SINE WARP 9 — that's the sound of the
70s with today's technology. TerraTec's
multimode filter cleverly enhances the
circuitry of the legendary EDP Wasp
synthesizer from 1978 with the latest
MIDI control and program memory. The
heart of the 19" (1U) unit is the VCF with
high-pass, bandpass, low-pass and notch
modes and an attenuation slope of 12 dB
which can be manipulated in many different ways. Envelope and LFO, but also MIDI
data such as velocity, note value or modulation wheel can be used to manipulate the
filter frequency. The envelope can be
triggered via an analog input, the LFO can
be synchronized to the MIDI clock —
nothing is impossible.
MIDI and recorded via the sequencer.
Your program settings can be stored in
one of 32 memory slots.
• MIDI-controllable
Any changes to the 10 control knobs and
5 buttons on the front panel are output via
12 dB filter with
Low-pass, high-pass, bandpass and
notch filter
Volume modulation through VCA
Analog trigger input
Switchable distortion effect
Control positions sent and received
via MIDI
Filter modulations: LFO, envelope and
MIDI combinable
32 program memory slots
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