdesk, and
follow the prompts to submit a request.
Facilities needs/problems
Call x6700. You can also log into CNAV, choose My Place, then Helpdesk, and follow the prompts
to submit a request.
Web problems
For technical problems pertaining to College web pages, log into CNAV, choose My Place, then
Helpdesk, and follow the prompts to submit a request.
On-Campus Eating
There are six places in which to dine on campus. The fare ranges from entrees to subs, sandwiches,
soups, and pizzas. Declining dollars can be placed on your College ID card for use at College
dining facilities. A 10% discount will be given when using Dining Dollars.
Specialty Dining. Employees have access to sit-down dining at the Specialty Dining side of
the Dining Hall. It is open Monday - Friday from 11:45 a.m. - 1:15 p.m. (summer hours are
12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m., Monday – Thursday). The fare ranges from entrees, salad bar, soups
and breads, and dessert bar. The all-you-can-eat fee includes fare from the student side during
the academic year. Reservations are suggested for lunch parties of six or more guests and
private areas; call ext. 6387. Students are permitted to use Specialty Dining when
accompanied by an employee.
The Dive. The Dive is located in the Athletic Center with a great view of the swimming
pool, fitness center, and climbing walls. The fare is a healthy alternative option of
wraps, salads, smoothies, yogurt parfaits, bagel sandwiches and other nutritious
snacks. It is open Monday – Thursday, 8 a.m. - 10:00 p.m., Fridays 8:00 a.m. 9:00 p.m., and Saturdays 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Hours will vary during the
summer months.
Bullet Hole. The Bullet Hole is a quick-pick-up eatery located in the College
Union Building. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner fare includes burgers, fries,
made-to-order subs, pre-made salads, a variety of drinks, and breakfast items (bagels and
breakfast sandwiches). The Bullet Hole is open Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 11:00
p.m.; and Saturday – Sunday from noon - 11:00 p.m. (academic year). Their hours of
operation differ during the summer months.
Ike’s. Ike‘s is located on the second floor of the College Union Building, just above the
Bullet Hole. The fare is Italian and Japanese fusion which includes pizza and sushi. Ike‘s is
open for lunch and dinner Monday – Thursday (11:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.), Friday (11:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m.), and closed Saturday/Sunday and during the summer.
Commons Café. Commons Café is located in the main lobby of the College Union
Building. During the academic year, it is open Monday – Thursday (7:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.),
Friday (7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.), Saturday (11:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.), and Sunday (12:00 noon 8:00 p.m.). Patrons can enjoy Starbucks beverages, soups and salads, snacks, pastries,
candy, and drinks. One can also find newspapers and sundries.
Dining Center. This is the main student dining hall. They are open daily for breakfast,
lunch, and dinner. Please check website for hours of operation and daily menu.
Liberal Leave for Inclement Weather
During periods of liberal leave, employees may use flex-time as described under the Human
Resources inclement weather policy. For more information, visit the Human Resources website.
Please see:
Parking Permit
On-campus parking is available to employees. Employees may register
their vehicles for free. Log onto CNAV, Go to My Place/My Safety and
Security Forms/Vehicle Registration. The permit must be displayed
while parked in College lots. The Borough of Gettysburg monitors
street parking -- read street signs carefully to avoid Borough parking
tickets. The College assumes no liability for personal property left in vehicles.
Special parking permits may be issued to employees with permanent or temporary disabilities.
Pay & Benefits
Within the first few weeks of hire, full-time employees will meet with a staff member from Human
Resources to review the employee‘s benefits package. This meeting is very important as HR staff
will explain benefit options in detail, such as medical, dental, life and retirement plans.
Please see
Payment Options at Campus Locations
Gettysburg College makes it easy to pay for food on campus.
Cash can be presented at any of the above establishments. For your convenience, there are two
PNC Bank ATM machines located in the College Union Building. One is in the Bullet Hole area
and the other is just outside the door leading from the College Union Building Information Desk
to Lincoln Avenue.
Employees can place ―dining dollars‖ on their ID cards. Money can be placed on the card
through payroll deductions (form available at the Payroll Office or Human Resources, both
located in Penn Hall). Money can also be added to a card with cash or check at the Dining Hall
Payroll Deductions
Employees can request various deductions from their paychecks. Below is a list of those
Dining Services. Have money placed on your ID card for on-campus food purchases. Contact Dining Services.
Flex Spending Account. Contact Human Resources.
Weight Watchers. Contact Diann Cooper, Biology Department.
YWCA. Contact Human Resources.
Donations. Annual Fund, United Way, Orange & Blue Club, Scholarship
Fund. Contact the Development Office.
Computer Purchase. Contact Human Resources.
College Bookstore Purchases. Contact Payroll Office.
Peoplesoft? CNAV? Angel? Don’t worry if you are confused! The three systems have some amount of overlap and share a lot of
information, so figuring out which one to use at any given time can be a problem. All three systems can
be accessed from the Employee landing page of the College website. To access PeopleSoft you need to
log into CNAV.
This is a home-grown campus portal. CNAV, the College’s Curriculum Navigation system, contains a wide
variety of tools -- a campus directory, a tool to create and manage groups of people, time sheet tools, a
place to enter digest messages, submit help desk requests, a reservation system, and much more. CNAV can
be accessed from the Employee landing page of the College website.
This is the main system of record for the campus. It contains student records, a list of courses, “unofficial
transcripts,” “Degree Progress Report, a list of the majors within the office administrators department,
including their GPAs and other important information, course rosters with pictures of the students, pay records,
classroom inventory, etc. PeopleSoft is listed as Faculty/Student Center on CNAV.
This is the campus’ leading academic management system. Faculty can use this site for all of their classes to
post syllabi and other documents, get students’ papers through a drop box, talk in discussion forums and use
an on-line grade book to compute class grades. Faculty often give assistants permission to post information
on their class sites. For Angel training, please contact Sharon Birch at x6990.
Angel can be accessed from the Employee landing page of the College website.
Pillars Appreciation Program
This program is designed to provide the means to recognize and reward staff,
administrators and faculty who make a contribution "above-and-beyond the call of
duty" and demonstrate the spirit that makes Gettysburg College a great place to work.
For more information, please see
Support Staff Council
The Support Staff Council is committed to improving the quality of working life of support staff of
Gettysburg College, serving as an active voice on their behalf, and building a sense of community
among support staff, faculty, administrators, and students. The Support Staff Council works through
a committee-type structure to address issues affecting support staff. Council oversees the following
three committees: Employee Relations, Training and Development, and Communications. The
responsibility of each committee is determined by Council. Representatives are elected to represent
the following areas: Dining Services, Facilities Services, Public Safety and paraprofessional/clerical
staff. For more information, please see
Voice Mail
The College‘s voice mail system is called Call Pilot. Each
office phone has the voice mail system available. Your
telephone will ring four times. If no one answers, the call will
transfer to voice mail.
How to Access Your Voice Mail
xxxx# Enter mailbox number (extension) followed by #.
xxxx# Enter your password followed by #.
Record Your Name
Record your name (ex: Monica Smith). A caller from on campus
will hear this when they first access your mailbox, assuring them
that they reached the correct person.
Log into the system by following the instructions above to
access your voice mail.
829 Enter the personal verification command.
To end recording.
On-Campus Calls: Dial a four-digit
extension number.
Outside Line: Dial 9.
The first time you log onto the voice mail system, you will be
forced to change your temporary password. The password for your
first log-in will be 337 plus your voicemail box number.
To record. State your name.
On-Campus Emergency: x6911
7400 Dial the Call Pilot number (off campus is 717-337-7400)
Local Calls: The following
exchanges are local calls: 334,
337, 338, 339, 253, 321, 398, 420,
549, 678 and 752 (Gettysburg),
357, 677, 778 (Biglerville), 457,
642 (Fairfield). Dial 9 + phone
number. Please note: If you dial
9+1+717+local number, you will
be charged a toll charge.
All Other Calls: Dial 9 + 1 + area
code + phone number. Once you hear
the dial tone, enter your long distance
access code.
Record Your Greetings
Record an external greeting for callers from off campus and an
internal greeting for callers on campus.
Log into the system by following the instructions above to
access your voice mail.
Mailbox commands.
Enter greeting command.
External greeting command. Follow the prompts.
Internal greeting command. Follow the prompts.
Temporary greeting command. Follow the prompts.
You can contact the Telecom Office at
x6918. Easy instructions on how to
use the telephones, set up voice mail,
and dial internationally are available
Choose Telecommunications link.
-----------------------------Keep your voice mailbox cleaned
out! If your mailbox becomes full, it
will not accept any further messages
and you will not be able to forward
messages. All you will be able to do
is delete what you already have
Playing Your Messages
After logging into your voice mail, the system will announce the number of new, unheard messages and will
automatically begin to play them. You will be told the date of the message and phone number from which it
came. Use the following commands to manage your messages.
Log into system. System automatically plays unheard messages.
Play message (skip date/phone number information).
Go to next message.
Go to previous message.
76 Delete message.
Forwarding Messages
To forward a message you have received to another campus extension.
Go to the message you received in your mailbox.
Enter the ―forward message‖ command.
Enter the list of mailboxes, separated by #‘s.
Enter # twice after last entry.
Include your comments with the forwarded message.
Send the message.
Just an FYI
Faculty Meetings. The full faculty meets every month during the academic year on the first and third
Thursdays to discuss and decide academic policy. Meetings start promptly at 4:00 p.m.
Friday Faculty Luncheons. All faculty are invited to share their scholarly research with colleagues at a
Friday lunch.
Friday Afternoon Social Hour -- FASH. Various departments on campus volunteer to host FASH in
conjunction with the Provost’s Office. FASH begins at 4:30 and is open to all College faculty, staff, and
administrators. Light refreshments and beverages are provided. This is an excellent opportunity to meet and
mingle in an informal atmosphere! Watch your Digest for further information on FASH!
