Parent and Community Engagement
School Councils: through their active participation of the membership, composed primarily of parents, work to improve student
achievement and well-being through making recommendations to school principals.
Parent Involvement Committee (PIC): a system-level advisory body to HPEDSB working to support, encourage, and enhance meaningful
parent engagement in schools.
Parents Reaching Out Grants: School Councils can apply for funding to support school-based projects that help parents/guardians become
more engaged in schools.
Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC): this is a forum for representatives from provincial parent associations to share ideas,
compare strategies and address common concerns related to students with special education needs.
Mental Health Literacy: a Mental Health Leader is providing leadership and coordination within the board and community in the area of
school mental health.
Community Partnerships: HPEDSB continues to partner with communities and community organizations that contribute to the well being
of every student and to caring and vibrant communities such as Working Together for Kids’ Mental Health Demonstration Project, Lions
Club Hearing and Vision Screening, Terry Fox Walk/Run, Special Olympics and other community initiatives.
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