#9083 User's Guide

#9083 User's Guide
Adapted Garden Sprayer- #9083
For Technical Support:
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Holds a gallon of water!
Our adapted garden sprayer easily attaches to any wheelchair and has a
flexible sprayer mounting allowing the user to help maintain a healthy
garden. Spray nozzle is adjustable so you can adjust the spray from a
very fine mist to a long range stream. Spray wand can be adjusted
from 12 to 24 inches in length. Clamp included. Size: 11"H x 12"W x
6"D. Requires Capability Switch and 4 D Batteries.
Problem: Garden Sprayer does not turn on when switch is depressed.
Action #1: Make sure that you press all connections firmly together.
Any gaps may interrupt electrical connection.
Action #2: Make sure batteries are fresh.
1. To install the batteries slide the battery compartment cover off,
which is located just above the water tank fill cap. Next slide the
battery tray out. Install 4 D cell batteries into the tray. Use alkaline
batteries only (e.g. Duracell or Energizer brand). Do not use
rechargeable batteries or any other type of batteries because they
supply lower voltage and the unit will not perform properly. Never
mix old and new batteries together or different brands or types
together. Please note to follow proper (+) & (-) battery polarity.
Replace tray and cover.
Action #3: Try a different switch with the sprayer to rule it out as the
source of the problem.
2. To fill the tank, remove the screw on cap and fill the tank with
water from the tap. Replace cap.
Action #3: Check and or replace the four D cell batteries with fresh
3. Plug your external capability switch (Not Included) into the female
1/8" jack located on the side of the unit. Make sure the ON/OFF
switch is set to OFF for use with an external switch. Activating
your switch will start the water flowing. Once the switch is
released the water will stop. For continuous watering without an
external switch, turn the built in ON/OFF switch to ON.
4. The sprayer attaches to the included flexible gooseneck mount and
clamp. You can adjust the spray from a fine mist to a long range
stream. The sprayer wand is telescopically adjustable from 12 to
24 inches. To adjust the length of the spray wand you must pull on
the first section of the wand out, the wand will extend from its
Problem: The water does not flow.
Action #1: Check your water flow nozzle adjustment.
Action #2: Check to make sure nothing is blocking or pinching the
water outlet hose.
Care of Unit:
Empty the water from The Garden Sprayer when you are finished
using it.
Rain Drops can be wiped clean with any household multi-purpose
cleaner and disinfectant.
Do not submerge the unit in any fluids, as it will damage the contents
and the electrical components.
Do not use abrasive cleaners, as they will scratch the surface of the
Rev 7/29/10
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