Employee Perks
Athletic Events
Brown bag events sponsored by the Support Staff Council
Discount at Bookstore
o Faculty and Staff discount - Ten percent on any item already in stock, except for sale items and
special exceptions.
o Alumni discount - One percent for each year graduated up to 50 percent, on any item already in stock,
except for sale items and special exceptions.
Educational Opportunities for Employees, Spouses, and Children (see HR webpage for eligibility)
o Support Staff Development Grants
o Tuition Exchange Program
o Tuition Credit/Grant
o Tuition Aid for Support Staff Outside of Gettysburg College
o Course audit/Degree credit
Employee Discount for Personal Cell Phones (contact Telecom for further information)
Fitness Facility
o The Center for Athletics, Recreation, and Fitness
Information Technology Services (located on the ground floor of Musselman Library)
o Borrow Equipment: Digital Still Cameras, Digital Voice Recorders, DVD players, Projectors,
Screens, Tripods, and Video Cameras (for employees only)
o Burn DVDs and make copies
o Check out CDs, DVDs, and Videos
Lectures/ Programs
Majestic Theatre Events
Musselman Library Privileges for Employees, Spouses, and Dependents
o Attend events and exhibits
o Browse current periodicals and magazines
o Check out books
o Photocopy
o Read newspapers and academic journals
o Use Interlibrary Loan (employees and spouses—not for dependents)
o Use Microfilm/Microfiche machines
Participate in GRAB Expeditions
Student Shows/ Performances/ Presentations
Common Responsibilities of an Academic Administrative Assistant
Contact: Barbara Herman, Assistant to the Provost for Budget and Academic Support
Location: Provost, Pennsylvania Hall
Extension: 6827
The following are performed by most academic administrative assistants. Many of the details for
completing these responsibilities are found throughout the resource guide. Please contact the
Human Resources Office for a copy of your full position description.
Academic Administrative Assistants are usually the receptionists for the department or program.
They answer the departmental office phone and assist students and other people who come to the
Responsibility to the Department Chairperson/Program Coordinator and Other Faculty
The primary responsibility of the assistant is to the Chair or Coordinator of the department or
program. It is the chairperson/coordinator who is the supervisor for the assistant and who is
responsible for that individual‘s evaluation. The assistant also works for the other faculty members
in the department or program. Those responsibilities include (but are not limited to) final
preparations of course syllabi and examinations, ordering supplies, assistance with check requests,
interdepartmental transfers, and travel arrangements. It may be helpful to keep a copy of the
syllabus for each class within the department/program so as to anticipate reserve readings or exams.
The assistant may be asked to assist department/program faculty in their absence, e.g., distributing
various course materials to classes, showing in-class films, cancelling classes. A faculty member
may ask for assistance in reserving rooms and ordering food for various class functions.
In most departments or programs, the assistant is responsible for maintaining the department budget
by keeping track of expenditures, reconciling records with reports, and processing invoices for
supplies. Each department/program is given an account number and all bills need to be paid through
the Financial Services Office. Copies should be made of all bills for internal department records.
Some faculty members may request that the assistant keep track of their grant information.
Assistants are usually issued a Gettysburg College purchasing card to which departmental purchases
may be charged. The assistant is responsible for reconciling the purchasing card each month and
may be asked to reconcile the chairperson‘s/coordinator‘s College purchasing card as well. Note:
Postage is automatically charged to your budget and normally you will not receive a receipt.
Transportation and on-campus dining are also charged automatically; however, you will receive
billing notices via email.
Department Liaison
Assistants are often viewed as the liaisons between various offices on campus and the faculty within
the departments or programs. It is therefore important to relay any information in a clear and timely
Assistants may maintain correspondence with various people through letters and phone calls. It is
recommended that accurate records be kept on the computer for future use and in a filing system for
historical references.
Department Meetings
Some assistants may be asked to attend department meetings and record the minutes.
Textbook Order
The Gettysburg College Bookstore sends the assistant of each department/program the previous
records of the books that were ordered for past courses. These forms should be distributed to the
appropriate professors who should then return them to the assistant upon completion. The assistant
then places an order for the textbooks by bringing or mailing all of the forms for the department to
the College Bookstore. Copies of textbook orders may be retained for record keeping purposes.
Assistants may be asked to order desk copies for faculty.
The assistant will contact Telecommunications to set up new faculty numbers, long-distance codes,
accounts, and initial passwords.
Assistants often send items to IKON Management Services to be printed. IKON is contracted to
supply toner cartridges for department copiers, as well as paper for department machines. Paper for
photocopiers is free; there is a charge for printer paper.
Student Workers
Many departments employ student workers. The assistants may be asked to have some degree of
supervisory role for the workers, such as assigning and overseeing work, and approving bi-weekly
time sheets.
Course Evaluations
A common course evaluation has been designed by faculty consent. Details for implementation of
this process are distributed by the Provost‘s Office near the end of each semester. The assistant will
order course evaluation forms from IKON and distribute them to each instructor; evaluations must
be used in every course taught. The College form may be supplemented with an
instructor/department designed evaluation. If a faculty member chooses to administer this process in
paper form (as opposed to on-line), assistants are responsible for organizing that process for each
course. The forms are to be administered in class during the last two weeks of the term -- not earlier
nor during the final exam. The faculty will distribute the forms to the students and designate a
student to collect the forms and return them to the assistant in the provided envelope. The assistant
will count and number each evaluation in the packet as it is returned, retaining the data for
department/program records. Faculty may review their evaluations after final grades have been
submitted. Chairs are required to read all evaluations. Course evaluations must be submitted as
required material in the dossier for pre-tenure, tenure, and promotion evaluations.
Faculty Searches
The assistant is instrumental in organizing searches for new faculty members. This may include
letters acknowledging applications, preparation of interview schedules, making transportation
arrangements and hotel accommodations, making lunch/dinner reservations, and sending letters
informing candidates when they are no longer under consideration.
External Reviews
The assistant periodically coordinates gathering of information for external reviews of the
department/program and compiles necessary data. The assistant may arrange travel and lodging,
make various room reservations including lunch/dinner reservations, and set up itineraries.
Event Planning
The assistant may be asked to assist in scheduling and coordinating events.
Webpage Liaison
Some assistants may be asked to design, create, and maintain department/program web pages and to
serve as a web liaison.
Equipment Maintenance
The assistant is often relied upon to maintain the equipment in the department such as overhead
projectors, printers, and photocopy machines. For example, the assistant may be asked to replace
toner and paper as needed; or to call or to email the IT Helpdesk or IKON to arrange for repair of
various departmental machines.
Common Responsibilities of an Administrative Assistant
Contact: Jennifer Lucas, Co-Director of Human Resources and Risk Management
Location: Human Resources, Pennsylvania Hall
Extension: 6202
The following are performed by most administrative assistants. Many of the details for completing
these responsibilities are found throughout the resource guide. Please contact the Human Resources
Office for a copy of your full position description.
In some offices, the assistant is responsible for maintaining the department budget by keeping track
of expenditures, reconciling records with reports, and processing invoices. Each department/office
is given an account number and all bills need to be paid through the Financial Services Office.
Copies should be made of all bills for internal department records. Some assistants are issued a
Gettysburg College purchasing card to which departmental purchases may be charged. The
assistant is responsible for reconciling the purchasing card each month and may be asked to
reconcile the supervisor‘s purchasing card as well. Note: Postage is automatically charged to your
budget and normally you will not receive a receipt. Transportation and on-campus dining are also
charged automatically; however, you will receive billing notices via email.
Administrative assistants typically maintain office calendars for one or more supervisors and
schedule various on- and off-campus meetings, conference calls and webinars as needed.
Assistants may maintain correspondence with various people through letters and phone calls. It is
recommended that accurate records be kept on the computer for future use and in a filing system for
historical references.
Equipment Maintenance
The assistant is often relied upon to maintain the equipment in the department such as overhead
projectors, printers, and photocopy machines. For example, the assistant may be asked to replace
toner and paper as needed; or to call or email the IT Helpdesk or IKON to arrange for repair of
various departmental machines.
Event Planning
The assistant may be asked to assist in scheduling and coordinating events. This may involve
reserving rooms through R25, requested catering services and any technology needs.
Assistants are often responsible for organizing and maintaining electronic and hard copy office
Most administrative assistants process incoming and outgoing mail for their office.
Meeting Minutes
Some assistants may be asked to attend various meetings and record minutes.
Office Supplies
Some administrative assistants may be responsible for inventory and ordering supplies for their
Assistants often send items to IKON Management Services to be printed. IKON is contracted to
supply toner cartridges for department copiers, as well as paper for department machines. Paper for
photocopiers is free; there is a charge for printer paper.
Administrative assistants are usually the receptionists for their office or department. They answer
the departmental office phone and assist students, faculty, staff and others who come to the office.
Student Workers
Many departments employ student workers. The assistant may be asked to have some degree of
supervisory role for the workers, such as assigning and overseeing work, and approving bi-weekly
time sheets.
Travel Arrangements
Administrative assistants may need to make hotel reservations and arrange transportation services
for one or more supervisors and/or guests of the office.
Webpage Liaison
Some assistants may be asked to design, create, and maintain department/office web pages and to
serve as a web liaison.
Planning Your Event
Arrangements for catered functions, meal exchanges, and pick-up
orders should be made as early as possible and no less than 5
business days in advance with the catering department. You can
make your arrangements by emailing Dean Anthony or Alice O'Brien. Please call to check on the
availability of services for the date before sending your order (717-337-6387, Monday through
Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)
ROOM RESERVATIONS - The following guidelines are provided by the Campus Event
Scheduling Department. Additional information may be obtained by contacting Cathy Zarrella.
