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Marantz PMD 620 Flashrecorder
Marantz PMD 620 Flashrecorder
(updated Dec 2010)
The Marantz PMD 620 is a flashrecorder which has a removable SD card (memory
card). If you record in mono, and as a wav a 1GB card will record up to 3hrs 13 mins.
A 2GB card will record 6hrs 26 mins etc. You can use either USB cable or a card
reader to download the audio.
It is small and light (smaller and lighter than a minidisc recorder).
You can perform simple editing on the device very easily.
No need to switch between presets IF you set rec input to Auto.
You can plug an external mic in with a mini-jack connection.
The internal mic is good but if you use it outside you will need a wind shield
on it as even a light breeze will be picked up quite noisily on your recording.
Battery life is poor. Two AA batteries last for about 3 hours recording time.
Turning it on
Insert 2 AA batteries in the back of the device and an SD card in the flap at the
bottom of the device. The power switch is on the right hand edge. Simply slide it over,
hold for a second and the screen will light up. The display can either show “Time and
Date”, “Record Set Up” (whichever format you have chosen to record in, what sort
of mic etc), or “Time Remaining” (includes how many files you have recorded and
what your record input is eg mic, line etc). To toggle between these options press the
“Display” button once. I would recommend the “Time Remaining” option for normal
Before Using The Device
1. Set the date and time: Press and hold the “Display” button. A
list of options will appear – toggle down to 4. Time/Date and press
“Enter”. Using the up and down arrows above and below the Enter
button change the hour. Cursor right and change the minutes and AM
or PM in the same way. Do the same for the date. Press
“Display/Menu Store” once to store the date and time.
2. Set the presets. You are given 3 presets which can be set to your
specifications. I set Preset 1 for radio interviews (recording as a wav
in mono) and Preset 2 as my TV preset (recording as a wav, in stereo,
with stereo input jack, because TV material comes on 2 tracks which
you need to be able to split if necessary), You may choose your own
settings for Preset 3 – possibly recording as MP3 – it’s up to you.
To Set the Presets
Preset 1:
From the main window press and hold the “Display” button until a list of options
appears. Toggle down to “3. Preset Menu.” Press “Enter”.
Toggle to Preset 1 and press “Enter”. When 01 Input is flashing use the << or >>
buttons to toggle between MIC, LINE, Auto and INT MIC until you reach Auto. This
will recognise when you have an external mic plugged into the mic input that you
want to record using a MIC, and if you plug something into the LINE input that you
want to record at LINE level eg feed from a presser, back of TV truck, radiocar,
someone’s laptop etc.
Toggle down to 02.Rec Format and then >> until the display says PCM-16 (this
means wav).
Toggle down to 03. Rec Channel and >> until the display says Mono
Toggle down to 04 Input Jack and >> until the display says Mono
Toggle down to 05 Sample Rate and >> to 44.1k
Toggle down to 06 Manual Track and >> to ON
Toggle down to 07 Auto Track and >> to OFF
Toggle down to 08 Silent Skip and >> to OFF
Toggle down to 09 Level Control and >> to Manual (ALC, automatic level control
puts a hiss on your recordings).
Toggle down to 10 Mic Atten and >> to 0dB
Toggle down to 11 Low Cut and >> to OFF
Toggle down to 12 Mic Power and >> to OFF
Toggle down to 13 Level LED and >> to -12dB (this means the green Level LED
above the screen will flash when your level hits 12dB, which is what your level
should be peaking).
Toggle down to 14 Skip Back and >> to 3 sec (when in playback or pause if you
press the skipback button it will skipback the number of seconds you have set and
play from here – set this at a number convenient for you)
Toggle down to 15 File Sort – you can set this to sort by either time/date the file was
recorded or sort alphabetically. Sorting alphabetically allows you to play voxes you
have named say a, b and c one after the other.
Toggle down to 16 Date Form – allows you to have the date displayed in the
traditional English way, D/M/Y or the American way, M/D/Y.
Toggle down to 17 Font Size – depending on your eyesight you can set the font size
to small or large.
Toggle down to 18 Auto Power Off – set this to ON (it will save you batteries) and if
you don’t use the device for 15 mins it will turn itself off.
Toggle down to 19 Battery - set this to alkaline (disposable). I haven’t experimented
with Ni-MH (rechargeable) batteries but they seldom last as long as alkaline.
Toggle down to 20 Key Lock – set this to All
Toggle down to 21 LED – set this to ON (otherwise all the LEDS will be turned off)
Toggle down to 22 Brightness – I set this to 5 but it will depend on your eyesight and
the brightness of the environment where you are working.
