Task Force Tips model #AU2X1T electric remote operated lightweight aluminum hydrant valve
shall be provided. Hydrant valve shall meet slow operating requirements of NFPA 1965 utilizing
a sliding plug. Unit shall be capable of being operated manually with control on the valve,
electrically from push buttons on the valve and the 900 MHz wireless handheld controller. The
handheld controller and valve shall have a pressure display and valve position feedback, and
controls to operate the valve up to 1200 feet away. Valve and controller shall be backlit for lowlight conditions, operate using (4) AA batteries, valve is pressure activated, and both equipped
with power-save mode.
Aluminum casting is hardcoat anodized and powder coated silver inside and out. The valve shall
have an automatic drain to drain valve body once water pressure is removed. Electronics on
valve and controller shall be waterproof. Mounting bracket for wireless controller shall be
included. The unit shall have a serial number and be covered by a 5-year warranty.
The connections shall be: 6" Storz full time swivel inlet and 5” Storz swivel outlet and include
polymer bearing strips for prevention of galvanic corrosion.
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