Also see the Events and Facility Scheduling section in this guide for more information.
Use These Guidelines To Schedule Venue and Catering Services for All Events.
Important! A Room Reservation must be made before Catering can accept an order.
To Schedule New Events:
Please fill out the on-line event request form on the R25 website, accessed from the Employee
landing page, to request spaces and services for your event. Please submit your on-line event
request form at least five (5) working days in advance* of the event.
Example: If your event is on a Wednesday, the event request form must be submitted by 3:00 p.m.
the Wednesday prior to your event. Reports for Security and Facilities are generated in advance and
late requests will not be supported.
Exceptions to 5 day guideline:
*Any event that involves use of College Union Building Ballroom, Attic & Recital Hall, tents,
street closings, alcohol, or large attendance (over 200) must be submitted at least fifteen (15)
working days in advance.
*If Security or Catering Services are being requested or if the planned activities pose a greater than
normal liability risk, the event request form must be submitted at least fifteen (15) working days in
advance of the event.
Please contact [email protected] with any questions or for assistance with web system.
******Changes and cancellations are done via email, phone, or in person. Web system is for new
requests only!
Please contact Catering directly via email at [email protected] & [email protected]
You will need to provide your original R25 confirmation number (i.e. 2005-AAABDS) along with
your request.
Please Note: Gettysburg College Dining Services is the provider of all prepared foods served to
guests while on campus. ALL groups planning on providing food on campus must work through the
Catering Department. If Dining Services cannot meet your request, they will work with your
organization to ensure the provider is properly licensed and insured. At a minimum, others
providing food must meet the food handling requirements of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Prior to making any arrangements, please contact Dining Services at extension 6387.
General Information:
To keep your costs as low as possible, it is important to have an accurate count. A final guarantee of
attendance should be provided 5 full working days prior to your event. This amount of time is
required to ensure an adequate staff of attendants and sufficient quantities of food for your guests.
The number of guests you state will be the minimum guarantee and not subject to reduction. Any
increases in count after the stated time frame may result in additional charges for new costs incurred
above the quoted per person charge.
If it should become necessary to cancel your event please notify catering services immediately.
Cancellation fees depend upon costs already incurred at the time you cancel.
The catering department will determine staffing needs based on the size of your group, menu, style
of service and the location on campus. The rate for attendants is twenty dollars per service person
based on actual hours worked, with a four hour minimum. The set-up and breakdown is included in
this minimum.
Must be requested through facility services to include tables and chairs.
Gettysburg College's Dining Service does not purchase or supply alcoholic beverages for any
catered function. This is the responsibility of the sponsor. The College alcohol policy is explained in
the "Drug and Alcohol Policy" found on the Safety & Security web page. Also, please see the
Employee Handbook for more information.
For safety reasons and regulations by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, all nonconsumed foods are the property of Dining Services and cannot be removed by the guests.
All orders that are being delivered that total less than $50.00 may be charged a $20.00 delivery fee.
For your convenience the facility is open from 7:15 a.m. - 7:15 p.m. to pick up any orders.
Special requests.
Flowers, rental equipment, specialty linen, and tents.
Additional service staff if requested.
Loss or damage to Dining Services equipment and or supplies.
Cooks if requested to prepare foods at sight.
In addition to the catering menu on line, catering can provide bag lunches or meals for educational
programs and/or lectures. Please contact Catering about using student meal exchanges for these
requests and to learn in more detail how to use this value and the procedure to follow.
The College Bookstore is located in the lobby of the College Union Building.
College Bookstore Hours:
Semester Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.; Saturday 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Sunday CLOSED
Summer Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Saturday/Sunday CLOSED
Textbook Requisitions
The assistant serves as the liaison between the College Bookstore and faculty
concerning textbook requisitions. Textbook requisition forms are electronic and
access is provided via the College Bookstore website to the assistant and
faculty. Please contact the textbook manager for user name and password
information. Textbook requisition history is available upon request
for previous semesters. The assistant or faculty member completes textbook requisition forms then
transmits to the College Bookstore. This may require sending reminders to the faculty members to
complete the forms. Returning textbook requisitions in a timely manner is critical. It is important to
follow up with the College Bookstore to insure that all textbook requisitions have been received.
The textbook manager sends email notifications to the assistant and faculty concerning textbook
information including; title updates, back order status, out of print status and new editions. This
information should be conveyed to the appropriate faculty member in a timely manner.
Contact: Michael Lippincott
Location: College Union Building
Email: [email protected]
Extension: 6379
Department Charge
During the summer months, the Gettysburg College Bookstore contacts assistants for a list of
faculty and staff authorized to purchase at the Bookstore. You may also authorize student assistants
to charge to your department. This authorized department charge account list can be amended at
any time during the school term. Please contact the College Bookstore‘s Accounting System
Coordinator for details.
Contact: Jeff Hovis
Location: College Union Building
Email: [email protected]
Extension: 6366
Gift Cards
Gettysburg College Bookstore gift cards can be ordered by the department via email. Please
include the name, amount, account to be charged, and name of the person who will be charging to
the department. Please allow two (2) business days for processing. During the holiday or
Commencement season please allow three (3) business days for processing. Please contact
the Office Specialist for details.
Contact: Wanda Luckenbaugh
Location: College Union Building
Email: [email protected]
Extension: 6363
Academic Apparel for Commencement and Fall Convocation
Regalia order forms are distributed to Faculty and Administrators in mid-February with a midMarch due date. Payment is required at time of ordering. Following Commencement or
Convocation, regalia is returned to the College Bookstore Office Specialist. New Faculty members
receive an order form in July for Fall Convocation. Please contact the Office Specialist for details.
Contact: Wanda Luckenbaugh
Location: College Union Building
Email: [email protected]
Extension: 6363
General Reading and Reference Department
The Gettysburg College Bookstore maintains a wide-variety of general reading and reference titles.
Browse its selection of Faculty/Staff, Alumni and New York Times Best Sellers. It also stocks
titles relating to Lincoln, Eisenhower, Literature, Women‘s Studies, Food and more. The Gettysburg
College Bookstore is your on-campus source for special orders. Please contact the General Book
Coordinator for details.
Contact: Michael Kotlinski
Location: College Union Building
Email: [email protected]
Extension: 6364
The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is committed to providing community service oriented
patrolling (CSOP) safety and security services designed to provide a safe and secure environment
where community members can work, live, and pursue their academic and professional endeavors.
Highlights of DPS:
In emergency situations, call x6911.
DPS will email Campus Safety Alerts in situations where they need to notify the campus
community of a serious incident.
Should you find yourself feeling unsafe walking to your vehicle or across campus alone at
night, call DPS for a Safety Escort at x6912.
You can report an Anonymous Tip on the DPS website at
For details or more information about the department please visit
To obtain access and training documents for this web system
Contact: Cathy Zarrella Scheduling Coordinator
Location: College Union Building
Email: [email protected]
Extension: 6302
What needs to be reserved/scheduled?
All College events including ANY event, lecture, review session, or meeting, both indoor and
outdoor, must be scheduled through the campus web scheduling system (R25).
Note: regular scheduled classes are scheduled by the Registrar’s Office. Changes to these
assignments are made by contacting the Registrar’s Office.
Scheduling ALL events/meetings/review sessions is KEY! Conflicts are avoided. Reports created
via the scheduling system are used throughout campus by numerous departments including DPS,
Facilities, Housekeeping and Grounds. For example, Facilities Services uses system reports weekly
to schedule heat or air conditioning. Proper scheduling will help prevent conflicts. The web system
can also be used to see the campus calendar as well as availability of space.
The Facilities Services Department maintains campus buildings and grounds, provides conference,
event, and transportation services and supports the growth of the College by playing an active role
in project management and master planning. The department operates out of the West Building and
the Central Energy Plant. For general departmental inquiries, please contact the Service Response
Center at x6700.
To submit work requests:
Work requests may be submitted for a number of reasons such as:
Lighting/light bulbs
Air conditioning
Broken furniture
Moving services
Used furniture inquiries
Lyceum setups
Building/directory signage
Event setups (CUB and Penn
Hall setups are through
Scheduling Coordinator)
Please call the Service Response Center at x6700 or log into your CNAV account and go to My
Place, My Helpdesk and choose the Facilities Helpdesk. The Service Response Center is open from
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. For after hours emergencies such as fire, flood, lack
of electricity/water/heat/air-conditioning, overflowing toilets or sinks, and lost keys, please call the
Department of Public Safety at x6911.
For information on Conferences and Events:
Please call Conference and Events Services at x6390.
Other frequently requested services:
Computer/cable/television/telephone requests: Please call the IT Helpdesk at x7000 or email
[email protected]
Vending machines/change machines/cash-to-card machines: Please call Vending at x8363.
Pennsylvania Hall
Office Hours 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Summer Hours 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
The most current information regarding the College‘s financial practices, policies, procedures,
forms, on-line resources, etc. is available from the main menus of the Financial Services web site.
Please see
General Accounting • 1 Floor Pennsylvania Hall • Extension 6224 – Sharon Kuhn
• Extension 6297 – Dawn Crockett
• Extension 6212 – Erann Bear
Financial Systems • 1 Floor Pennsylvania Hall • Extension 6217 – Sharon Strafalace
Controller • 1 Floor Pennsylvania Hall • Extension 6276 – Christine Hartman
PeopleSoft Financial System and Reporting
The Financial Services area utilizes PeopleSoft Financials software for General Ledger, Accounts
Payable, Payroll, and Student Account functions.
The General Ledger provides a record of all College financial transactions for the fiscal
The College‘s fiscal year begins June 1st and ends May 31st .
Budget to Actual Summary Reports summarize general ledger activity and are available via
CNAV to provide departments with necessary information to track your department‘s
budget and actual expenditures.