Toggle down to 23 Machine ID – you can set this to your name (or anything else you
fancy) by pressing “Enter” and then using the + and – volume buttons to enter
characters. To delete a selected character use the Skipback button. Then all of your
recordings will be called, for example Sam0001.wav, Sam0002.wav etc.
Toggle down to 24 Preset Default – DON’T PRESS THIS unless you want to reset
the presets to the factory settings !
To save the presets press and hold the Display button until the display says
“Completed”. You have now set Preset 1
Preset 2:
Follow the instructions as above but for 03 Rec Channel set Stereo, for 04 Input
Jack set Stereo
Preset 3: It’s up to you but I set this to MP3 and use it in emergencies when I’ve run
out of memory space on my SD card and need to squeeze an extra interview on!
To Change Between Presets
From Stop, press and hold “Display” and toggle down to 3 Preset Menu. Press Enter.
Toggle down to the preset you want and then press and hold Display again. The new
preset will be chosen.
In Preset 1, once you have plugged your microphone into the mini-jack hole in the top
of the device simply press the Record button on the front of the device. The record
button lights up RED. You can choose the display as “Record Time”, “Total
Remain”, “Rec Level” or “Rec Setup”, by toggling using the “Display” button. To
increase or decrease the record level use the + and – buttons on the right hand edge of
the device. You should aim to peak at about -12dB. To stop the recording press
Your tracks will be numbered 1001.wav, 1002.wav, 1003.wav and so on, unless you
reset Machine ID to something eg your name. The the tracks would be named
Sam001, Sam002 etc.
Track Marking
To track mark during Record, simply press the record button again. A new track will
be created which will be seamless with the previous track. You can then recombine
the tracks to make the full interview in Cool Edit.
There is sadly no facility to track mark whilst in playback. You can however select
clips using the Copy Segment feature (see Cutting Clips below).
To choose a track to playback press >> or << to select the desired file.
Press Enter to play
To Pause press Enter again.
To stop, press Stop.
To Fast Forward or Rewind, so you can hear the spooling track, press >> or <<
To Fast Forward or Rewind at a quicker pace (but without hearing the spooling track)
press pause and then >> or <<.
To cancel press Stop.
Cutting Clips
The people at Marantz call this “Copy Segment”.
During playback press the REC button when the audio reaches your desired point.
“Set as IN” is displayed .
Press “Enter” to store the in-point. “IN” will flash to show the in-point has been
Continue playing to your desired out-point (or >> or << to get to that point).
When you have reached your point press the REC button again.
“Set as OUT” will be displayed.
Press “Enter” to store the out-point .
Once you have done this “Copy Segment” will be displayed. Highlight “Yes” and
press “Enter”. The clip you have cut will be called xxx-1 (where xxx is the name of
the original file) and the original will be saved.
Ordering your Clips
If you want to play your clips out in order to illustrate a 2-way eg. a series of vox pops
played one after the other then you need to rename your clips alphabetically and set
up the “File Sort” in Preset 1 to play the clips alphabetically.
Renaming Clips : Press and hold “Display” until a list of options appears. Toggle
down to 2. Utility Menu and press Enter. Choose option 1, “File Rename” and press
Enter. Toggle down to the file you want to rename and press Enter. Use the volume
up and down keys to change the clip name. Use the Skipback button to delete text.
Press Enter to save the changes. Change “File Sort” to sort alphabetically. Once
you have done this the clips will appear in alphabetical order and can be played out as
Downloading Audio To the Computer
Plug the USB cable from the bottom of the device to any USB port on your PC or
laptop. Go the BBC Computer icon on the computer and double click. Look for
“Removable Disk” and click. You should see a file called MPGLANG1. All your
audio files are in here. Double click on one and it should open in CoolEdit or Adobe
Audition, provided your computer has this programme on its desktop.
IMPORTANT !!! You MUST save the file before you perform any editing in
CoolEdit. Go to File/Save As and then save the file in an appropriate file on your D
Drive. It’s advisable to rename it. Once saved, close the file and make sure you
“Safely Remove Hardware”. If you don’t do this you risk corrupting the file. You
may then open the file back up to edit or use in your mix.
Deleting Files
From Stop, press and hold Display for 3 seconds. Use Vol + or – to select “Utility
Menu”. Press enter. Cursor down to File Delete and press Enter. You will find a list of
your files. Cursor up or down to get to the file you want to delete and press Enter.
Confirm with either Yes or No and press Enter. “Completed” will be displayed on the
screen. To get back to the main screen press Stop.
Reformatting the SD Card
To delete everything from the SD card press and hold the Display button down until
you get a list of options. Choose Utility Menu and press Enter. Toggle down to 3.
Card Format and press Enter. Confirm YES and press Enter. Everything will be wiped
from the card.
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