Additional information on accessing and understanding CNAV Departmental Budget reports
can be found under the General Accounting menu of the Financial Services website.
Additional reports are available from the general ledger at the departmental and
College level per request.
General Ledger Chart of Accounts
Gettysburg College‘s Chart of Accounts consists of many different funds that allow the College to
track certain activities. The method is Fund Accounting.
Account - represents what type of expenditure you have incurred or type of revenue generated i.e.,
travel, lodging, security fines, participation fees, etc.
Fund - represents the funding source for where the money resides, i.e., Operating vs. Plant Fund
Department - represents a true operational entity, or an activity conducted by that entity i.e.,
Financial Services Department or Midnight Madness.
Program - represents an area in which a Department resides in a Higher Educational Institution,
i.e., Instructional, Academic Support or Student Services.
Class - represents a way of tracking one-time initiatives and use of certain monies. Used on a
limited basis.
Project/Grant - represent a special grant received or a project that is being tracked separately, such
as a construction project. The term of project or grant is usually for a limited period of time, such as
one to three years.
Requests for new accounts should be made through General Accounting or the Controller.
Understanding CNAV Budget Reports
A tutorial for understanding CNAV Budget Reports can be viewed at
Commonly Used General Ledger Accounts
Account #
Account Name
Staff Wages - Casual
Staff Overtime
Student Wages Non-Work study
Post Office Charges
Air & Ground
Wireless Service
Contracted Printing and Dup
Meals Off Campus
Registration Fees
Meals on Campus
Professional-Consulting Fees
Technical Consulting Fees
Other Services
Repairs & Maintenance
Supplies & Materials
Print Shop Supplies
Equipment & Furniture
Books & Related Material
Memberships and Dues
Casual Staff Wages - Part Time, Temporary Employees
Staff overtime wages.
Non-work study student wages
Department postal charges
Air & Ground shipping expense (UPS, Fed-Ex, etc)
Telephone expenses for basic usage, conference calls &
long distance charges.
Cellular phone expenses, including reimbursements.
Printing and publication expense.
Airfare, taxi, tolls, parking, and transportation department
Reimbursement for use of personal car.
Meals while traveling, and foods purchased from outside
the College.
Hotel charges.
Training/Conference & Seminar Fees.
Miscellaneous performance & entertainment expenses.
College catering and dining charges.
Payment of Services for a Lecturer or professional speaker.
Payment for professional services/consulting. Used
interchangeably w/ 62162
Computer/IT related consulting items. Used
interchangeably w/ 62160
Miscellaneous contracted services.
Repairs, maintenance, and service contracts.
Rental expense of non College owned equipment
Rental expense for usage of non College owned Vehicles
Rental expense for usage of items that are not owned by
the College.
General account used by all departments for various types
of supply items.
IKON printing usage.
Purchase of Equipment and Furniture which is not part of a
Capital/Plant project.
Purchase of books and related material.
Subscriptions for journals, brochures, magazines, and
Memberships and dues for belonging to various
Journal Source Code
Transactions within the general ledger and the Budget to actual Summary Reports are coded with a
journal source to help identify where transactions originated. Below is a listing of some frequently
used journal source codes.
AP - Expenses that are processed through the accounts payable process (e.g. check
requests and event agreements).
CDC - College Bookstore Charges - expenses that are incurred in the bookstore.
DIN - Dining Services charges (boxed lunches, cookies, items supplied by
Dining Services)
EOY - End of Year adjustments. These are typically entries made to record
expenses in the proper accounting period/year.
HRP (HR/Payroll): Bi-weekly payroll postings for faculty, administrators, staff and
ONL - On-line entries. Manual entries made by Financial Services to
reclassify or move expenses from one expense category to another.
POS - Post Office charges.
PRO - Purchases made using the College purchasing cards.
PSP - Print shop supplies and charges for work completed by IKON.
SFC - Entries being made through student financials. These can be deposits that have
posted via Financial Services.
TEL - Telephone charges. Posted via the Telecommunications Office.
TRN - Transportation charges for use of College vehicles for transportation services.
BSR - Development Gifts
CSH - Manual journal made by Financial Services. These entries are similar to ONL
entries except that the entry includes a debit or credit to a cash account.
CTR - Dining catering charges
Individual and group training is available from Financial Services staff upon request and is also
provided to the campus community periodically on the following topics:
Budget Reporting via CNAV
Purchasing Card Refresher
Accounts Payable Process
CNAV Timesheets
The calendar of scheduled training sessions and the related materials as available will be posted online. The daily digest will provide announcements of upcoming sessions.
The most frequently used Financial Services forms can be found on the Financial Services website –
downloadable forms option (some of the more commonly used forms can be accessed from the
Employee landing page.)
Downloadable forms include the following:
✧ Department Purchase Authorization Form
✧ Budget Transfer Forms
✧ Check Request / Reimbursement Form
✧ Purchase Cardholder Application
✧ Travel Advance Request
✧ Cash Transmittal
✧ College Purchase Order
✧Interdepartmental Transfer/ Journal Entry
✧ Sales Tax Exemption Certificate
✧Direct Deposit Form
✧Event Agreement / Check Request
✧Paper Timesheets
✧Wiring Funds Form
Central Energy Plant • Extension 6225
Procurement Authorization
The authority to purchase goods and contract for services is vested with
designated employees within departments at tiered dollar thresholds.
While the purchasing activity is decentralized, standard policies,
procedures, and procurement tools are accessible through The Way We
Work...A Guide to Accepted Business Practices at Gettysburg College (available on the
Employee landing page). Section II also contains templates for RFQ‘s (Request For Quotation),
Departmental Purchase Orders, and College Purchase Orders.
Acquisitions of goods and services by employees must be approved as follows:
✦ Greater than $75,000 - Divisional Vice President AND one of the following: President OR
Vice President of Finance and Administration
✦ Less than or equal to $75,000 – Divisional Vice President OR Department Director
✦ Less than or equal to $15,000 – Delegated Purchase Authority by Department Director
✦Less than or equal to $5,000 – Delegated Purchase Authority by Department Director
Contracts and Agreements
Legal documents binding the College have special considerations. Guidelines are published within
The Way We Work...A Guide to Accepted Business Practices at Gettysburg College.
Interfaced with the policies and procedures are downloadable agreement templates for usual and
customary contractual matters and related reference material. The user-friendly templates are for
different contractual relationships. They include:
✦ Event Agreement and Check Request
✦ Performance Agreement and Check Request
✦ Independent Contractor Agreement for Tangible Services
✦ Independent Contractor Agreement for Professional Services
✦ Independent Contractor Agreement for Consulting Services
Sales Tax Exemption
Gettysburg College is a nonprofit corporation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is exempt
from payment of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Florida Sales and Use Tax. When
making purchases, the College‘s sales tax exemption number should be given to the merchant to
avoid payment of unnecessary sales tax.
Gettysburg College is not exempt from sales tax levied by any other states or hotel taxes.
International Pay
The Internal Revenue Code requires the withholding of tax on non-resident aliens. Payments to
foreign persons paid U.S. source income must be reported to the payee and IRS on IRS Form 1042S, Foreign Person‘s U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding. These forms are transmitted to
IRS with Form 1042-T, Annual Summary and Transmittal of Forms 1042-S. If required to file
Forms 1042-S, Form 1042, Annual Withholding Tax Return for U.S. Source Income of Foreign
Persons, must also be filed on an annual basis.
A nonresident alien is subject to tax only on U.S. source income. Every U.S. and foreign
withholding agent must file Form 1042-S to report amounts paid to foreign persons from sources in
the United States. This includes interest, dividends, rents, salaries, wages, payments to independent
contractors, or other gains, profits or income unless specifically exempted under the Internal
Revenue Code.
If the withholding agent fails to withhold the required taxes, and the non-resident alien fails to pay
the tax due, the withholding agent is liable for the tax that was required to have been withheld, plus
interest and penalties. Withholding on payments to non-resident alien independent contractors must
generally be at the statutory rate of 30%.
1st Floor Pennsylvania Hall • Extension 6221
All College revenues and deposits, including funds received by academic and administrative
departments, should be submitted to the College‘s cashier for appropriate recording and safekeeping
as soon as administratively feasible but generally no later than one week of receipt.
Specific procedures and forms for cash collection and deposits are accessible from the cashier and
notary services website menu. In summary:
 Departments are requested to make at least weekly cash deposits. For the protection of
the department, if cash received totals more than $200, a deposit should be made within
24 hours. Cash Transmittal Forms should be used to ensure all information necessary for
processing is provided.
 Cash receipts should be secured in a locked area at all times. Cash receipts (including
checks) should not be sent via interoffice mail.
Other available cashiering services include:
 Bank wires and electronic transfer of funds
 Replenishment of approval petty cash accounts
 Foreign currency drafts
 Credit card processing and Electronic fund receipts
Notary Service for College related business transactions is available by contacting the College
cashier. Birth certificate and car title change notary service is not available at this time due to
specific licensing requirements.
2nd Floor Pennsylvania Hall • Extension 6223 or 6290
Methods of Payment and Reimbursement
✦ Check Requests are used to pay invoices, contracts, refunds, and miscellaneous expenses,
including reimbursements of personal funds used for College business travel. (Event Agreement
Forms should be used for contract purposes.)
✧ Supporting documentation with noted business purpose (i.e. original receipts) and
appropriate procurement authorization is required prior to processing of check request.
✧ Please provide 7-10 business days after submitting a check request to receive check.
✦ Purchasing Cards are restricted use credit cards issued to employees with demonstrated need
upon the approval of their department head to facilitate business travel, purchase of goods and some
services. Both cardholders and program administrators manage credit card policy, process any
activity with web based software made available from Accounts Payable issuing bank and with
information from the Purchase Card Menu on the Financial Services website (Procurement
✧ Monthly statements and purchase card activity must be downloaded from and submitted along with all documentation and receipts to the
Accounts Payable Office, Campus Box 2454, monthly by the 10th of the following month.
✧ Application, orientation, reconciliation, operational forms, user instructions for
administrative software, and additional reference materials are located on the
Purchase Card menu of the Financial Services website.
✧ Individuals interested in obtaining a purchasing card should contact the Assistant Director
of Procurement Services.
✦ Travel Advances are issued to employees who do not have a College Purchasing Card or who
will be traveling out of town for an extended period of time with travel plans including patronizing
places that do not accept the College‘s Purchasing Card as a form of payment.
✧ Cash reconciliation must follow issuance of an Advance within 30 days of the activity
and must include original documentation for the expenses. In these instances where the
accounting for travels is not in compliance with IRS regulation, the College is required to
treat the advance amount as taxable income to the employee and include such amount on
the employee‘s W-2.
Templates of these forms can be downloaded from the Forms menu.
Travel Related Expenses
The College has published travel expense guidelines for employees, students, groups, teams and
guests of the College. These guidelines establish a uniform standard of allowable expenses for
College related travel and address airfare, lodging, and meals. Additionally, they review vehicle
travel when provided by the College, when rented, and when a personal vehicle is used. They also
disclose non-allowable travel expenses. Please note, travel/business meal expenses are to be paid
via the College purchasing card or are reimbursable at actual cost. The complete travel policy, with
links to the related procedure is included in Section III of “The Way We Work...A Guide to
Accepted Business Practices at Gettysburg College” located in the Procurement menu.
Re: Gettysburg College Expense Reimbursement Memo
The College reimburses employees for ordinary and necessary business expenses incurred while
acting on behalf of the College. Under the College‘s accountable plan, reimbursement is made for
actual expenses. In an effort to maximize College resources, per diem allowances are not utilized.
Expense reimbursements made under an accountable plan are excludable from gross income when a
business connection exits (if expense is not reimbursed by the College, the expense would be tax
deductible on employee‘s tax return), substantiated (receipt is provided and date, time, place and
business purpose of expense is noted), and reimbursement request is submitted within reasonable
period of time (generally within 60 days of when the expense is incurred). Incomplete or
unsubstantiated expense reimbursement request may not be eligible for reimbursement and/or may
be considered taxable income to the recipient.
Because the Accounts Payable Office receives many inquiries regarding College reimbursement and
IRS documentation requirements, we have noted several items below to assist individuals in
completing expense reimbursement requests.
In order to facilitate timely, accurate, and compliant expense reimbursement requests:
Attach original itemized receipts to the check request or expense report (i.e. itemized
hotel bills, airline passenger receipt coupons, automobile rental invoices, parking
receipts, taxi receipts, telephone bills, restaurant receipts).
o Photocopies of receipts, credit card statements or cancelled checks do not meet IRS
substantiation requirements, therefore cannot be accepted.
Please ensure receipts include the following:
o Identity of the vendor or supplier
o Business purpose for the expenditure
o Identity and business relationship of others participating in the event (e.g.
entertainment, business meals, etc.)
Receipts are not required for mileage. Alternatively, please provide mileage calculation
on reimbursement request, including start and destination locations, number of miles and
College‘s reimbursement rate (same as IRS mileage rate) and the business purpose for
the travel.
Please keep in mind that the IRS regulations state that your daily commute mileage from
home to work is to be subtracted from any mileage reimbursement.
Please also note, in some circumstances the employee may not be eligible for mileage
reimbursement after the calculation is done. Documentation for reimbursed mileage
amounts must include the mileage calculation.
o Examples:
An employee lives in Littlestown and travels from Littlestown to Harrisburg for a
Total miles
Less daily commute miles
Mileage for Reimbursement
An employee lives in Camp Hill and travels from Camp Hill to Harrisburg for a
Total miles
Less daily commute miles
Not eligible for reimbursement
As a best practice, we recommend that cash payments be made only when other forms of
payment are not accepted (i.e. check, credit card). When cash payments are made,
please request a receipt.
2 Floor of Pennsylvania Hall • Extension 6201 or 6216
The College has a bi-weekly payroll period. While paydays are the
same date, pay periods and cut-off dates vary for employees and
students. Pay schedules and sample time sheets are available from the
Payroll menu of the Financial Services website.
Timesheet Deadlines - Monday following Pay Period’s End:
CNAV timesheets: Employee: 10 a.m.
Supervisor: 12 Noon
MANUAL timesheets: 12 Noon
Deliver to Payroll Office or the ‗Timesheet‘ drop box located on the first
floor of Pennsylvania Hall. Note: paper timesheets are only used under
certain circumstances.
New employees should meet with their supervisor to ensure an appropriate
payroll timesheet is activated immediately.
User training for CNAV timesheets is available by contacting the Payroll
For pay schedules, please see
Taxes on Payments to Individuals
Independent Contractors...guidelines for determining correct tax status of individuals
providing services to the College are located within the Payroll menu of the Financial
Services website.
Employees...miscellaneous personal Income Tax forms and employment related information
is also located within the Payroll menu.
For assistance in determining tax status, please contact the Controller.
For more details on any of these topics or for more information about the HR Office, please visit
Casual Dress (for Fridays and summers):
Casual business-wear is clothing that allows the employee to feel comfortable, yet always looks
neat and professional, such as cotton shirts and sweaters, and khaki pants and jeans.
Please consider the day's activities when determining what to wear. Gettysburg College does have a
dress-down Friday policy pending supervisory approval, however, it is important to remember
events scheduled for Fridays. In some cases, when visitors are coming to the office, it may be
necessary to dress in normal business attire. Please visit
Wellness Program:
All employees are encouraged to participate in the College‘s Wellness Program. The College offers
a wide range of wellness activities to employees, including but not limited to: pilates, yoga, zumba,
jazzercise, kickboxing, spinning, personal nutrition coaching, learning lunches, etc.
The three goals of the wellness program are to:
Educate the campus community on the value of six dimensions of wellness, including
intellectual, emotional, social/family, occupational, spiritual and physical.
Encourage individuals to take action to improve their overall health.
Reduce and/or contain significant growth of health care expenses.
Sign up for a wellness class today!
Please visit
Performance Appraisal Process:
The performance appraisal process with Gettysburg College serves a variety of purposes. The
process is expected to serve as a means to: enhance the working relationship between employee and
supervisor, to provide a report of performance for the employee and supervisor, provide supervisors
with information concerning performance when considering employees for promotions or transfer,
and, most importantly, to provide feedback on how each employee enhances the college experience
for our students.
Your first interaction with your supervisor concerning your performance will come during your
initial probationary period, generally at three months of employment. Your supervisor will provide
you with feedback on your performance during this time.
After this period, you and your supervisor will work together on an annual or bi-annual basis to
identify goals for your next evaluation period. At the end of this appraisal period, you and your
supervisor will meet to review and document your performance.
The performance appraisal forms are available on-line via the HR Website (select ―guidelines and
procedures‖, then ―employee standards of conduct‖).
Employment of Gettysburg College Students:
Many College offices hire Gettysburg College students. Employment paperwork (W4, I-9,
Confidentiality Agreement, etc) must be completed in the Center for Career Development Office
within the student‘s first three days of work. The student should stop by the Human Resources
office within three days to verify identity and eligibility to work in the United States. If the student
does not present the necessary documentation within three days, the student must stop working.
If you wish to offer your student employee more than minimum wage (currently $7.25 per hour)
you must have the rate approved by Human Resources prior to offering the wage to the student.
The College has a bi-weekly payroll period. While paydays are the same date, pay periods and cutoff dates vary for employees and students. Pay schedules and sample time sheets are available from
the Payroll menu of the Financial Services website,
New student employees should meet with their supervisor to ensure an appropriate payroll
timesheet is activated immediately. User training for CNAV timesheets is available by reviewing
the training schedule online or by contacting Payroll Services at x6216.
Human Resources Forms:
All HR supervisory forms are located on the HR website. Select the ―Human Resources Forms‖
link available on the left-hand navigation bar on the HR main webpage. Here you will find the
following forms:
New Employee Forms – These forms are to be completed by a new Gettysburg College
employee within his/her first three days of employment.
New Employee Orientation Checklist – This form is used by the supervisor to orient a new
employee to an office or department.
Personnel Action Form – This form is used for hires, rehires, transfers, promotions and
Miscellaneous Pay Request Form – This form is used to offer an equity adjustment, merit
increase, start or stop acting pay, or offer a bonus or a stipend (Contact the HR Office prior
to offering any bonuses or stipends to support staff members or students).
Termination/Retirement Form – This form is used to communicate terminations and
retirements with the HR Office.
After these forms are completed, please send them to the HR Office for processing.
Employee Benefits:
Gettysburg College offers its employees a host of benefits including health and dental care, tuition
assistance, retirement, and a variety of other benefits. To view detailed descriptions of the benefits
the College offers to employees, please visit the HR website.
Employee Assistance Program:
Gettysburg College provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for use by employees.
The EAP is available to provide full-time employees assistance with such problems as depression,
marital and family issues, grief, drug and alcohol problems, job-related stress, financial difficulties,
and other personal matters. All full-time employees, regardless of performance, are eligible.
For additional information concerning the EAP, please contact the Human Resources Office.
For Comprehensive Assistance, call 1-800-252-4555, Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM.
You may also visit their website at:
Central Duplicating Services
Contact: Corey Chong, Manager
Location: West Building
Extension: 6456
Central Duplicating Services handles most of the duplicating, copying, color copying and bulk
mailing needs of the College. Graphic Design support is also offered under the standards set by
Public Relations. The following supplies may be ordered through the Central Duplicating office:
Blue books
Mailing labels
Copier/Printer Paper
Business Cards
Letterhead and/or envelopes
Campus Mail Envelopes
Toner for IKON copier
What Should Be Sent To Central Duplicating?
Departments are encouraged to send anything to Central Duplicating that needs to be color copied
or duplicated. The copying machines in each department have a limited allocation of copies. If this
allocation is exceeded, the College may charge the department for any additional copies.
What If Your Departmental Copier Breaks Down?
If your departmental copier breaks down, call extension 6455 to place a service call. The request
for service will be placed with IKON and in most cases you will have a technician respond the same
business day.
What About Bulk Mailings?
Central Duplicating also addresses and prepares bulk mailings. These mailings can be sent both 1st
and 3rd class. Central Duplicating requires lists to be submitted as an Excel document. These lists
are then matched with the mailings.
How Do I Send Something To Central Duplicating?
Triplicate Work Order Forms have been provided to each department and should be completed in
full when an order is placed. This form must then be placed in an Orange Service Request envelope
and placed in Campus Mail, or hand delivered to Central Duplicating. Items may also be sent as an
attachment, with all information included. Print requests should be sent to either Corey Fou Chong,
Site Manager, at [email protected], Gene Hockley at [email protected], or Brian
Woolsey at [email protected] When emailing any of the three, please cc: the other two to
make sure your job is received. Graphic Design jobs should be emailed to Kate Brautigam at
[email protected]
The department keeps the pink copy of the ticket and attaches the white and yellow parts to the item
to be copied. The Campus Post Office picks up campus mail twice daily. Finished work is also
returned to the department via mail unless otherwise specified. It is important to know the
scheduled time for your department‘s mail pick-up/delivery in order to know if an order will be
picked up that day or the next. Faculty members are urged to plan ahead. The turn-around time
may vary depending on the job and/or the work load in the Print Shop. Staff members are very
accommodating and encourage people to call with questions.
What About Design Services?
If you need help designing or typesetting flyers, brochures, posters, etc., please contact Kate
Brautigam at extension 6458 or email [email protected]
Contact: Robin Bennett, Supervisor or Corey Chong, Manager.
Location: College Union Building
Extension: Robin - 6450, Corey - 6456
The Campus Post Office in the College Union Building is a full service contract station of the
United States Postal Service that handles: Express Mail, Certified Mail, Priority Mail, Delivery
Confirmation, Postal Insurance, International Mail, Return Receipts, Postal Money Orders, and
postage stamps. The post office has many types of postal supplies that are provided by the USPS.
Outgoing mail is delivered to the Gettysburg Post Office Monday through Friday at 2:30 p.m. by
the mailroom and incoming mail is picked up. The USPS picks up outgoing mail from the Campus
Post Office at 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
The Campus Post Office window is open from 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
The Post Office provides UPS services for the departments on campus. Some offices have their own
account and have been supplied with the appropriate supplies from UPS. Other departments that do
not have their own account can still send mail UPS through the mailroom. Limited supplies are
available for your convenience.
Federal Express accounts have been set up for numerous departments by the College. The
departments have been supplied with their own materials from Fed Ex. If your department does not
have an account, you will have to use a College purchasing card or set up an account for your
department. The mailroom does not set up departmental accounts. The mailroom does have blank
International Waybills, US Airbills, and extra envelopes should your department run out of supplies
before receiving your replacements. The mailroom and the Fed Ex drivers do not have the
department account numbers.
Departments that are using the UPS and Fed Ex services will need to have their parcels to the
mailroom by 2:50 p.m. as both UPS and Fed Ex are picked up at 3:00 p.m. daily, Monday through
Friday. The mailroom is the delivery point and pick up point for the entire campus. THEY WILL
Letter Mail and Packages are delivered to each department daily. It is important to be aware of the
mail carrier‘s delivery and pick-up schedule for your building. This will determine whether an item
will go out that day or the next. There is a central drop-off and pick up area in your building.
Billing/Metered Mail
Departmental mail is metered and charged to the department. When sending mail to be metered
through the Campus Post Office, please use the Mailing Service Request Form that has been
provided to each department. Account numbers must be provided with outgoing mail to be metered
so that the mail gets charged to the correct department.
--When sending out large mailings, please contact the mailroom for the appropriate tubs or mail
trays for your mailings.
--International mail must be separated from the domestic mail.
--Personal mail should be stamped by the sender.
--Campus mail over ten pieces should be sorted by box number, NOT alphabetically.
--Outgoing First-Class mail does not need to be in zip code order.
--On-campus envelopes can be obtained free of charge at the Post Office or by calling Central
Duplicating Services at extension 6455.
If you have any doubts about a mailing or shipment, please feel free to contact someone in the
mailroom at extension 6450 or 6451.
Helpful Links:
United States Postal Service –
Fed Ex –
IT Helpdesk
Contact: IT Helpdesk Coordinator
Location: Eddie Plank Gym, Top Floor
Telephone: 717-337-7000
[email protected]
What is the IT Helpdesk?
The IT Helpdesk is the hard-working front door to Gettysburg College's Information Technology. It
is THE central location for solving computer problems for faculty, staff, and administrators. The
Helpdesk is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and is located on the second
floor of Eddie Plank Gym. You may call x7000 or email [email protected] for
assistance. You can also log into CNAV, choose My Place, then Helpdesk, and follow the prompts
to submit a request. Information Technology is committed to making sure your computer issues are
resolved to your satisfaction.
These include:
computer troubleshooting
equipment repair/replacement
infrastructure and computer support
computer training information
upgrade capabilities
hardware maintenance
laptop loaner pool
software questions
general passwords and email
fax reception
printing troubleshooting
network troubleshooting
CNAV questions
computer deployment
Before calling the Help Desk with computer problems, it is advised to re-boot the machine and
to turn the printer off and on again. Many problems will be solved by re-starting the
Audio-Visual Support for Campus Events
When requesting audio-visual support for campus events, please submit a CNAV Computing
Helpdesk Ticket describing your event time, date, location, and audio-visual support needs. Please
also provide contact information for the person for whom Audio Visual will be preparing the event
with a minimum notification of 72 hours. For events held in the College Union Building, please
contact John Archer.
Contact: Director of ITT
Location: Musselman Library
Extension: 6958
The office of Instructional Technology and Training structures its work around two guiding
How can technology enhance teaching and learning?
How can faculty, students, staff and administrators become fluent in the technologies they
Instructional Technology & Training provides support for various programs including the College‘s
Curriculum Navigation (CNAV), Microsoft Office software, and the Course Management Software.
Computer questions or problems should be directed to the Help Desk at X7000. Training modules
can be found on-line on the IT website at:
With constantly changing technology, it is important to be prepared for the corresponding dynamic
nature of the work environment. Information Technology is willing to help in meeting these
changing needs.
Digital Center
Located on the ground floor of Musselman Library, the Digital Center
employs a self-service model that not only provides students, faculty, and
staff access to various kinds of popular digital equipment, but also empowers
them to operate it.
The equipment in the Digital Center is easy to use and its team of student
Digital Center Facilitators (DCF's) both staff and offer training in its basic operation.
All equipment is supported by the ITT staff and ensures that it is always ready for you to use.
Services available through the digital center include:
Gigabit connection to the campus network
Audio-Visual Equipment Checkout
Poster printing for academic and administrative projects (requires College ID)
Slide, image, and multi-page document scanning
Cassette Tape to CD conversion
VHS or Mini DV to DVD conversion
CD or DVD duplication
Key check out for audio-visual equipment closets (Science Center and Pennsylvania Hall)
Audio and Video Editing
Contact the student-staffed Digital Center Support Desk at extension 5360 (717-337-5360) or the
office of the Digital Center Coordinator, Kim Breighner, at extension 6932 (717-337-6932).
Technology in the Classroom
The vast majority of classrooms on campus are ―smart‖ and have at least a computer projector or
high definition TV/VCR/DVD player and speaker system. Most have a permanent computer and/or
laptop connection. IT will be working to standardize all classrooms with Creston touch-screen
controls through a multi-year project. There are a number of 16 – 18 seat computer PC labs on
campus that can be scheduled as classrooms. If you experience difficulties with the equipment in an
Enhanced Learning Space, please call the IT Helpdesk at extension 7000 (Option 1) for immediate
General Information
Musselman Library is open 24 hours a day from 10:00 a.m. on Sunday
through 8 p.m. on Friday and from 10 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday
when school is in session.
Many collections are available on-line through the Library‘s website at
As a departmental assistant you may be called upon to assist faculty with obtaining interlibrary
loans, scheduling instruction sessions and putting items on reserve. The following is a brief
explanation of those services and contact information.
In addition you are invited to use the library spaces and collections personally. The main floor of
the building houses the Browsing Room with current fiction, non-fiction, books on CDs, and
regularly changing exhibits.
The Ground Floor houses the Digital Center with equipment to copy media, create multi-media
presentations, and print posters. (See Digital Center for services available.)
Special Collections and Archives are located on the fourth floor. Public hours are generally
between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. during the week and by appointment in the summer and during breaks.
Many Special Collections items have been scanned and are available on-line at
The library sponsors a series of exhibits, programs and concerts throughout the year and welcomes
all to visit the various exhibition spaces and attend performances. A full listing of Library events
can be found on the website at
Music and Media
Location: Musselman Library
Room 103C on Main floor (Music)
Room 14 on Ground Floor (Media Services Office)
Extension: 7045 (Music)
Extension: 7022 (Media Services Office)
Classroom Film Showings
With numerous enhanced classrooms on campus, faculty can schedule film showings in one of the
academic buildings. The showings can be scheduled through the R25 web scheduling system.
Please contact the Scheduling Coordinator in the College Union Building at extension 6302 for
more details. The DVDs and videos needed for the showings can be checked out from the Library
collection for a 5 day loan period.
CD and DVD/Video Purchases
The Music and Media Services Department will order CDs, DVDs, and videos from library funds
allocated for each department. If media materials are needed for a specific course, please order in
advance so as to allow sufficient time for it to arrive and be processed. New purchases of films will
be in DVD format whenever available. If you have a need for a different format, please consult
with Media Services.
Public Performance Rights for Film Showings
Music and Media Services will help departments obtain rights (when needed) to show films to the
campus community as a public performance. The department requesting the rights is responsible
for the cost.
Media Reserves
Music and Media Services places DVDs/videos on reserve in the Library for students to check out.
A Media Reserves Form should be filled out for each course with the film titles listed. The forms
can be obtained at the Circulation Desk in Musselman Library or they can be downloaded from the
Library homepage under Services for You—Forms—Media.
Music and Media Services also provides on-line access to a select number of DVDs/videos which
have been placed on reserve. Access is available to students and faculty through Angel course
websites. More information is available on the Library homepage under Reserves-On-line Video.
On-line Resources
Musselman Library provides access to multimedia materials, including sound recordings and films,
on-line through the Library website. These databases include collections of classical, world, and
African-American music; and videos from the Films for the Humanities collection. Please contact
Music and Media Services staff, or browse the Library‘s Databases and Subject Guides page for
more information.
Location: Musselman Library
Ground Floor, Room 010 (Reserves)
Room 014 (Media)
Extension: 7025 for Print, Electronic or CDs
Extension: 7022 for DVD and VHS
The Reserves Program at Musselman Library should be viewed as an extension of required
readings. It is not intended as a substitute for assigned textbooks. The goal is to make
supplementary material available to students.
What Can Be Placed On Reserve?
At the request of a faculty member, the Library may place on Reserve books, media (videos, DVDs,
CDs,) or photocopy reprints (chapters from books or journals) from copyrighted works in the
collection. All materials placed on Reserve must be copyright compliant.
Electronic Reserves
In addition to physical items (―hard copies‖) on Reserve in Musselman Library, a faculty member
may place a limited amount of photocopied material scanned from books or journals on Electronic
Reserve using the Angel course management system. The electronic reserve courses are password
protected and strictly limited to those currently enrolled in the course.
How to Place Materials on Reserve
Reserve forms are available at the Circulation Desk in Musselman Library or may be downloaded
from the Musselman Library homepage under Services for You: Reserves
Completed forms plus the materials to be placed on reserve should be sent to the Circulation Desk
on the first floor of Musselman Library or to the Reserves/Copyright Desk, Campus Box 420,
Musselman Library. Either the faculty member or the assistant makes the copies of the materials.
Time Frame
The library requires at least one week for an item to be placed on reserve. Items are processed on a
first-come, first-served basis. At the beginning of the semester, turnaround time often exceeds one
Interlibrary Loan
Location: Musselman Library, Suite 103, Main Floor
Extension: 6983
Gettysburg College participates in an extensive network of libraries in the United States and abroad.
This network allows members of the campus community to borrow books and other items that are
not found at Musselman Library. Due dates are automatically assigned and renewals often possible.
Musselman Library no longer participates in EZ borrow; however, you are likely to use the
following system:
Name: ILLiad
Coverage: National and some international
Material: Books, articles
Link: Library webpage at
Note: When searching the library‘s electronic databases you may automatically transfer the
bibliographic information you find into ILLiad by selecting the link.
Books borrowed through Interlibrary Loan may not be placed on Reserve.
Location: Musselman Library, Main Floor Circulation Desk
Extension: 7024
Borrowing Privileges:
Staff may borrow up to 75 books from the general collection for 180 days, with one renewal
available, for a total check out of 360 days. No overdue fines accrue, but a replacement charge is
levied if a book is lost. Browsing Room materials (books and books on cd) check out for 28 days.
These may be renewed twice for a maximum total of 84 days.
DVDs and videos check out for 5 days, with one renewal available for 2 days, for a total of 7 days.
CDs check out for 7 days, with 2 renewals available for 7 days each, for a maximum total of 21
DVDs of campus Wellness programs are located at the circulation desk. These may be checked out
for 5 days.
Journals and periodicals housed in Musselman Library and Knouse off-site storage may be checked
out through special arrangement at the circulation desk.
The borrowing privileges listed also apply to faculty.
Other services:
Musselman Library has current magazines, journals and newspapers which can be enjoyed in house.
Reserve materials are accepted at the Circulation desk. Information forms required for each course
reserve may be obtained from the Circulation desk or downloaded from the Staff homepage
( Once processed, the Reserve materials are housed
at the Circulation desk.
Photocopiers and Printers:
Musselman library has two public (black and white) photocopy machines, one on the main floor,
one on ground floor. The photocopy machines accept GettCards, cash, and/or student cards.
Printing is available on the main floor at the Reference computer lab, and on ground floor at the
Digital Helpdesk.
Reference and Instruction
Students, faculty, staff, or anyone else may consult reference librarians about how to find library
materials. When classes are in session, the reference desk is open weekdays during the day
(Monday- Thursday 9a.m.-5p.m. and Friday 9a.m.-3p.m.) and Sunday through Thursday evenings
6-10 p.m. (reference desk is closed when classes are not in session). Call the reference desk at 3376600, or email the reference staff using the Ask a Librarian button on the library website.
Faculty members may schedule an information literacy instruction session for their classes via the
library website. See for more
information and to request a session. Note the faculty members should attend the session with their
The Provost‘s Office is responsible for providing oversight and leadership of the academic
community, including the more than thirty academic departments and programs. Academic
Administrative Assistants frequently work with members of the Provost‘s staff on many of the
following issues: allocation of resources within the division, curricular development, recruitment of
faculty, internal and external sources of funding for faculty and students, internal publications (such
as The Faculty Notebook), commencement, Fall and Spring Honors Days, undergraduate research
and student fellowships, Friday Faculty Lunches, Friday Afternoon Social Hour (FASH)—which is
open to all faculty, administrators, and support staff—and numerous other activities related to the
work of the division. The members of the Provost‘s Office staff are listed on the Provost‘s web page
with appropriate contact information. Information related to the work of the Office can also be
found on the web page. The link is
Contact: Registration Specialist
Location: College Union Building, 270
Extension: 6240
Outline of Responsibilities Throughout the Academic Year
The assistant often serves as the liaison between the department and the Registrar. The following is
an outline of the responsibilities throughout the academic year:
October: Spring courses for First Year Supplement. Each department is sent a list
of what was offered the previous year and the department is asked to update this material. In
addition, departments are asked to update the information that was published in the Course
Selection Guide for the spring semester‘s registration. Updates may include an additional section of
a course or a change in time, location, or instructor.
February: Departments are asked to submit an Announcement of Courses for the
following year. This can be done electronically or through a written form.
April: Departments are asked to update their Announcement of Courses for First Year Students
according to a list of the courses offered the previous year.
May: Departments are asked for a list of seniors who will be graduating with honors
July: An Announcement of Courses will be sent to the departments for corrections.
Additional Information
The Registrar can also provide reports concerning faculty workload, information from the last 5-10
years, and other department reports.
All forms are available at the Office of the Registrar in the College Union Building.
The assistant may wish to keep a supply of various forms on hand for use by faculty, e.g.,
declaration of major, minor, and double major; drop/add; Individualized Study; change of major;
Special Grade.
You can find the following information in PeopleSoft:
On the Faculty Center tab – You now have access to run a ―Majors/Minors‖ report for your
department. This report lists majors, minors, concentrations, GPAs, class ranks, cell phone
#s, Campus box #s, advisor names. Also, you will be able to see photos and email all
students from this list.
Under your GBC Menus:
You have access to run crystal reports that will give you class tallies showing enrollment
and waitlist numbers. You have access to the following crystal reports:
Class Tally-FY (First Year courses only)
Classes Closed
Classes RSRV capacity closed
Classes with No Enrollment
Reserve Cap Classes
Under the Records and Enrollment Menu
Student Term Info
Career and Program Info
Enrollment Summaries
Student Enrollment for a particular term
Under the Curriculum Management Menu
Catalog search
Class search
Class roster
Under the Set Up SACR menu
User Defaults
Use this to change the term to the current term, then the term will
automatically fall in and you won‘t have to type it each time you are in a
search mode
Class Roster access through PeopleSoft. Follow this pathway: Curriculum – Class Roster.
After you enter the term and the subject or class number, click search. Select the roster you want to
view. The Enrollment Status will default to enrolled, but if you use the ▼ inside the box where
―Enrolled‖ appears, you can change it to ―Wait List‖. Also, if you click on the yellow ―Details‖
button to the right, you can see the statistics of the course. This may be information that department
chairs could use.
Access to the “Unofficial Transcript” or Degree Progress Report. Follow this pathway:
Records and Enrollment – Transcript Request – Add a New Value. Choose UNOFF or ADVTR
―Transcript TYPE‖ and choose PAGE under ―Output Destination.‖ Click on ―Request Detail‖ tab
at the top. Enter the ID number if you know it and click on the magnifying glass, then type in the
name. Click the yellow ―Lookup‖ button and choose the correct name. Click on the yellow ―Process
Request‖ button on the upper right. The transcript will appear on the screen.
Also, you have been given access to see “Class Tallies.” The pathway is: Curriculum
Management - Class Search. Institution will default. Select a term using the pull-down arrow.
Select a subject. The box for ―only open courses‖ defaults to on. Click – Search. If you want to see
all courses including those that are closed, remove the check in box ―only open courses‖, but then
you must narrow your search to include the Catalog number (ex: AFS 221). Click - Search.
On the page you will see a blue bar and just under this bar is ―Section‖ which is a link to the details.
Click the link and this listing will give all the details of the course you listed.
At the bottom of the page click on ―Start a New Search‖ that will take you back to start another
search. You may also search for courses by attributes for the Gettysburg Curriculum. On the lower
half of the search page, under Additional Search Criteria, you can select a course attribute, such as
―Gettysburg Curriculum and Attribute Value, such as ―MI-ARTS.‖ By selecting these two
additional fields, you will get a list of just those courses fulfilling that particular requirement.
Instructions For Accessing The Registrar’s Crystal Reports On PeopleSoft
Log into PeopleSoft
Click on GBC Menus – then GBC SR Crystal Reports
Click the Enrollment Folder – the reports you have access to are:
Class Tally – FY(First Year courses only)
Classes Closed
Classes RSRV cap closed
Classes no enrollment
Class Tally by Subject
The Catlg/Cls folder gives you access to report:
Reserve cap classes
Click on the report you want to run
You will need to create a new Run Control at this point (Add a New Value) - call it something that
will remind you later of the content of this report (ex: CLASS_TALLY_SUB). Type this in the
empty box. Click the yellow ADD button. Fill in the term (ex: 2102=Spring 2010) and subject
(ex: ENG).
Click the yellow RUN button. On the next page change TYPE to Web and FORMAT to PDF.
Click OK then Process Monitor. The Run Status will come up as processing. Click the yellow
Refresh button as many times as you need to until the Run Status becomes = Success. When you
get a success, click on the blue Details link at the far right. Then click on the View Log/Trace.
You will get another page open where you will see link with .PDF behind one of the rows. When
you click on the PDF file, your report will open on the screen and you can review it there or print it.
Information & Policies
Gettysburg College has chosen Embarq long distance services.
You have a right to reach other long distance carriers when
placing collect or credit card calls by dialing 9 + the access code
provided by that carrier. Gettysburg College does not charge
surcharges for placing local, 800, long distance, or calls carried by carriers other than Embarq Long
Distance Services. All long distance charges will require the use of a calling card or collect call to a
number accepting responsibility for the charge.
Direct complaints to: Enforcement Division, Common Carrier Bureau/FCC, 2025 M Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20554
ON CAMPUS CALLS: Dial the four-digit extension number.
LOCAL CALLS: The following exchanges are local calls: 334, 337, 338, 339, 253, 321, 398, 420,
549, 678 and 752 (Gettysburg), 357, 677, 778 (Biglerville), 457, 642 (Fairfield) Dial 9 +
phone number. Please note: If you dial 9+1+717+local number, you will be charged a toll
TOLL FREE LONG DISTANCE CALLS: Dial 9 + 1 + 800 + phone number (800, 888, 877,
LONG DISTANCE CALLS: Using Gettysburg College long distance authorization code 9 + 1 +
area code (including 717 area code) + telephone number + 5 digit authorization code.
INFORMATION/OPERATOR ASSISTANCE CALLS: 9 + 1 + area code + 555-1212 + 5 digit
authorization code. NOTE: There are various free resources available through the Gettysburg
College Home Page under ―On Campus Resources‖, Phone Directories.
INTERNATIONAL CALLS: 9 + 011 + country code + city code + phone number + 5 digit
authorization code. Rates to countries and a link to country and city codes is located at:
LONG DISTANCE CALLS: Using a Calling Card
Dial the specific carrier 800 access number or dial access code as appropriate. Follow the prompts
as given on the carrier‘s network.
COLLECT or 3rd PARTY CALLS: Dial 9 + 0 and wait for the Embarq Operator to come on the
line. Provide operator with necessary information of number to be called and billed. Third party
calls cannot be charged to residence hall room phones.
CORDLESS PHONES: Due to possible interference with the campus wireless internet - 2.4 GHz
cordless phones are highly discouraged. If a 2.4 GHz phone is found to be causing a problem with
the wireless network, the owner of the phone will be requested to disconnect it. 900 MHz, 5.4 GHz,
and 5.8 GHz do not cause interference and are fine to use.
Repairs: For repair service, dial 7000 (Help Desk) select option 4. Monday through Friday, 7:30
a.m. to 5 p.m. or [email protected] 365/24/7 days.
Gettysburg College Long Distance Authorization Codes: Issued to individuals and should be
kept confidential to avoid fraud.
Telecommunications Services: All questions regarding telecommunications policies should be
addressed to Pat Rollins at extension 6918 or via [email protected]
Call Waiting: To end the first call and answer incoming call hang up, your telephone will ring with
the second call. To hold your first call and take the second call: Flash the switch hook and begin
talking. You are connected to the second call; the first call is placed on hold. To alternate between
callers; flash the switch hook; second call is now on hold and you are reconnected to your original
Voice Mail:
instructions on using voice mail or contact Telecommunications, 3rd floor, Plank Gym (South end)
for paper copy.
Contact Person: Transportation Office Staff
Location: Facilities Services, West Building
Extension: 6923
Email: [email protected]
Transportation Services provides members of the College community with transportation for any
activities related to academics, administration, student activities, cultural events, and campus visits.
In addition, they offer students, faculty, and administrative staff with transportation to and from
mass transit locations. Faculty and staff must be traveling on official Gettysburg College business.
All requests for Transportation Services must be made through the email address
[email protected] Information may be requested by phone; however, reservations will not
be accepted over the phone.
Travel Tip: Be sure to make your reservations no less than 72 hours (3 business days) before the
trip. Requests made after deadlines may not be accommodated.
The following information is necessary for requests to a mass transit site (BWI, BWI Amtrak,
Baltimore Penn Station, Dulles, Shady Grove, Harrisburg Airport/Train/Bus and Reagan/National
Airport). Please note that many trains stop at both the BWI Amtrak and Baltimore Penn Stations.
As Transportation Services is frequently at BWI airport, please use the BWI Amtrak Station
whenever possible.
Name of person(s) traveling
Cell phone number
Name of Airport, Train/Bus Station, Metro
Name of Airline
Flight Number
Departure/Arrival Times
Campus Drop-off/Pickup Locations
Account Number for Billing Purposes
Name of Departmental Contact Person (in case of after-hours emergency if passenger
is a guest of your department)
Campus departure times at the economical shuttle rate:
6:00 a.m.
9:00 a.m.
3:00 p.m.
6:00 p.m.
Airport departure times at the economical shuttle rate:
9:00 a.m.
3:00 p.m.
6:00 p.m.
9:00 p.m.
Travel Tip: Check the shuttle schedule before scheduling your flight so you can be sure a shuttle
will be traveling to the airport at a time that gets you there safely. Please plan to leave campus at
least 3 hours prior to your flight time if you are traveling to Harrisburg, BWI or Dulles. Please
allow 4 hours to Reagan. Likewise, please plan to travel on a flight that arrives at the airport at least
a half hour before the shuttle times.
Transportation Services reserves the right to adjust drop-off and pick-up times in order to
accommodate other passengers traveling in the same time frame. An email confirmation will be sent
to verify the above information along with any additional information about the trip. Always check
that you have received this confirmation.
Airport Pick-up Locations:
Baltimore/Washington International and Reagan/National Airport (DC):
The driver will meet the passenger(s) outside of the baggage claim area of the airline they are flying
unless otherwise indicated at BWI. They will need to pick-up their baggage, go to the outside curb,
look for the marked Gettysburg College vehicle and have cell phone on.
The driver will meet the passenger(s) outside of the baggage claim area in the middle level
(passenger arrivals). Once they have picked up their baggage, they need to go to the outside area by
the curb, look for the marked Gettysburg College vehicle and have cell phone on.
The driver will meet the passenger(s) outside of the main doors of the terminal. Once they have
claimed their baggage, they must go to the main terminal doors and go outside to the curb, look for
the marked Gettysburg College vehicle and have cell phone on.
Train and Bus Terminals:
The driver will meet the passenger(s) outside of the main doors of the terminal. They must go to
the outside to the curb, look for the marked Gettysburg College vehicle and have cell phone on.
The following information is necessary when planning a field trip:
Date of Trip
Pick up location on campus
Departure/Return Times
Number of Passengers & Class roster (name of all passengers)
Need for Transportation Services Driver. Transportation Services cannot guarantee that it
will always have drivers available for fieldtrips and encourages groups to have drivers
Van reservations must be made at least one week in advance of trip.
Reservations for the College 29-passenger minibus must be made as far in advance as possible.
Coach buses for field trips are now reserved through Transportation Services. It is important to
make reservations as far in advance as possible.
When faculty take students on class trips, the Department of Public Safety will need a list of the
students‘ names for insurance/liability purposes. Go to
and follow the instructions.
Any College employee on College-sponsored business may reserve College-owned vehicles (4
sedans, 5 mini-vans, and 9 full-size, 11-12 passenger vans). The person requesting the use of one of
these vehicles must have a valid U.S. Driver‘s License, submit an annual Motor Vehicle Report
(MVR) and pass an on-line Defensive Driving course. Use of passenger vans also requires a roadevaluation by a member of Transportation Services office staff. Please see
Requests should be made via email ([email protected]) with at least 72 hours notice (three
business days) with the exception of 11 passenger vans which require one week. The following
information is needed:
Dates of Trip (departure & return)
Time (estimated time of departure/return)
Number and names of all passengers
Should there be an emergency or a change in plans, such as flight information, after business hours,
please contact Department of Public Safety Emergency Line (337-6911) and the dispatcher will
contact the Transportation Services on-call person. Do not leave messages on the Transportation
Services voice mail. Please have all pertinent flight information available when talking with the
Security dispatcher.
Please call x6923 for the latest information on pricing. Billing occurs bi-monthly so it is important
to give the appropriate account number when reserving any trips.
A 24-hour notice must be given to cancel a trip; otherwise, the department will be charged. Please
call x6923 to leave a message. In addition to the phone call you should also email
[email protected] (it is important to do both since a phone message may not reach the right
person, but an email will document the date and time of the cancellation.)
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